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New workflow and printing enhancements in WorldShare Interlibrary Loan

May 2014 enhancements to OCLC WorldShare Interlibrary Loan include workflow and printing changes that will save staff time.

Workflow changes include:
15-lender string in ILL Direct Request
Requests created in ILL Direct Request now include 15 lenders in the lender string. Including 15 lenders potentially increases fill rates and saves time previously required to resubmit unfilled requests with additional lenders. The 15-lender string is supported for library-generated Direct Request requests (direct to profile and direct to lender) in addition to requests from sources that include ISO ILL, Millennium or Polaris systems.

Sorting of large request queues
Request queues of more than 1,000 requests can now be sorted at once. Previously, only those requests that were visible on a single screen could be sorted.

Renewal processing
Several changes were made to the way WorldShare ILL manages renewals:

  • When a renewal request is denied, only the most recent due date displays in the transaction record.
  • When a due date is not included in a renewal request, the date of the renewal request will display.

Printing enhancements include:
Print more than 100 requests simultaneously
The “Print all” option now supports printing of more than 100 requests at the same time. The maximum number of requests that can be printed simultaneously varies by browser:

  • Firefox: 500 requests
  • Chrome: 200 requests
  • Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10: 200 requests

Updated lender book sticker
The phrase Please return to: has been added to lender book stickers, to provide additional clarity for borrowers.

Return to phrase

Browsers tested with WorldShare ILL in May are:

  • Chrome version 34.0.1847.116m
  • Mozilla Firefox® version 28
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10

Support for Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 8 ended in February 2014. If your institution has continued to use unsupported Windows XP since April 8, 2014, we highly recommend that you install either Mozilla Firefox® or Google Chrome for an improved experience with WorldShare ILL.