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Future functionality roadmap

WorldShare Interlibrary Loan will continue to expand to include additional functionality. The new service now includes most functionality supported by WorldCat Resource Sharing. OCLC will continue to add new features that are enabled by the OCLC WorldShare Platform.

Access to WorldCat Resource Sharing will end on May 19, 2014.  On that date, the Resource Sharing tab will no longer display in the FirstSearch interface. Most WorldCat Resource Sharing users now use WorldShare Interlibrary Loan.

View a list of known issues with the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan service.

The table below lists planned functionality additions for WorldShare Interlibrary Loan. Upcoming releases of new functionality are scheduled to occur in May, June, July and September 2014.

Additional details about features recently added to the service are provided in WorldShare ILL Release Notes.

Recently released features and planned enhancements

*Indicates features that are new in WorldShare ILL

Feature   Target availability date
End of access to WorldCat Resource Sharing - All borrowing and lending takes place in WorldShare ILL
  May 19, 2014
Discovery enhancements   Ongoing
Expand direct request to 15 lenders*   Available
Batch printing of more than 100 requests   Available
Clear all previous WorldCat searches
Append physical description verification field   Available
Default workform in WorldCat Discovery
Workflow enhancements for batch processing*
Update bibliographic displays to include MARC 78x previous/next title links and 856 URLs
  Late May 2014
British Library purchase workflow pilot*   June 2014
Display of preceding/succeeding titles in bibliographic record
  June 2014
Manual update of Lender to New replaces auto-update   June 2014
Manual update of Borrower Not Reviewed status to Reviewed replaces auto-update   June 2014
Reprint bookstraps, book stickers, shipping and return labels
  June 2014
Customizable patron request form in WorldCat Discovery
  July 2014
A4 printing support*   To be determined
WorldShare ILL integration with WorldCat Discovery for placing requests*
  To be determined
Policies Directory Days to Respond indicator for 24 or 48 hours*   To be determined
Clear all print workflows   To be determined
Copyright Clearance Center Get It Now integration with WorldShare ILL*
  To be determined
OpenURL request form*   To be determined
Workflows for IFM refunds and lost materials*
  To be determined
IFM trigger on Shipped*   To be determined

Core features available in WorldShare ILL

The following list includes features added to WorldShare ILL since its initial release.

*Indicates features in WorldShare ILL that were not available in WorldCat Resource Sharing.


Article Exchange

  • Full Article Exchange integration*
  • Borrower and lender preview in Article Exchange*

OPAC links

  • On lender view of requests*
  • To lending library OPAC from holdings lists
  • To borrowing library OPAC from staff workform


  • Book stickers for lenders
  • Display barcode on lender book stickers*
  • "Print now" from request screen*
  • Redesigned 1-per-page and 2-per-page printouts*
  • 2-per-page request and bookstrap printing*
  • Customized bookstrap printing*
  • Redesigned shipping labels*

Batch processing

  • Batch processing of 100 requests at a time

Workflow enhancements

  • IFM indicator on holdings display*
  • Auto-fill previously entered data in Borrower fields*
  • Display lender cost information on in holdings display and request form*
  • Changes to support variable lender aging (EMST) indicators in staff workform and holdings display*
  • Display links to freely-available open access resources*
  • Lender can change loan to copy and copy to loan
  • Improved workflow for lender local ID fields*
  • Transfer bibliographic data and holdings into review requests*
  • Initial buy-it workflow*
  • Lender string expanded to 15*
  • Integration with WorldCat knowledge base for streamlined article sharing
  • Search requests by borrower patron ID, Borrower department, Local ID

Interface languages

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

Also: Display Roman and non-Roman characters in bibliographic record

Workflows for ILL management centers*

OCLC's training and documentation resources will guide your transition from WorldCat Resource Sharing to WorldShare Interlibrary Loan. These tools will describe how familiar features have been implemented in the new service.