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WorldShare Update

Libraries share successes with WorldShare Management Services

Expanding our e-collection

Criss Library at the University of Nebraska Omaha was honored as the100th library to go live with OCLC WorldShare Management Services (WMS). (Currently, nearly 160 libraries are live with WMS.) Steve Shorb, Dean of the Library, said the move to WMS helped the library acquire 300,000 e-book titles with cost savings and helps set the stage for future staff reallocation to create an institutional repository.

“In the future, we hope to have the ability to stream video and become more involved with distance learning, online education and MOOCs,” says Steve. “By streamlining other processes and eliminating server maintenance, some of our IT staff might have more bandwidth to focus on streaming video and help us grow our digital collections.”

Easier workflows lead to “undiscovered treasure”

With WMS, staff at Perkins Library at Doane College, a small liberal arts school in Crete, Nebraska, got back time for projects that had been previously ignored. Director Julie Pinnell smiles at the thought of technology-averse staff who have embraced the much simpler WMS workflows. And she’s excited about a “wonderful archive” that’s been “an undiscovered treasure” until now, because WMS has enabled her to move staff to work on it.

“By streamlining other processes and eliminating server maintenance, some of our IT staff might have more bandwidth to focus on streaming video and help us grow our digital collections.”

A part of something bigger

Bucknell University in Pennsylvania is the largest private liberal arts university in the U.S. According to Jennifer Clarke, Assistant Director of Development and Access Services, at Bucknell the library and IT department are a combined organization. The move to WMS enabled Bucknell to hire two staff to support a new digital scholarship center that is housed in the library. And notably, the reference desk was eliminated in favor of a single service desk—Jennifer thinks it works well “because [WMS] is so easy to use.”

There’s a larger perspective, she notes. Jennifer and a retired cataloger realized that while they were enhancing records for Bucknell’s benefit, “probably hundreds if not thousands of other catalogers were doing the same thing at the same time (for their institutions). Now when we update records using WMS, we do it for the benefit of the world. So we’re pretty happy about that!”

Increased metadata management functionality with OCLC WorldShare Metadata

OCLC WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager, which celebrated its first birthday in September, has been enhanced with new and expanded functionality, including:

  • Embedded local bibliographic data, which enhances discoverability
  • Ability to specify record options, which improves the flow of loading records into the discovery interface
  • More editing options to save time and improve accuracy.

One way to learn more about Collection Manager is through an ongoing webinar series, available as part of an OCLC cataloging subscription. The webinars include:

  • Using Collection Manager to improve the quality of MARC records
  • Using the WorldCat knowledge base and Collection Manager to facilitate DDA
  • Updating government documents automatically using Collection Manager.

Recordings from these webinars and more are posted to OCLC’s website within a few weeks after they occur for on-demand viewing.

Automating e-book collection management

A new collaboration between OCLC and ProQuest automates the process to keep e-book holdings from ebrary and EBL–Ebook Library up-to-date in WorldCat and library catalogs, and offers current links to library users for easy access to those titles. The initiative builds on OCLC’s work with ProQuest’s e-book businesses to support Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA) workflow and e-book access. The automatic updates eliminate the need for manual intervention by staff at OCLC cataloging libraries.

Build your own service

Your library can now build and share applications on the WorldShare Platform with the new WorldCat Metadata API. With this API, libraries can create applications to add new and enrich existing WorldCat bibliographic records, and maintain WorldCat institution holdings and local bibliographic data.

Libraries can continue to catalog their collections in WorldCat using OCLC-built applications such as Connexion and the upcoming WorldShare Metadata Record Manager, or they can create new applications using the WorldCat Metadata API to manage their cataloging workflows.

An early adopter opportunity

WorldShare Metadata Record Manager is on the horizon for general release in 2014. Record Manager became available in September 2013 to libraries that use OCLC WorldShare Management Services. It enables these libraries to set and delete WorldCat holdings, manage local holdings records and local bibliographic data, and create and replace WorldCat master records using either the MARC 21 editor or the Text View editor. For libraries that do not use WorldShare Management Services, Record Manager will be available to early adopters in 2014. There is no end-of-life date for Connexion and additional migration information will be provided later.

Migrate to WorldShare Interlibrary Loan by May 2014

Libraries that use OCLC’s WorldCat Resource Sharing service for interlibrary loan are in the midst of migration to the new OCLC WorldShare Interlibrary Loan service. The new cloud-based service has been enhanced several times since its introduction in March 2013 to offer a growing range of functionality that OCLC’s resource sharing libraries need.

All WorldCat Resource Sharing libraries must migrate by mid-May 2014 as WorldCat Resource Sharing will be “turned off” on 19 May 2014. In the meantime, OCLC is offering a slate of webinars and workshops to help libraries migrate smoothly.

New WorldCat content and greater visibility for libraries

OCLC has signed new agreements with leading publishers to add more electronic content to WorldCat, improving access to these collections and simplifying administration for libraries that use OCLC WorldShare Metadata services. Metadata and content from new publishers will be integrated into library management workflows in WorldShare services, and will be discoverable through a variety of services, including and WorldCat Local.

Content from these providers has been added in 2013: 3M, Al Manhal, Bentham Science, CAIRN, Canadian Science Publishing, Confidential Concepts, Ecological Society of America, eLibro, Henry Stewart Talks Ltd, Internet Scientific Publications, Kluwer Education, New York University Press, ProjectMuse, ProQuest, Sage, SciELO, The ciando GmbH and Walter de Gruyter. OCLC Publisher Relations welcomes input from libraries on content they would like to discover through OCLC services.

OCLC has also welcomed many commercial and library industry partners who typically use the WorldCat Search API to add library titles to their applications and websites. Libraries receive broad exposure for their collections through these partner channels. Some of the newer partners fall into these broader categories:

  • Citation websites: Citefast, CiteThisForMe, How to Write Citations and StyleEase
  • Mobile apps for campus learning management systems: Desire2Learn and Blackboard
  • Mobile apps for citations and reference: ReferenceME and
  • Research and book review sites: DOGObooks, Mindview and ShipIndex.