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Cataloging is the heart of the OCLC cooperative. Forty years after the introduction of online cataloging, librarians and OCLC continue to collaborate to provide a system for quality metadata creation and management. The system, which can be tailored to your local workflow, supports physical items in your catalog, as well as the growing licensed and digital content of your collection. It also supports the expert community of librarians, resource sharing and access to information for all.


Work together to build an international resource for the library community

Be part of an expert, global community that lives the library values of cooperation, resource sharing and public service! OCLC members harness the collective energy and innovation of library world to share collections, metadata, best practices and expertise. We are building and managing the collective collection—print, licensed and digital materials—to make libraries more visible on the Web and in their specific community of users. Pooling the efforts of the community creates scaled efficiencies, better decision making and a platform on which libraries can further innovate.


Streamline technical processing and enhance access to information

OCLC Cataloging services enable libraries to share metadata creation and maintenance to create workflow efficiencies and greater access to library collections. OCLC Cataloging services can be used together with other OCLC services, such as WorldCat Local, and more, to make library collections discoverable on the Web. Our services touch every part of the cataloging workflow and when used together can transform your entire process. You can fit our solutions to your needs in order to best structure and streamline your workflow.


Use internationally accepted standards and follow recognized guidelines to build quality resources for information exchange and discovery

Established cataloging rules and technology protocols—including MARC, FRBR concepts, Dublin Core, ONIX, RDA, SRU, OAI and others—are supported. Online record validation ensures input of standard MARC tagging and codes. OCLC quality control efforts, which are backed by a team of cataloging experts and technology, detect and remove duplicate records to optimize searching effectiveness and improve cataloging productivity. And programs that coordinate improvements in authority and bibliographic records from within the community are hosted or co-led by OCLC staff and member libraries, including BIBCO, CONSER, NACO, SACO and VIAF. These programs promote collaboration among experts who work together to expand access to library collections and improve the end users’ experience.

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