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New partnerships


ProQuest and OCLC are launching a far-reaching data exchange program that will enhance the library discovery experience for users of OCLC’s WorldCat Local service, ProQuest’s Summon service, the full text of ProQuest Central and ebrary e-books. Once the data exchange is completed, libraries that subscribe to both WorldCat Local and ProQuest Central or that own any ebrary content will be able to discover ProQuest records and access associated content through the WorldCat Local interface.

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OCLC and Gale have agreed to make all Gale databases and archives fully discoverable through WorldCat Local. The agreement also includes exploration of broadened discoverability of Gale collections through other applications available through the OCLC WorldShare Platform.

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OCLC and FamilySearch International have a new partnership. OC LC will incorporate data from FamilySearch’s catalog of genealogical materials into WorldCat, and FamilySearch will use OCLC cataloging services to continue to catalog its collections in WorldCat.

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DOGObooks, the leading website for book reviews by children, is partnering with OC LC to connect children to resources in libraries through WorldCat.

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Support for shared print programs now available

The new OCLC Shared Print Management Program is designed to help libraries register shared print collections holdings in WorldCat so that they can collaborate closely to more efficiently manage and share these collections.

A growing number of regional efforts are under way to consolidate and preserve print collections among multiple libraries in response to the widespread availability of digital resources and increasing pressure for space in campus library buildings.

OCLC’s Shared Print Management Program grows out of the OCLC Print Archives Disclosure Pilot Project, which concluded in March 2012. Participants in the project, including several major U.S. research libraries, developed Print Archives Metadata Guidelines to provide libraries with a standards-based approach to registering and sharing print preservation commitments. Over the course of the pilot, participants tested the implementation of these guidelines by registering print archiving commitments in WorldCat and documenting their impact on local cataloging and resource sharing workflows. To date, several thousand print archiving commitments have been registered in WorldCat. If you are interested in partnering, send a message to

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Michael Panzer new DDC editor-in-chief

The 10th Editor-in-Chief of the Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC ), Michael is also the first from outside the United States. He replaces Joan S. Mitchell, who has retired after serving with distinction in the position since 1993.

Michael joined OCLC in May 2007 as Global Product Manager of Taxonomy Services, and was appointed Assistant Editor of the DDC in March 2009. From 2002 to 2005, he headed the technical team that translated Dewey into German. He was the first member of a Dewey translation team to be appointed Assistant Editor. Michael served on the W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group and is currently a member of the W3C Provenance Working Group.

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RLUK and OCLC pilot new solution for electronic resource metadata management

OCLC is working with several members of RLUK (Research Libraries UK) to pilot WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager, a new service that brings improvements to the way libraries manage electronic resources and provide access to these valuable collections. The pilot will last six months and will help hone the new service, ensuring it accommodates any regional nuances before general release.

Powered by the WorldCat knowledge base, OC LC WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager delivers WorldCat MARC records for electronic materials automatically to libraries and ensures the metadata and access URLs for these collections are continually updated, significantly streamlining the processes of managing e-resources. A number of libraries in North America have already worked with OC LC to test WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager.

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Scannx, iVina and Image Access to use Article Exchange API

Three providers of document capture and document delivery services are now working with OCLC to more efficiently deliver the full text of articles to information seekers. Scannx, iVina and Image Access will take advantage of an API created for OCLC’s Article Exchange service.

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Grant for WebJunction

OCLC’s WebJunction has received a grant from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation to explore how evolutions in physical space and resources in public libraries can help connect people with local and global communities. This project builds on the understanding that libraries are community hubs that encourage information access, collaboration and content creation. The work will focus on libraries in Washington state; findings and resources will be publicized broadly through webinars and resource guides.

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