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Available digitally and in print, NextSpace is OCLC’s membership magazine that analyzes industry trends and technology developments and features news about OCLC. Our goal is to help you stay informed and make key decisions. View back issues of NextSpace.

OCLC Abstracts

OCLC Abstracts is a weekly e-publication that provides news about OCLC services, programs and research, along with a story that highlights the latest developments in the technology, economic or social landscapes. View recent editions of “OCLC Abstracts.”

OCLC Annual Report

The OCLC Annual Report describes the cooperative’s activities and accomplishments throughout the preceding fiscal year. It includes snapshots of member libraries worldwide, the President’s message to the cooperative, information about the Board of Trustees and various management groups, condensed financial statements and other information that gives a broad perspective of the organization. View recent editions of the Annual Report.

OCLC Financial Statements

OCLC financial statements provide consolidated balance sheets and related statements of revenues, expenses, corporate equity and cash flow. View recent OCLC financial statements.

OCLC Reports

OCLC reports communicate the findings and results of OCLC surveys, market research, environmental scans and technology initiatives. These in-depth studies and topical surveys will help you understand the issues and trends that affect librarianship. View OCLC reports.