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  • Mobile access

Mobile access

Your users expect to find the information they need through whatever device they're using—be it laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet. And WorldCat Local libraries can meet that expectation with the browser-based mobile-specific custom sites.

Mobile views for almost any phone

WorldCat Local supports mobile-optimized views for a wide range of devices. In fact, any smart phone or feature phone capable of running JavaScript or a Java-based Web browser such as Opera Mini or Bolt is supported, worldwide.

At your customized mobile Web site (institution url), your users will see location, shelf status, call number, levels of availability, branch information and can place a hold, request an item or email a citation for articles, online links and monographs—similar to their experience of your WorldCat Local on a desktop. The interface, though, has been optimized for mobile tasks.

Customizable options

Full WorldCat Local users can add up to 10 URLs of their choice to make the WorldCat Local mobile site your library’s defacto mobile Web presence. Or you can incorporate the WorldCat Local single search box into a current mobile environment if your institution already has a mobile Web presence.

Customized landing page for
full WorldCat Local subscribers

Customized landing page for full WorldCat Local subscribers

Search Results page

Search Results page

Detailed Item page

Detailed Item page

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Feedback is encouraged for the mobile-optimized WorldCat Local sites.