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  • English traffic partner BibMe helps students save time on bibliographies

OCLC welcomes a new partner, BibMe, to its growing list of traffic partner sites. BibMe is an online automatic citation creator that supports MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian formatting.

The free site started in May 2007 as a student project at Carnegie Mellon University, and has since grown to have more than 1 million registered users, with more than 7.8 million bibliographies and 25.5 million citations generated to date. It now uses the data in WorldCat, made available through the WorldCat Search API, to fill in citation information for books. The service’s auto-fill feature also provides information automatically for magazines, newspapers, websites, journals, and films.

“Now that we’re pulling in data from WorldCat,” says co-founder Kevin Liebler, “our ability to pre-populate citations with our auto-fill feature has gone up tremendously. Our partnership with OCLC to use WorldCat data has greatly enhanced a student’s ability to generate a complete and accurate bibliography—quickly and easily. Our users benefit from the cooperative efforts of the world’s libraries by having the information provided for them instead of having to find it themselves.”

BibMe uses WorldCat and other databases such as FindArticles to quickly fill citation information. It then formats and compiles a bibliography according to the guidelines of whichever style manual the user selects. Manual entry is also an option.

BibMe is one of several automated citation applications that include library data pulled from WorldCat. EasyBib is another site that uses WorldCat data, in addition to the built-in functionality available on that exports to popular citation software packages such as RefWorks, EndNote and EasyBib.

The WorldCat Search API is available to anyone interested in creating noncommercial Web sites, mash-ups or mobile apps that include library data. Third party sites like BibMe use the WorldCat Search API through partnership agreements.