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The WorldShare Platform

“People need simple, secure, powerful, integrated and user-friendly ways to create, consume, purchase, share and manage their content. They need to connect with others—easily and often. For all of these reasons, they need platforms.”

Phil Simon, The Age of the Platform

The information ecosystem being defined by the Web demands an openness of data, services, applications, and partnerships to thrive and meet the demands of today’s savvy information seeker. The library world needs the same type of nimbleness and influence to fulfill its critical role of public service and information access for all.

To be relevant to today’s users, organizations need to provide much more dynamic, open access to the information they manage; they need to support the wide-scale exchange of information, both in human- and machine-readable formats.

Gone are the days when organizations or businesses could succeed by being proprietary with their systems, services, and relationships; these practices led to redundant—and and costly—infrastructure and effort and slowed responsiveness to user needs.

Companies growing at exponential rates in both users and influence are leveraging Web technology and building open Web platforms to adapt quickly to change, introduce compelling new features, and engage partners in exciting new ways.

The OCLC WorldShare Platform provides a comprehensive infrastructure for cooperative innovation and management within the library domain. It exposes library data that the cooperative collects and organizes, along with the value-added services the cooperative has built using that data.

The power of the platform is that it is vendor neutral—libraries, developers and partners in the community can use a robust shared infrastructure to create new, innovative processes and functionality. Rather than building redundant infrastructure, developers can focus on solving new problems and delivering new value to their libraries and users. And the platform can connect with other platforms to embrace new features and tailor new services to meet local user needs.

The platform encourages innovative uses of data—experimentation, extension, recontextualization—within the library community, with industry partners and in new spaces where library data can be reused.

The OCLC WorldShare App Gallery provides a central place where libraries can see available apps and install them into their current work environment. Developers can showcase their creativity, partners can create add-on functionality, and library staff can find practical, everyday solutions to streamline and enhance their workflows. Increasingly, the OCLC WorldShare Platform will allow community members to browse and install apps directly into subscribed OCLC services.

Who can use the OCLC WorldShare Platform?

Access to the WorldShare App Gallery is open to everyone. Developers at libraries with active subscriptions to one or more OCLC services can access any of the Web Services available through the WorldShare Platform in a test environment. To move an app into production, a library must secure a use license for the service—typically a subscription to the relevant product.

If you have developers at your institution—related to the library or not—enlist their participation in this community through the OCLC Developer Network.