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EasyBib Library Edition moves into production to provide visibility for libraries online

As EasyBib Library Edition finishes a successful beta and trial period, it now transitions into a production-ready service.

EasyBib Library Edition builds on the popular citation management service and adds features such as library branding, links to the library catalog, locations, hours and more.

The six institutions that participated in the EasyBib Library Edition beta saw increased usage from their students—anywhere from 65 to 100 percent more.

For example, the College of St. Benedict and St. John's University saw a 90 percent increase in EasyBib usage with Library Edition enabled; the Ohio State University saw an 84 percent increase. OSU's EasyBib site was used 10,651 times from Feb. 18th to March 14th compared to 5,787 times during the same period in 2010. Other beta sites report similar increases.

“When they showed me the data about our campus use of EasyBib Library Edition I was pretty much blown away,” says David Wuolu, Public Services Librarian at the College of St. Benedict and St. John's University in a recent podcast. “The numbers were compelling that largely through word of mouth, our population of undergraduates has adopted EasyBib Library Edition as the unofficial campus bibliography standard.”

Following the beta period, more than 40 libraries also participated in a month-long trial of the service during the month of April.

From the student point of view, EasyBib Library Edition makes life much easier. It provides intuitive, easy-to-use tools to cite and evaluate sources. There are links to the library's collections, virtual reference services and information such as hours and location. And it removes advertising from the site.

From the librarian's point of view, EasyBib Library Edition is a good fit for undergraduates and students who need a simple solution for the average research assignment. EasyBib Library Edition offers visibility online for libraries where their students are already going, with no work required on the library's part. Since more than 26 million students are already using the free version of, training or library-led instruction can focus on teaching content instead of the tools themselves.

Libraries who have implemented WorldCat Local, WorldCat Local “quick start” or have visibility on will find additional value for their subscriptions when they turn on EasyBib Library Edition. It uses the same settings and branding information already stored in OCLC Service Configuration, so sites can be fully functional in 24-48 hours. and WorldCat Local also feature the ability to export citations to and EasyBib Library Edition.

You may qualify for an additional discount based on your Web-Scale Management Services or WorldCat Local subscriptions or your affiliation with a group, consortia or OCLC U.S. service partner that has chosen to work with OCLC on a limited time promotion around EasyBib Library Edition.

OCLC is the exclusive provider of EasyBib Library Edition. It is available in the United States and Canada. OCLC is pleased to partner with ImagineEasy Solutions to help promote library visibility to millions of students online.

To learn more about how your group or consortia can participate in the EasyBib Library Edition promotion or become an OCLC U.S. service partner, please contact