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Career paths

OCLC is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to attracting, rewarding, and retaining people with the knowledge, skills and desire to help achieve our strategic enterprise priorities.

Here are several key divisions at OCLC and examples of job opportunities that exist in those areas:

Engineering and Software Research and Innovation
Senior Software Engineer
Software Architect
Software Developer
Software Engineer
Technical Manager
Test Engineer
Test Automation Engineer
User Experience Designer
User Experience Researcher

Communications Officer
Program Officer
Research Assistant
Research Scientist
Research Support Specialist
Software Architect
Software Engineer

Product Management Cataloging Products and Services
Portfolio Operations Manager
Product Analyst
Product Manager
Product Support Specialist

Metadata Specialist I, II, III

Systems and Information Technology Data Services and WorldCat Quality Management
Database Administrator
Database Quality Technician
Database Specialists
Department Manager
Operations Analyst
Production Analyst
Quality Engineer
Section Manager
Systems Analyst
Systems Architect
Systems Developer
Systems Engineer

Database Specialist
Product Analyst
Product Manager
Production Operations Manager
Production Support Specialist
Software Engineer

Library Services Other Functions
Library Services Consultant
Support Analyst

Branding and Creative Services
Business Development
Corporate Quality Assurance and PMO
Global Marketing
Human Resources

To be considered for OCLC positions, please go to the OCLC Career Center, click on the position and create a personal profile by uploading your resume.  If you have already created a profile with OCLC, simply log in to your profile to begin the application process.