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groups and consortia

The library community has always recognized and valued the power of cooperation. By sharing knowledge, services and resources, libraries expand their impact and create more value for their users. OCLC programs for groups and consortia increase opportunities for groups to support their members with research, training, products, services and events.


Improve online discovery for consortium members

The Alberta Library, a consortium of 49 public, university, college, technical institute and special libraries, wanted to connect users to its resources from the online sites and tools they already use. Access to a global library catalog and syndication partners, such as Google, Goodreads and DOGObooks, helped make that possible.

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Collaborate at the state level on professional development

Library staff members must keep their skills current to face the evolving needs of library users. But managing staff training can be expensive, inconvenient and difficult to get off the ground. WebJunction® partners with state libraries and other service agencies to provide cost-effective training and staff development programs that are convenient to access and easy to manage.

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Make services affordable for all your member institutions

Many Montana libraries are geographically remote. They often face technical isolation as well. Working with public, academic and special libraries and branches, the Montana State Library's Group Services initiative has pooled resources to help each library accomplish amazing things and to provide better access to the world's information.

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Present your members with research and thought leadership opportunities

Group partners can host or co-host OCLC programs on a variety of topics based on OCLC research, membership reports or thought leadership activities. Your members gain access to some of the leading thinkers in the information ecosystem. And other OCLC members will benefit from your local expertise and insight. The Collective Insight series has provided a variety of opportunities for group involvement and viewing events.

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Collective Insight, Driven by Shared Data


Reduce costs and focus on direct support for students and faculty

The Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI), an academic library group providing library automation services to 23 institutions, was looking to change to a new library management system. They made "radical collaboration" across collections, processes and staff expertise a priority.

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Add a cooperative voice to your next event

OCLC staff are available to speak on topics important to your library group. On topics such as social and cultural phenomena, media and information services industries, technology and infrastructure issues and original library science research, public speaking is an important outreach and advocacy aspect of OCLC's core mission.

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