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Changes to online bib save file aging process

Note: This change relates to the bibliographic save file only; no changes have been made to the process that automatically deletes authority save file records. 

Connexion and WorldShare Metadata Record Manager users can save bibliographic records to the online save file so that they can be retrieved and finalized at a later time. 

The save file is:

  •   shared across all staff at the library
  •   each library can save up to 9,999 records

Previously unless records were resaved, master records were:

  • automatically deleted from the online save file after 14 days
  • workforms were automatically deleted after 28 days 

OCLC no longer automatically deletes bibliographic records from the online save file.  Instead, they stay in the online save file until you delete them. This eliminates the need for you to resave records to ensure that they are not deleted before you finish with them.

If you lock a master record and save the locked record to the online save file:

  • The master record lock WILL continue to expire in 14 days. 
  • Once the lock expires, the record will be retained in the online save file for your usage without the lock. 
  • You must continue to resave locked bibliographic records if you wish to extend the master record lock. 
  • The “expires in x days” information previously reflected the number of days until the record would automatically be deleted.

In the Web-based Connexion browser interface:

  •  The “expires in x days” text is now updated to “Lock expires in x days” in records and displays if the record is locked. 

In the Windows-based Connexion client interface:

  • The “expires in x days” continues to display in records, but the number is not associated with an expiration date; you can ignore this data. 
  • To view the number of days until a record lock will expire, view the “Expires” column in the save file list. 

If your workflow was to resave unlocked records to ensure that they are not deleted, you no longer need to take that extra step.

If you use the Connexion client offline local file only, due to concern with records being deleted, consider using the online save file if it meets your needs.

If you save records to the online save file and you previously counted on the system to automatically delete them for you, you need to delete the unneeded records.