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EZproxy standalone

To order EZproxy stand-alone authentication:

  1. Complete and submit an EZproxy Quote Request form. (This request form also includes an option for a quote for EZproxy hosted.)
  2. Complete and submit the EZproxy – stand-alone service form (also available as PDF).

EZproxy hosted

To order EZproxy hosted authentication:

  1. Complete an EZproxy Quote Request form. (This request form includes an option for an EZproxy standalone quote.)
  2. Complete and submit the EZproxy hosted questionnaire (PDF or Word)

Request more information

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To use EZproxy, you must have the EZproxy software and a license key. You can download the software using the links below. A trial license key is available for a 30-day period, free of charge. Submit the EZproxy Trial Request form to request a trial license key. To receive a production license key, order EZproxy as explained above.

Platform Instructions Download EZproxy 6.0
Linux Install or Update ezproxy-linux.bin
Solaris 10 (x86) Install or Update ezproxy-solaris.bin
Windows Install or Update ezproxy-win32.exe