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Cataloging to ordering, request to return in an integrated local library management system.

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

The LBS OPAC offers users intuitive, easy-to-use search facility that can be performed on various combinations of elements from the record. Full Boolean searching and proximity searching can be carried out. Search results can be sorted on relevance, by year of publication or alphabetically. There is no limit on the number of search results that can be retrieved.

Users can also enter loan requests, extend loan terms and reserve publications. At any given moment, a user can obtain an overview of his loan requests, his reservations and his claims.

To help new users familiarise themselves with the OPAC the OPAC training module can be used by individuals without help from library staff, especially practical for libraries serving lager groups of users.

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Acquisitions and Serials Management

A catalog record can be processed into a full order by using the Acquisitions and Serials Module. This catalog record can be completed with the necessary order and budget data and printed for shipment to the supplier. An order can also be shipped by using the built-in e-mail functionality (EDI). Upon receipt of the ordered items, the invoice can also be processed.

If the ordered items are not delivered, there is an extensive reminder function on hand. The module also has a time saving subscription registration facility. The received issues are checked in, the system automatically generates the next expected issue, based on a built in and fully adjustable prognosis facility. A separate reminder facility is provided in the subscription registration facility.

Management Information Module

The Management Information Module generates reports using Business Objects software that enables the library’s management to retrieve relevant information on the library use.

Circulation Control Module

The Circulation Control Module integrates the following main processes: administration of borrowers, administration of items on loan and their shelf marks and the administration of loans and reservations. Library staff can define a large number of departments, stacks (closed or open), loan desks, for example short loan, borrower types and loan categories. Library staff can also define when the loans can be collected, the opening hours of the loan desk, the maximum number of items to be lent to one user, and the number of reminders to be sent for overdue items. Reminders can be sent both by mail and e-mail. Requests and reservations made in the Online Public Access Catalog are processed online into the Circulation Control module.

Connectivity Module

The connectivity module provides external users and meta-search engines access to the OPAC database on basis of the Z39.50 (Bath profile) and SRU protocol.

User and Systems Management Module

The User and Systems Management Module enables library staff to handle the complete user and systems management online. Library staff can find their way around the system in a simple, intuitive way and are able to adapt the settings to their own requirements including adjusting the screen texts and error reports, defining order forms for acquisition, request slips for Circulation Control, and editing reminder text.