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COMMUNITY—Work together to build a resource for the library world


WORKFLOW—Streamline technical processing and create efficiencies for all


QUALITY—Use internationally accepted standards

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OCLC WorldShare Metadata

WorldShare Metadata provides your library with a complete metadata management solution for physical, licensed and digital resources across multiple formats. This set of new applications and services helps libraries address their priorities to achieve greater efficiencies in their workflows and better visibility for their collections. WorldShare Metadata will continue to expand in phases over the next few years. This new functionality supports OCLC's strategy to provide Webscale solutions to the full range of library management needs, including acquisitions, license management, resource sharing and discovery.

WorldShare Metadata works with WMS, alternative cloud-based services, and traditional integrated library systems. For libraries using WorldShare Management Services, WorldShare Metadata can fully integrate these functions in the same staff interface, significantly improving efficiency for “back office” operations.

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“WorldCat embodies the best values of our profession: free access to a global network of information and knowledge unencumbered by politics, national borders or cultural divisions.  Other professions can only dream about the kind of global cooperation and access that WorldCat represents.”

John F. Szabo, City Librarian,
Los Angeles Public Library

The commitment of librarians to cooperation and resource sharing is one of the greatest strengths of the profession

Members use OCLC cataloging and metadata services, which are based on WorldCat, to extend and enhance the power of library cooperation. By being a part of this global community, you are building and enhancing an international, Webscale resource for the library world that will help your users find information they need and increase the productivity of your staff.

Working together creates efficiencies for all

Thanks to the ongoing work of dedicated OCLC member catalogers, WorldCat provides the most valuable data to keep collection information accurate. The need for original cataloging is minimized, and authority work is streamlined by automatic updating of controlled headings. Your technical processing will be faster and more accurate as members share the effort to create and maintain metadata for print, electronic and digital collections.

The cooperative's adherence to standards and principles underpin WorldCat and OCLC Cataloging services, making them two of the most trusted and valued resources in the library community. In addition, a dedicated staff of cataloging experts and researchers are constantly enhancing WorldCat-based services to keep members on the edge of innovation, and to help libraries advance and adapt in changing times.

We can work with you to determine the best mix of services based on your workflow.


WorldCat Quality: An OCLC Report

This paper describes OCLC's steps to make it easier to find items in WorldCat and get them from OCLC member libraries.

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Style 23, Rule 6, & Other Notes on Change Management

Karen Schneider presents "Style 23, Rule 6, & Other Notes on Change Management"

Watch the video [48 minutes]

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“The many advantages of membership include: the millions of MARC records which cause squeals of delight to the cataloguing community and which are easy to contribute; international interlibrary loan; cataloguing and metadata services such as the WorldCat Cataloging Partners service; and the gateway to cutting-edge research designed to make your library accelerate in the virtual reality of today.”

Mary Curran, Head of Cataloguing Services at the University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Past Cataloging and Metadata Management events

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JUL 19

19 July 2016

The newly revised Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States establishes principles that govern the exchange of material between libraries. The ALA RUSA STARS Codes, Guidelines, and Technical Standards Committee wishes to encourage awareness and application of the ILL Code and its Explanatory Supplement in the entire interlibrary loan community.

  • Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, North America [UTC -4]

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AUG 10

10 August 2016 - 19 August 2016

OCLC warmly welcomes attendees to the Columbus, Ohio area for IFLA WLIC 2016. Please register to join us at one of the OCLC-hosted sessions listed below. We are also hosting several IFLA Satellite meetings at our Dublin, Ohio campus. We hope to see you there.

  • Location: OCLC Headquarters
    , OH USA

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NOV 16

16 November 2016 - 16 November 2016

Global Council delegates will meet in November 2016 in Dublin, Ohio.

  • Location: Dublin, OH
  • Venue: Embassy Suites Dublin and OCLC Conference Center