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Library vendors and booksellers

Streamline workflows with your customers by more closely integrating your materials with OCLC WorldCat, cataloging and eSerials holding services.

Vendor record contribution

Publishers, material suppliers and eContent providers may work with OCLC to load MARC records for new materials into WorldCat as early as possible in the publishing cycle.

WorldCat cataloging partners

Publishers and material vendors can work together with OCLC to provide an all-inclusive acquisitions-with-cataloging solution for libraries with options to set holdings in WorldCat.

WorldCat Selection service

WorldCat Selection service helps libraries save time and money by streamlining their selection and ordering process for new materials. By participating in this program, you can provide selectors with notification records for new materials and direct access to your acquisition systems.

OCLC Metadata Services for Publishers

OCLC has launched a service to supplement publisher and vendor ONIX metadata, providing enriched title information further upstream. The service enables you to add value to your marketing programs and enhance quality and consistency in the upstream title metadata used by multiple channels.

Contract Cataloging for Publishers

OCLC’s Contract Cataloging for Publishers provides you with the MARC records libraries have come to expect with their materials orders. Accurate MARC records have become increasingly important with the surge in demand for e-resources, such as eBooks and eAudiobooks.

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