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MARC Bibliographic Record Delivery enhancement

Now you can receive MARC records!

If your library subscribes to the eSerials Holdings service, you can receive MARC bibliographic records that correspond with your eSerials holdings updates. Records can be customized to meet your needs, with options including add or delete fields and customized URL links in 856 fields. Choose the record delivery option that works best for you, including EDX or PSWeb.

A subscription to MARC record delivery is available to libraries that subscribe to the eSerials Holdings service. While the eSerials Holdings service is available to member libraries at no charge, there is a nominal charge for the record delivery option, which is based on the number of titles delivered. Record delivery pricing uses a multi-year maintenance model which is divided between the first and subsequent years. First year pricing reflects set up of the service and delivery of the largest number of records, and subsequent year pricing reflects the reduced, annual maintenance activity of records added or deleted.

To order MARC record delivery, visit the Online Service Center.

Did you know that you can further automate your technical services workflow by using Bibliographic Record Notification to upgrade your records, after they are delivered to your library?

To order Bibliographic Record Notification, visit the Online Service Center.