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New OCLC WorldShare® Interlibrary Loan features include printing options, OPAC links, workflow enhancements

Some of the new WorldShare ILL features are listed below. For additional information:

Highlights of new WorldShare ILL features

Workflow enhancements

  • Link to lender OPAC: Lenders may now link from lending requests to their own OPACs to determine whether requested items are available for loan.
  • Transfer of bibliographic and holdings data into review requests. Library staff may now add bibliographic data and lenders to requests in the Review queues.
  • Edit produced requests. Borrowers may now edit requests that are produced but have not yet been shipped by a lender.
  • Record purchases within borrowing workflow. When borrowers decide to purchase items rather than borrow them, they can now select “Purchase Request” for items in the Review categories. Selecting “Purchase Request” results in the display of a pop-up screen where additional information (vendor name, order number, price) can be entered.

Printing enhancements

  • Addition of pick-up location to borrower bookstraps
  • Two-per-page request printing with additional data; details are provided in the August 2013 WorldShare ILL Release Notes
  • Bill-to address added to full request printing

Additional printing enhancements are planned for September 2013.

Custom holdings

In OCLC Service Configuration, custom holding groups can now be searched by an individual library symbol.

Constant data

New rules determine when constant data is applied to records. Details are provided in the August 2013 WorldShare ILL Release Notes

Interface changes

  • Spanish interface. The WorldShare ILL interface is now available in English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.
  • Batch processing icon. Request queues that support batch processing are now indicated with an icon so you can quickly identify which actions include batch processing.