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November 2011 WorldCat Resource Sharing enhancements

On November 13, OCLC released a number of enhancements to the WorldCat Resource Sharing service. Enhancements include the ability to update a request to LOST, hotlinked URLs in the ALERT field and more, to provide you with additional control, and help speed placement and fulfillment of requests.

The following new features are now included in OCLC Resource Sharing subscriptions at no additional charge to subscribers:

Ability to update a request to LOST
WorldCat Resource Sharing now supports the ability for the borrowing library to update request to a status of LOST when the library has confirmed that a borrowed item has been lost.

URLs in ALERT field are now "HOT"
The ALERT field in the WorldCat Resource Sharing ILL workform now supports hot linking. If a valid URL is placed in the ALERT field by a lender, the borrowing library will be able to click the link to invoke the URL. In the past, the borrowing library had to cut and paste the URL into a web browser. The hot linking functionality supports the newly introduced e-book delivery service from Ingram Digital. When a library requests an e-book from Ingram Digital via the IDILL symbol, Ingram will place the URL to the e-book in the ALERT field. With this enhancement, libraries can now click on the URL directly from within the WorldCat Resource Sharing workform and go to the landing page for the e-book.

Deflection by LHR (local holdings records) will be displayed when a request is deflected based on the byte set in the LHR
When a lender has set deflection of a particular item using the holding byte in the LHR (local holdings record) on the bibliographic record, WorldCat Resource Sharing will display the deflection rule as "AUTO-DEFLECTION: LHR". This will also appear in the OCLC Usage Statistics Reasons for No reports.

Article Field separated into Article Author and Article Title
To support the upcoming migration to the future delivery service, WorldCat Resource Sharing will modify the ILL workform to more closely match the new workform that will be available in the future delivery service. The current Article field that contains both the article author and article title will be broken into two distinct fields, Article Author and Article Title.

Improved ILL statistics and assessment tools
A new assessment tool titled "The Journal Titles Borrowed Report" will provide WorldCat Resource Sharing subscribers with up to 12 month’s of data that counts the total number of journals the library requested. Included in the report are the number of journal titles requested and the number filled. In addition to the journal title, the report also includes the OCLC record number and ISSN.

Enhancements to statistics include:

  • Turnaround time format updated from days to days/hours/minutes/seconds
  • Additional statistics for the OCLC ILL Direct Request Service
  • Additional statistics for WorldCat knowledge base subscribers

For resource sharing subscribers with their holdings in WorldCat knowledge base:

  • Support for Direct Request for E-book Chapters.
    Libraries that have their holdings information in the WorldCat knowledge base will now be able to create a Direct Request profile that supports the ability to handle e-book chapter requests by allowing a search for e-books requested as a copy or non-returnable
  • Ability to supply lender with ILL license rights to lend for all electronic content
    WorldCat Resource Sharing will now display to the lender, explicit statements that will tell the lender that they may not lend e-content based on their license contract for that journal title.

Article Exchange will soon be released as a service option within WorldCat Resource Sharing, ILLiad and VDX/Navigator. Once the functionality becomes available, to upload a file to Article Exchange the library must be a WorldCat Resource Sharing subscriber with a valid OCLC Authorization. For more information, visit Article Exchange on the web.