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May 2012 WorldCat knowledge base enhancements


WorldCat knowledge base enhancements include a new setting for non-profit only interlibrary loan license restrictions and additional functionality within the WorldCat knowledge base API.

Interlibrary Loan settings now include "Non-Profit only", "Silent" and "Unknown"

In response to requests from members of the resource sharing community, each collection in the knowledge base now contains several options for "Non-Profit only" restrictions based on library licenses. This will accommodate license agreements that permit loans only to non-profit organizations.

In addition, "Silent" and "Unknown" restriction options are now available. The "Silent" setting indicates that a library’s license does not contain interlibrary loan restrictions. "Unknown" can be used when staffs do not have information about their library’s interlibrary loan license information. Libraries that use these settings may still choose to set their ILL lending to "Yes" in the knowledge base in order to continue receiving ILL requests that they screen and process manually upon receipt.

New interlibrary loan restriction options
New interlibrary loan restriction options

Upload/download multiple coverage ranges via spreadsheet

New options for uploading and downloading knowledge base records with multiple content ranges are now available in the WorldCat knowledge base. These enhancements, implemented in response to requests from members of the resource sharing community, expand the previous functionality that supported the addition and removal of many coverage and enumeration ranges through the knowledge base interface.

Changes to the WorldCat knowledge base API

Queries to the WorldCat knowledge base A to Z API now return summaries of titles available in non-Latin characters and the numeric 0 – 9 ranges. With this increased functionality, API users will see titles that begin with the numerals 0 through 90 and titles in non-Latin character sets in the appropriate areas of their A to Z list.

Additional information about the WorldCat knowledge base API is available in documentation on the OCLC Developer Network site.

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