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WorldShare Interlibrary Loan adds printing options, knowledge base integration and more

Additional functionality has been added to the new WorldShare Interlibrary Loan service, available to libraries in the United States since March. With these additions, WorldShare Interlibrary Loan contains nearly all features available in the WorldCat Resource Sharing service, plus some features only available in the new service.

WorldShare Interlibrary Loan will be available to libraries worldwide in June 2013.

New features range from additional printing options and OPAC links for borrowers and lenders to French and Japanese interfaces.  WorldShare Interlibrary Loan enhancements include:

  • Integration with the WorldCat knowledge base for streamlined article sharing
  • Batch processing for yes and no
  • Printing:
    • Print all requests in a queue
    • Print bookstraps and shipping labels from batch
  • Article Exchange workflow enhancements
    • Access to Article Exchange from WorldShare Interlibrary Loan without re-entering login information
    • Selection of the “Email Notification” button brings up the locally configured email server; email contents are pre-populated with transaction information and Article Exchange instructions
  • OPAC Links:
    • Links to borrower OPACs from staff workform to determine local availability before placing a request
    • Links to lender OPAC from holdings lists to determine availability before including a library’s symbol in a request
  • Lender edits of conditional notes
  • Local Holdings Record (LHR)-related enhancements
    • Display of LHR summaries
    • Use of LHR data to select lenders
  • Ability to request multiple renewals
  • French and Japanese language interfaces

Learn more

  • View details about WorldShare Interlibrary Loan in WorldShare ILL Release Notes on the OCLC Support and Training website.
  • For updates on the status of WorldShare Interlibrary Loan enhancements, visit the Future functionality table on the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan website.
  • View a list of upcoming OCLC resource sharing webinars.