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Become a WorldCat Local Content Partner

With WorldCat Local, people connect to your content in more ways, at more libraries.

As a WorldCat Local partner, your content and metadata will become part of the largest library cooperative in the world. The libraries you serve are our members—they own, govern and sustain OCLC. You'll be helping to provide streamlined access to their institutions, and to the information seekers they support.

With WorldCat Local, people find your materials simply and easily—both through an intuitive, single-search experience, and through programs that get library materials out onto the Web where users are more likely to find them.

Leading global publishers partner with WorldCat Local because improving the discovery of their materials means more usage—and that's increasingly what libraries look at as a decision factor when renewing subscriptions or purchasing new materials.

Make your content more accessible to library users by:

  • Including your metadata in WorldCat Local and other OCLC services
  • Indexing your data in for discoverability by libraries with WorldCat Local or WorldCat Local "quick start"

To learn more, contact OCLC.