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OCLC membership gives you access to global resources that are supported by the cooperative's community of libraries, museums and archives. OCLC was founded on the fundamental principle that by sharing intellectual property, libraries could better meet their mission of making the world's knowledge more accessible. Through membership, libraries contribute to the cooperative and benefit from the services, research, and advocacy and advancement programs.  

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Guy Cobolet

"OCLC has been, for many decades, THE network to belong to : pragmatic, efficient, user-oriented, high-tech, based upon deep and strong values, professional and ethical as well."

Guy Cobolet

Delegate EMEA Regional Council
Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de Santé, Paris  (Interacademic Library on Health, Paris)

Becoming an OCLC member

The protocols for membership were reviewed in 2013 (coming into effect in July 2014) and the definition of contribution was expanded to:

  • Sharing intellectual content and/or participating in global resource or reference sharing via a subscription or contract for an OCLC system; or
  • Contributing intellectual content or participating in global resource or reference sharing through an OCLC system provided by another organization, such as a local or regional cooperative or consortium, a state or provincial library, or a national library; or
  • Subscribing or contracting for an OCLC library management system that will facilitate global sharing when transitioned to WorldShare.

These are all known as ‘qualifying activities’. An institution must undertake one or more of these activities on a regular basis and must have had qualifying activity within the past year in order to keep their membership active. If such an activity is not undertaken, the membership status of the institution will become inactive.

View all qualifying activities by OCLC service (PDF)