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Community Initiatives

Supporting the work of libraries and the global community we serve

OCLC is committed to investing in programs that advance the work of librarians and libraries as well as the ideals of librarianship.  We engage with our member libraries through a variety of initiatives, develop partnerships, explore tough questions and seek shared views around the issues facing libraries today. 

In Germany, we are running a tightly-scoped project that aims to promote the value of libraries to a combination of politicians, local government officials and the general public: BiblioFreak.  This project was inspired by a campaign known as “Geek the Library” which OCLC and The Gates Foundation in the US collaborated on.  

In the UK, OCLC has been working on Bookmark Your Library, a website which provides a single point of online access to all of the services and resources offered by UK public libraries.  Conceived, and instigated by OCLC as part of its ongoing advocacy work, the website was developed collaboratively with several leading UK library organisations.

necom_freak_campaign website

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