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A platform for broad, Web-scale discovery and delivery of library resources

iPhone users can now download the free pic2shop application to scan book barcodes and find local libraries who have them through WorldCat. is a Web portal to the WorldCat global catalog with a supporting program of data syndication that makes your library's collection discoverable virtually anywhere on the Web. allows more people outside the traditional library environment to find your reliable information and assistance through the Web sites they use every day. Participation in doesn't require a specific subscription—it's included at no extra cost for libraries engaged in cooperative OCLC cataloging services and who have a subscription to WorldCat Discovery.

Information about your library's holdings and online services is actively spread across the Web via strategic partnerships with key sites such as Google and Yahoo!, as well as by social and distributed Web technologies such as APIs, widgets, mobile and social apps that appeal to users, other information providers and e-business.

The result: brings more information seekers to your catalog and services by way of major search engines; bookselling, bibliography and social networking sites; online content providers; browser toolbars; personalized home pages and other popular Web applications. Your local resources gain a global presence, become part of people's normal Web workflow and get in front of the increasing numbers of people who rely almost exclusively on the Internet.

“The most wonderful thing about is that it takes the power of our collective catalogs and combines them with an interface our users can understand.”

Lee-Anne Flandreau, Information Services Librarian
Fort Vancouver Regional Library District, Vancouver, WA.