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Pre-recorded Web sessions

Topic and brief description Date recorded
Document delivery using OCLC Article Exchange

Tony Melvyn, Article Exchange Product Manager, will host an update on Article Exchange. During the program, Tony will review Article Exchange enhancements and share tips for effective use of the tool. He will also discuss plans for an upcoming pilot of a library-branded version of the site that will extend the visibility of your library's delivery services to your users.
August 28, 2012
Virtual Resource Sharing User Group Meeting

Join your colleagues in the resource sharing community to hear the same updates provided in person at the User Group meeting held at ALA Annual in Anaheim.

The meeting will include an update on plans for the new WorldShare Interlibrary Loan service that will replace WorldCat Resource Sharing in 2013 and an overview of recent and upcoming enhancements to OCLC resource sharing services.

July 12, 2012
Learn more about QuestionPoint’s chat service, Qwidget

QuestionPoint Qwidget is an embeddable chat service included in a subscription to QuestionPoint, OCLC’s reference management service. QuestionPoint provides librarians with tools to interact with users in multiple ways, using both chat and email.

The Qwidget tool lets you easily add the option for users to chat with your librarians from any Web page. The combination of this chat tool and an email reference component enables seamless integration of chat, follow-up and referral, as well as one-stop reporting tools for all types of reference services.

In addition, you may choose to join the 24/7 Reference Cooperative and provide live around-the-clock reference service to your school and community.

June 20, 2012
Ezproxy Virtual Users Group Meeting on IPv6

Join Josh Thomas, OCLC Security Officer, to hear about IPv6, what it means for your library, your institution and your users' access to electronic content. Don Hamparian and Charlotte Sturtz, OCLC Product Management team for EZproxy, answer questions related to EZproxy implementations for IPv6, timing for future releases and discussion.
May 30, 2012
Best Practices in Resource Sharing: Leveraging Link Resolvers to Speed Processing

This program features Kurt Munson of Galter Health Sciences Library at Northwestern University, who speaks about how to use add-ons for ILLiad and the WorldCat knowledge base to quickly deliver electronic articles to users. He shares his experience with evaluating processes and capitalizing on new tools to improve the efficiency and accuracy of his library's delivery of electronic articles.

May 24, 2012
Best Practices in Virtual Reference: Finding Your Virtual Reference Users Online

Seeking Synchronicity found that one of the biggest obstacles to a successful virtual reference service was getting users to simply know the service existed. How do you find your users online? How do they find you?

Look at what signs have been effective in letting users know about the service. What works best in both drawing users’ attention and getting them to know what the service is about? With our constantly changing technical vocabulary, are you really saying what you want to say?

May 17, 2012
Improving discovery and use of your institutional repository materials

Learn how the University of Hawaii at Manoa is organizing their digital library and increasing its visibility by incorporating the newest features of OCLC's WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway into their workflow. Hear how this free tool can help you increase readership of your digital materials by exposing them through and WorldCat Local.

  • Taylor Surface, OCLC, will provide an overview of the Gateway and its new features and how they can help to highlight your digital content metadata in and WorldCat Local.
  • Beth Tillinghast, University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) Institutional Repository manager, will discuss current issues and approaches in enhancing workflow and visibility for various collections in the UHM ScholarSpace (DSpace) repositories.
  • Martha Chantiny, Head of Desktop Network Services in the UHM Library, will share the current status of UHM Library image collections, which are posted to the web using the OAI harvestable Streetprint Digital Library.
  • Daniel Ishimitsu, Information Technology Specialist for UHM Library, will discuss the project that he worked on to allow the mapping of thumbnails for display in OAIster, now part of
  • Streaming video, 80 minutes]
May 03, 2012
Article Exchange for OCLC Resource Sharing and ILLiad services

This webinar provided an update on how Article Exchange works, and included information on upcoming enhancements planned for the site. [1 hour]
May 01, 2012
Best Practices in Virtual Reference:  Virtual Reference in Tough Times

In tough economic times, everything gets a turn on the chopping block. Make the case for virtual reference to your funding bodies and show them the impact you have online.  Hear what has an impact on funders and learn what features are most valuable to your library.

Despite the best advocacy, paying for virtual reference still may not make the cut. Explore what free options you have and hear how they’ve worked for those already using the service. Know what you really need to have in a virtual reference service to make it work for your community. [1 hour, 37 minutes]

April 24, 2012
Connexion Enhancements

Learn about authority controlling improvements which will apply to Windows-based Connexion client and Web-based Connexion browser users, and the enhancements - GLIMIR, Classify, RDA workforms and macro changes included in the recent release of Connexion client version 2.40. [55 minutes.]
April 12, 2012
Transform your users' discovery experience with WorldCat Local

Hear from Karen Schneider of Holy Names University as she discusses how WorldCat Local transformed her users' discovery experience. Karen shares what happened when WorldCat Local helped the Cushing Library increase traditional print circulation by 30 percent, increase interlibrary loan requests and more than double e-resource usage.
April 11, 2012
OCLC delivery services using the WorldCat Knowledge Base for WorldCat Resource Sharing users

This program provides an overview of how the WorldCat knowledge base will help you save time and decrease turnaround times for loans of articles and e-books through the WorldCat Resource Sharing service. The program also includes information about plans to add a deflection option based on license terms stored in the knowledge base. [WebEx recording: 46 minutes]
April 10, 2012
OCLC delivery services using the WorldCat Knowledge Base for ILLiad users

This program provides an overview of how the WorldCat knowledge base will help you save time and decrease turnaround times for loans of articles and e-books through the ILLiad service. The program also includes information about plans to add a deflection option based on license terms stored in the knowledge base. The featured presenter is Alison Johnson, Assistant Library Director, Jackson Library at Indiana Wesleyan University, who discusses her library's implementation of the WorldCat knowledge base. [WebEx recording: 1 hour]
April 10, 2012
The Evolution of a Classic: A Sneak Peek at FirstSearch and the Future of Discovery

Come see the future of discovery from OCLC as it’s happening—and give your input. How will workflows be streamlined? What will users experience? Join us to hear how FirstSearch, and WorldCat Local will evolve over the next few years. You’ll see previews of the new staff interface and hear plans for meeting the needs of multiple audiences through specific functionality.
March 13, 2012
Best Practices in Virtual Reference:  Keeping the Virtual Lights on 24/7

Joining a cooperative group can help libraries keep their virtual reference services going at all hours. Studies show that up to 40% of virtual reference inquiries come in after typical library hours. 

Explore the challenges and benefits to working through a cooperative to keep your virtual reference answering users 24/7. Find out if being "on" all the time really makes a difference in your community. [49 minutes]

March 06, 2012
WorldCat Resource Sharing Best Practices: The Secret World of the FirstSearch Administration Module

Guest speaker Tina Baich, Assistant Librarian from Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) gives an overview of resource sharing settings in the OCLC FirstSearch Administration Module, including creating and modifying Constant Data, Direct Request Profiles and Custom Holdings. This refresher on your library's administration settings will help you prepare you for your upcoming transition to the new WorldShare Interlibrary Loan service. [WebEx recording, 53 minutes]
February 16, 2012
Abridged Edition 15 Sneak Preview

See a preview of the newly released Abridged Edition 15 and learn about the new features in this print edition of the DDC, including:

  • Many new topics and significant updates to selected fields
  • A complete overhaul to the representation of groups and people
  • Elimination of dual headings and unbalanced spans
  • Cessation of partial abridgement of parallel notation
[WebEx recording, 30 minutes]
February 07, 2012
DDC 23 Update

You'll hear an update on the print and web versions of DDC 23 and tips on using DDC 23 and WebDewey 2.0, including:

  • How to classify works about evolving technologies
  • How to classify complex works about groups of people
  • How to find updates to DDC 23 and track history of numbers
[Webex recording, 31 minutes]
February 07, 2012
Article Exchange for OCLC Resource Sharing and ILLiad services

The Article Exchange document-sharing site is now accessible from within the WorldCat Resource Sharing service and through an ILLiad Addon. Stephanie Spires, Atlas Systems, and Tony Melvyn, OCLC demonstrate how Article Exchange provides a single, secure location where lending libraries can place requested documents and library users can retrieve articles or book chapters obtained for them via interlibrary loan. [WebEx recording, 62 minutes]
February 02, 2012
Managing digital collections with the newly enhanced CONTENTdm

Hear from Sara Ring, Digitization and Metadata Training Coordinator at Minitex. Sara talks about her experience using CONTENTdm to manage and create Minnesota Reflections, a project of the Minnesota Digital Library. She also touches on some of the latest CONTENTdm 6.1 features she uses, such as commenting and tagging. Also, hear a short introduction to CONTENTdm.
January 17, 2012
Best Practices Webinar: WorldCat Resource Sharing Assessment Tools

Looking for ways to better manage your interlibrary loan partnerships, analyze your resource sharing workflow, or share meaningful data with your collection development staff or funding bodies? Join OCLC and guest speaker Lynn Bierma, Illinois State Library and learn how to get the most from WorldCat Resource Sharing Assessment Tools, including:

  • ILL Reciprocity Report - evaluate your reciprocal relationships
  • Lender String Report - identify your best lenders
  • eSerials Requests by Journal Title - track most-often-requested journals
  • Global Information System (GIS) report - manage your ILL operations
December 13, 2011
EZproxy Virtual Users Group meeting: Creating content access through mobile devices

Join Tim Ribaric, Digital Services Librarian at Brock University and Bob Robertson-Boyd, Social Networking Product Manager at OCLC to think about authentication in the mobile space. Tim provides a how-to demo of the homegrown mobile/desktop login window he created for his library, and Bob gives an update on mobile access initiatives at OCLC.
November 17, 2011
The power of cooperation at Web scale: OCLC and academic libraries

A WMS webinar specifically for academic libraries. Hear from Robin R. Hartman, Director of Library Services at the Hugh and Hazel Darling Library of Hope International University in Fullerton, California and Dr. Lynn Futch, Dean for Library Services at Ogeechee Technical College Library, Georgia. They¹ll relate their experiences implementing WMS and the efficiencies it has brought to their library¹s workflows with OCLC¹s Web-scale Management Services.

November 16, 2011
OCLC's Future Delivery Services: A Status Report

Hear an update on the new service, learn more about the functionality including display of lender costs, display of item availability and integrated buy-it options for staff, and obtain the information you will need to plan and implement your library's move to the new service. [53 minutes]
October 24, 2011
Single-Search access to your library's resources

Learn how your library can offer single-search access to your print, electronic and digital resources through WorldCat Local.

[WebEx recording, 37 minutes]

October 20, 2011
EZproxy Virtual Users Group meeting: How you can enhance the security of your EZproxy server

Join EZproxy Senior Product Manager Don Hamparian on How You Can Enhance the Security of your EZproxy Server. Hear questions, tips and suggestions in this open forum discussion with your colleagues. You’ll also hear a preview of EZproxy 5.5 which includes improved support for libraries using "out-of-the-box" Shibboleth configurations.
October 20, 2011
OCLC CJK User Group Chinese Cataloging Webinar

Charlene Chou of Columbia University leads a webinar on Chinese cataloging. [50 minutes]
September 28, 2011
OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing Great Debate Series: Conditional messages

Hear Jennifer Block, Interlibrary Services/Document Delivery Librarian, Princeton University and Tim Bowersox, Information Delivery Services Librarian, SUNY Geneseo, present arguments for and against the use of conditional messages in the WorldCat Resource Sharing service.
September 13, 2011
What's New with OCLC Resource Sharing Services

This webinar provides an overview of the following August 2011 enhancements to OCLC resource sharing services:

  • New Lender String report. This report provides details about your library's interactions with specific lenders up to one year in the past.
  • Custom Holdings symbol searcher. A new way to quickly identify which Custom Holdings groups contain a specific symbol (up to 10 symbols), so you can modify your custom holdings groups as needed when changes occur.
  • New ILL work form fields to support article sharing. These fields provide the PubMed number (PMID) and the Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
  • Email from anywhere. Allows your staff to send an email to another library from anywhere in an interlibrary loan workform.
  • Improvements to Not Received feature. Now libraries can alert the lender that an item as not been received at any time after the lender updates the request to SHIPPED.

The webinar also includes an update on short-term access to MyiLibrary e-books through WorldCat Resource Sharing, due for release in September 2011. [WebEx recording, 1 hour]

August 25, 2011
Update on Controlling Headings in WorldCat and Connexion Changes

Becky Dean, OCLC discusses changes to controlling functionality in WorldCat along with changes to Connexion that apply to users of both the Web-based Connexion browser interface and the Windows-based Connexion client interface. The changes covered include those that support automatic date expansion for personal names, reduce unexpected automatic subfield flips, and resolve known problems in controlling. Information about Connexion changes related to the OCLC-MARC Bibliographic, Authority and Holdings Formats Update 2011 and upcoming controlling efforts in WorldCat, is also provided. [WebEx recording, 45 minutes]
August 18, 2011
Community Outreach with QuestionPoint

Programs and events offered through virtual reference are a cost-effective way for UK public libraries to engage with their community. The users do not need to visit the library in order to fully participate, and in many cases the speakers are offsite as well. Not only does this raise the profile of the library - it can open up many intriguing ways to collaborate with community leaders, artists and subject experts, regardless of their location. And it can be a lot of fun, too! Presented by Joanne John, coordinator of the UK's national virtual reference service, Enquire.
August 18, 2011
Introduction to EZproxy hosted service

Learn more about authentication and authorization for your library's e-resources. You'll learn how EZproxy and the Ezproxy hosted service works and listen as EZproxy product manager Don Hamparian conducts Product Manager's Question Time.
August 17, 2011
Introduction to OCLC Web Services

Join Karen Coombs of the OCLC Developer Network as she demystifies the idea of Web services and APIs for non-technical people. You'll walk away understanding what an API or Web service is, what it can do and see examples of how libraries and WorldCat partners have used OCLC Web Services in apps and current services.

July 28, 2011
OCLC Resource Sharing Virtual User Group Meeting

This Virtual Resource Sharing User Group meeting was a repeat of the in-person user group meeting at the ALA Annual conference. It included overviews of recent and upcoming enhancements to OCLC resource sharing services.

The session also provided a status report on our progress with the future delivery service planned for release in 2012.

July 13, 2011
OCLC Update at AJL Meeting

David Whitehair and Cynthia Whitacre, OCLC, provides an OCLC update remotely to the Association of Jewish Libraries conference attendees.  [68 minutes]
June 19, 2011
OCLC CJK User Group Japanese Cataloging Webinar

Keiko Suzuki, Japanese Officer for the OCLC CJK Users Group and Japanese Catalog Librarian at Yale University, leads a webinar on how to identify and handle catalog records that originate in Japan. [52 minutes]
June 08, 2011
What's New with WorldCat Resource Sharing

This webinar provides an overview of recent and upcoming enhancements to the WorldCat Resource Sharing service.

[WebEx recording, 1 hour]

May 23, 2011
Single-Search access to your library's resources

Learn how your library can offer single-search access to your print, electronic and digital resources through WorldCat Local.  [WebEx recording, 1 hour 2 minutes]
May 19, 2011
Introduction to EZproxy hosted service

Learn more about how Ezproxy hosted service works and listen as Ezproxy product manager Don Hamparian continues to answer questions beyond the scheduled session time.
May 18, 2011
Resource Sharing Best Practices: Direct Request

This webinar about use of Direct Request in ILLiad and WorldCat Resource Sharing features Jennifer Kuehn, Head of Interlibrary Services at the Ohio State University Libraries. Jennifer speaks about how use of Direct Request for loans has benefited her library and its users and shares tips for successful use of the feature.  [WebEx recording, 1 hour 2 minutes]
May 16, 2011
Genre/Form Headings webinar

Linda Gabel, OCLC, discusses changes to the way the Library of Congress genre terms are tagged in MARC records. The discussion also includes usage of other genre/form vocabularies in MARC records.
May 12, 2011
SCIPIO Users Group Virtual Meeting

At this first-ever virtual meeting of the SCIPIO Users Group, Debbie Kempe of the Frick Art Reference Library and Dan Lipcan and Daniel Starr of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Library reported on the results of a pilot project to capture born-digital auction and sales catalogs and how the transition to digital materials may affect SCIPIO contributors. [WebEx recording, 1 hour 20 minutes]
May 04, 2011
Introduction to OCLC's future delivery services

This presentation provides an overview of OCLC's plans for a future service that will give WorldCat Resource Sharing users a new interface that simplifies library and end-user requesting workflows through time-saving resource sharing tools.

[WebEx recording 1 hour 1 minute]

May 03, 2011
Connexion Enhancements

Learn about authority control improvements that will apply to Windows-based Connexion client and Web-based Connexion browser users. The enhancements to Connexion client version 2.30 are also discussed. [49 minutes]
April 20, 2011
Resource Sharing Town Hall

During the past year, members of the resource sharing community have shared tips and tricks on a number of topics in a series of webinars. On April 19, all previous presenters participated in a resource sharing "town hall" meeting to continue the conversations.

The panel of resource sharing experts who responded to questions from the community included:

  • Jennifer Block, Princeton University;
  • Collette Mak, University of Notre Dame;
  • Mary Radnor, Florida International University;
  • Merle J. Slyhoff, University of Pennsylvania Biddle Law Library;
  • Tony Melvyn, OCLC.
April 19, 2011
Get your virtual reference team ready with QuestionPoint

Glorian Sipman, California Community Colleges Group Administrator, discusses how MiraCosta College Libraries use QuestionPoint to provide 24/7 live reference support to students and faculty. Lauri McIntosh, OCLC Product and Services Consultant, provides an overview of the reference service, highlighting easy-to-use widgets, e-mail support and texting options.
April 14, 2011
The University of Scranton Digital Collections: A CONTENTdm Story

At ACRL 2011, Kristen Yarmey, Digital Services Librarian at The University of Scranton presented her experience with CONTENTdm Digital Collection Management Software.

[Streaming video, 12:49 minutes]

April 01, 2011
Drive success for your library users with WorldCat Local

Featured speaker Morag Boyd from The Ohio State University discusses her library's experience with the WorldCat Local.
March 29, 2011
DDC 23 sneak preview

Joan Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system at OCLC previewed the new print edition of DDC 23. The presentation is available for download. Questions raised during the webinar will be addressed on the Dewey blog in the coming weeks.
March 10, 2011
Introduction to EZproxy hosted service

Details of the Ezproxy hosted service: how it works, what benefits you gain from moving to hosted, and a very engaged and informative Q&A session at the end of the presentation.
March 03, 2011
Resource Sharing Best Practices: Use of Deflection in WorldCat Resource Sharing

Jennifer Block, Interlibrary Services/Document Delivery Librarian at Princeton University shares her tips for successful use of the deflection feature of WorldCat Resource Sharing. Her presentation includes an overview of how deflection is used at Princeton and how Princeton's interlibrary loan staff has adapted their use of the feature to fit the needs of their library.

[WebEx recording 1 hour 1 minute]

March 02, 2011
Tips for a successful WorldCat Local introduction, featuring Ben Hunter, University of Idaho

Ben Hunter shares his experiences with the implementation and introduction of WorldCat Local at the University of Idaho. The webinar includes information about ready-made promotional resources available from OCLC.

[WebEx recording 57 minutes]

March 01, 2011
Connect more users to more content with WorldCat Local

David Lippert of Portland Community College gives his perspective on how WorldCat Local helps PCC students and faculty find and use the library's resources.
January 27, 2011
Introduction to EZproxy hosted service

EZproxy is now available in a hosted version, where OCLC will configure and maintain a service installation on your behalf. Now it's even easier to provide remote access to eContent for your users.
January 20, 2011
Connect more users to more content with WorldCat Local

Hear from Mark Vargas, Library Director at Saint Xavier University, and Bill Kelm, Systems Librarian at Willamette University, as they discuss the impact WorldCat Local has had on how university students and faculty use library resources.
December 08, 2010
Data Rocks: How to Make Your ILL Statistics Work for You

Collette Mak Head, Resource Access and Delivery at the University of Notre Dame, shares advice about what you can do with your ILL statistics to take the numbers from something only an Interlibrary Loan person can love to something that is useful for a library director. 

[WebEx recording 57 minutes]

December 02, 2010
WorldCat Local "quick start"

This Web information provides an introduction to WorldCat Local "quick start," a localized view of available to all libraries that subscribe to OCLC Cataloging and to the public views of the WorldCat database (through FirstSearch).
October 28, 2010
Cataloging Defensively: When to Input a New Record in the Age of DDR

"Cataloging Defensively: When to Input a New Record in the Age of DDR". During the session, Jay Weitz, OCLC, discusses the importance of creating a new WorldCat record that distinguishes itself from others.
October 28, 2010
Resource Sharing Best Practices: Custom Holdings Web information session

Mary Radnor, Resource Sharing Librarian at Florida International University shares tips for successful use of the custom holdings feature of WorldCat Resource Sharing.  

Custom holdings allow you to organize and customize holdings displays to improve access to the OCLC symbols of your preferred lenders. You can set up preferred lending partners and custom holdings in the Policies Directory to help direct requests intelligently through flexible layers of library, groups, consortia and worldwide materials. The result is time savings for your staff and shorter turnaround times for your users.

[WebEx recording 42 minutes]

October 06, 2010
Good Practices for Great Outcomes: Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference

Karen Calhoun, Vice President, Metadata Services, OCLC, shared the latest perspectives on metadata and cataloging trends. Mary Alice Robinson, Senior Training Coordinator, OCLC, provided the latest tips and tricks for cataloging efficiencies. We also featured the following speakers from our member community, who highlighted efficiencies and discussed challenges at their libraries during the panel discussion portion of the program:
October 01, 2010
Controlling headings in Connexion

An overview during which you'll learn:

  • The benefits of incorporating controlling into your cataloging workflow,
  • An overview of the three different types of controlling (single, multi-control, control all),
  • Use of fixed field elements in controlling,
  • The scope of current controlling functionality,
  • A review of current 'known problems'.

Prerequisite: The session is aimed at those that are familiar with controlling functionality in the Connexion client. Attendees are encouraged to view the Controlling Headings in Bibliographic Records tutorial beforehand.

August 31, 2010
Introduction to the WorldCat Registry & the benefits of signing for up for data loads

See how the WorldCat Registry can help your library--for free. You’ll learn how to improve your library information in Registry and sign up for It is easy to find your library profile, update your library's details, set deep links and then see how the results impact how your library looks on, on mobile devices and in other services. [37 minutes]
July 20, 2010
QuestionPoint Goes Mobile and beyond

QuestionPoint's latest enhancements provide more opportunities for libraries to reach out to their users. The Qwidget (QuestionPoint's chat widget) is now accessible on selected mobile devices and on Facebook. This live Web information session overviewed QuestionPoint's Mobile Webkit, expanded Qwidget customization options, and our new knowledge base Web service. It also

included discussions about our collaboration with Text a Librarian and plans for incorporating SMS texting into QuestionPoint.

QuestionPoint provides a complete reference management system incorporating chat, e-mail, knowledge base and administrative tools. Libraries may also participate in the 24/7 Reference Cooperative to provide live 24-hour service to their users

February 24, 2010
Learn best practices for the new OCLC Policies Directory

The OCLC Policies Directory is the repository of interlibrary loan policies for OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing libraries. The new version of the Policies Directory has recently been completely redesigned. Released on January 10, 2010, the changes include a new user interface, hardware platform and underlying database. All existing policies, deflections, and contact data remain the same. The new interface is based on feedback received during usability testing with existing users. In addition, WorldCat Registry data is now incorporated into the Policies Directory interface. This recorded live Web session includes an overview of these enhancements, practical examples how to best use the service, and question and answer session.
February 11, 2010
BISG Webcast: BISAC Subject Headings: Connecting Books and Readers

Find out more about BISAC Subject Headings and how organizations across the publishing supply chain use them to determine where to shelve books, or the genre under which books can be searched in an internal or online database. Best practices, helpful tips, information about the newly released 2009 Edition of the BISAC Subject Headings List and more are included.
December 09, 2009
OCLC Metadata Services for Publishers discussed on "No Shelf Required"

On Dec. 4, 2009, Sue Polanka, host of "No Shelf Required," a moderated discussion of the issues surrounding eBooks, for librarians and publishers, interviewed Renee Register, OCLC, on the subject of OCLC Metadata Services for Publishers and Contract Cataloging services for publishers.
December 04, 2009
New DOCLINE interface overview

This is a high level overview of the new DOCLINE interface into ILLiad version 8.0 Stephanie Spires from Atlas System provides the Docline demonstration with added information about the billing manager.
October 06, 2009
Getting started with Odyssey Standalone for article delivery

Brian Miller from The Ohio State University talked about how Odyssey Standalone can help improve library's article delivery capabilities. Whether a requested journal article comes from your own remote storage unit or from somewhere else, Odyssey helps you electronically receive a document and create an easy-to-read at no extra charge.
October 06, 2009
CONTENTdm Speaker Series: Once it's digital, anything is possible

Bart Schmidt, Digital Projects Librarian, shares his experiences in creating, digitizing and preserving Drake University 125-year history. You'll learn how Drake integrates Google Maps with CONTENTdm and its digital collection of historical photos of homes, parks and public places.
October 06, 2009
Keep the Focus on Your Users with OCLC Contract Cataloging

Leping He (Arizona State University) and Wayne Shoaf (University of Southern California) discuss how OCLC Contract Cataloging helped their libraries meet their strategic goals. Learn how OCLC Contract Cataloging can help your library improve efficiency and meet user's needs.
September 29, 2009
Expert Community Experiment Wrap-up Webinar

The webinar, recorded on Sept. 25, 2009, provides a report on the results of the Experiment.  54 minutes in length.
September 21, 2009
Online catalogs: designing with users in mind

The webinar, “Online Catalogs: Designing with Users in Mind”, recorded Aug. 13, 2009, featured Karen Calhoun and Christie Heitkamp of OCLC reporting on their online catalog research findings, discussing user and usability studies and describing resulting changes made to WorldCat, and WorldCat Local. During the event, the presenters chatted virtually with participants and the chat dialog is available along with the event recording and polling results.
August 13, 2009
WorldCat Collection Analysis: Interdisciplinary Studies Enhancement, August 2009

[Streaming media, 25 minutes.]  An introduction to the interdisciplinary studies enhancement to WorldCat Collection Analysis. The presentation also includes instructions on how to conduct an interdisciplinary studies assessment of your collection.  The PowerPoint slides for this presentationa are also available.
August 13, 2009
WorldCat Collection Analysis Virtual User Group Meeting

During this session, Jennifer Smathers, The College at Brockport, presents "Using WorldCat Collection Analysis to Jumpstart Coordinated Collection Development in SUNY"
June 03, 2009
An introduction to the WorldCat Registry

See how the WorldCat Registry can help your library--for free. You'll learn how to find your library profile, update your library's details, set deep links and then see how the results impact how your library looks on, on mobile devices and in other services.
June 02, 2009 webinar

See the latest features on the platform, watch a live demonstration of all the latest enhancements, hear an update on the WorldCat Mobile pilot and find out how easy it is to update your WorldCat Registry data.
May 21, 2009 access to OCLC electronic resources

This Web session provides an introduction to OCLC’s plans for single-search access to your library’s OCLC eContent through the familiar interface. In July, will add library-branded, single-search-box access to NetLibrary eBooks and eAudiobooks, Electronic Collections Online eJournals, OCLC FirstSearch databases, ArchiveGrid archival collection descriptions and CAMIO—the Catalog of Art Museum Images Online. This will give information seekers easier access to a wide range of electronic resources on in a way that eliminates the need for multiple access points. Whether your library subscribes to a single FirstSearch database or NetLibrary eBook or to a wide range of content, your users will be able to connect with this content—and the entire WorldCat database—through a WorldCat search box branded for your library. The program includes a “sneak preview” of the new interface that will be included with your OCLC eContent subscription at no additional charge.
April 30, 2009
WorldCat Mobile pilot webinar

During this session you'll learn how to download the WorldCat Mobile app to your mobile device, see how your library data in the WorldCat Registry powers part of the service and get a sneak preview of what OCLC's plans are for the next phase of the pilot.
April 29, 2009
Expert Community Experiment

The webinar introduces the Expert Community Experiment pilot.
February 25, 2009
Best practices in virtual reference

A panel presented two innovative approaches to improving reference service for our users: building a better search engine using the knowledge of reference librarians, and building a multilingual, multinational reference service.  Presentations by David Lankes, director of the Information Institute of Syracuse, and Paul Ulrich, Berlin Central and Regional Library are followed by a discussion with speakers and participants.
January 24, 2009
WorldCat Selection overview

January 09, 2009
WorldCat Collection Analysis: Circulation Analysis Overview

This brief overview defines the circulation analysis process, including the data required to create an analysis and how the data is used.

November 01, 2008
Gain more visibility online for your library with

Join Jasmine De Gaia, global product manager for WorldCat discovery services, as she shares her Top 10 list of ways to gain more visibility online through linking into WorldCat, updating your WorldCat Registry profile, social networking tools and more.
October 29, 2008
QuestionPoint Qwidget: providing a new user experience to the library virtual reference service

Curious about Qwidget? Join us for an informative discussion with librarians who have taken the plunge and put the QuestionPoint Qwidget up on their library websites. Our speakers are from a large university, a community college, and a public library, and will discuss aspects of deploying the Qwidget, including: where the Qwidget is placed on the website (library catalog, library guides, etc); promotion; response from users (including usage statistics), and any issues with the Qwidget.

Our speakers are:

  • Virginia Cole, Reference and Digital Services Librarian, Cornell University Library
  • Kim LaPlante, Library Manager, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
  • Toby Thomas, Virtual Services Librarian, Seattle Public Library
October 01, 2008
Weeding the Storage Facility: WorldCat Collection Analysis as a De-selection Tool

Mary C. Aagard, Collection Project Librarian, Purdue University Libraries presents.
April 17, 2008
Promoting virtual reference services (beyond bookmarks)

Virtual reference services reach out to bring the library to the user, and the most successful promotional activities go where the user is to promote these services. This Web session featured two of the most innovative publicity campaigns for virtual reference services:
  • Beth Cackowski (project coordinator of New Jersey's statewide service spoke about the ad on MTV; and
  • Diana Sachs-Silveira (project coordniator of Florida's Ask a Librarian service) discussed "The Director's Chair", a YouTube contest in which Florida high school students produce a commercial for the Ask A Librarian service.
November 15, 2007
WorldCat Collection Analysis Web session

Using the service to support accredidation reports and program reviews
October 25, 2007
Eliminating barriers to service with lightweight chat

This Web session explored how libraries can provide reference services to all users, including those using screen readers or other assistive technologies, with a focus on QuestionPoint's new lightweight patron chat ("Chat 2").
September 19, 2007
WorldCat Collection Analysis Web session

Collection Analysis: still practicing
July 18, 2007
Five ways to use WorldCat Collection Analysis

Overview of functionality including analyze collection strengths and weaknesses, peer comparison, measurement against bibliographies and predefined groups, and analysis of ILL usage.
June 05, 2007