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WorldCat® Cataloging Partners

List of partners

The following vendors participate in the WorldCat Cataloging Partners service.

Some of the vendors in the WorldCat Cataloging Partners Program specialize in non-English and non-physical book materials, including e-books. Others provide materials for specific audiences (e.g., researchers or children). New partners join regularly, so please check this page often.

Vendors for WorldCat Cataloging Partners

  • Alliance Entertainment Corporation
  • Ambassador Books and Media
  • AV Cafe
  • ArkivMusic
  • Baker & Taylor, Inc.
  • Blackwell Book Services, UK
  • Bound to Stay Bound Books
  • Brodart Company
  • BUSCA, Inc.
  • Casalini Libri
  • The Compact Disc Source
  • Coutts Library Services
  • DA Information Services
  • Dawson Books
  • Eastern Book Company
  • Ebook Library (EBL)
  • Emery-Pratt Company
  • Erasmus Boekhandel BV
  • Follett Library Resources
  • Harrassowitz
  • Ingram Library Services
  • James Bennett Pty Ltd
  • John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • Mackin Library Media
  • Matthews Medical and Scientific Books, Inc.
  • Medialog, Inc.
  • Midwest Library Service
  • Palgrave Macmillan
  • Perma-Bound
  • Quality Books, Inc.
  • Rittenhouse Book Distributors, Inc.
  • S Karger
  • TEI Landmark Audio/Taped Editions, Inc.
  • Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc.
  • UBS Library Services Pte Ltd
  • YBP Library Services
  • YBP UK Library Services

Additional MARC record providers

In addition to the vendors listed above, there are several others whose MARC records are available through OCLC. Please click on the name of the vendor to learn more.