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z39.50 Cataloging

Search and retrieval of MARC records from WorldCat

The OCLC Z39.50 Cataloging service allows you to search for and download bibliographic records through your Z39.50-compliant local library system.

Convenient local access

Z39.50 Cataloging enables you to use a single, familiar interface for staff access, which helps streamline cataloging workflow, reduce staff training and decrease costs.

With the OCLC Z39.50 Cataloging service, libraries access WorldCat to search and retrieve MARC records for cataloging; edit records in their local systems; set holding information on WorldCat; and order cataloging card sets for their local libraries. Learn more about Z39.50 Cataloging features and benefits.

Return holdings information online

If your library's Z39.50 client is properly configured, you can set your holdings online through the OCLC Z39.50 Cataloging service. If your client does not have this functionality, you can set holdings through Electronic Data Exchange or batch services. Whichever way you choose, adding your holdings to WorldCat increases the visibility of your library and collection to the global OCLC cooperative for resource sharing purposes.