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Global and Regional Council members

A key benefit of membership is the opportunity to participate in OCLC's governance. Member libraries have a voice through their elected representatives.

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  • Anja Smit

    Vice President and President-Elect

    Anja Smit

    University Librarian

    Utrecht University

  • Anne Prestamo

    Immediate Past President

    Anne Prestamo

    Dean of Libraries

    University Libraries
    Florida International University

  • Bonnie Allen

    Bonnie Allen

    Dean of James E. Walker Library

    Middle Tennessee State University

  • Rosann Bazirjian

    Rosann Bazirjian

    Dean of Libraries

    University Libraries
    University of North Carolina at Greensboro

  • Tricia Bengel

    Tricia Bengel

    Emerging Technologies Administrator

    Nashville Public Library

  • Regan Brumagen

    Regan Brumagen

    Public Services Librarian

    Rakow Research Library
    The Corning Museum of Glass

  • Hsueh-hua Chen

    Hsueh-hua Chen

    University Librarian and Professor of Library and Information Science

    University Library
    National Taiwan University

  • Guy Cobolet

    Guy Cobolet


    Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de Santé
    University Paris-Descartes

  • John DeSantis

    John DeSantis

    Cataloging and Metadata Services Librarian

    Baker-Berry Library
    Dartmouth College

  • Marie DeYoung

    Marie DeYoung

    University Librarian

    Patrick Power Library
    Saint Mary’s University

  • Cendrella Habre

    Cendrella Habre

    University Librarian

    Riyad Nassar Library
    Lebanese American University

  • Lesliediana Jones

    Lesliediana Jones

    Head of Document Services/Research Librarian

    Jacob Burns Law Library
    George Washington University Law School

  • Elmelinda Lara

    Elmelinda Lara

    Head, Technical Services

    The Alma Jordan Library
    The University of the West Indies

  • Melinda Loof

    Melinda Loof

    Library Teacher

    Lexington Public Schools/Bowman Elementary

  • Robert Moropa

    Robert Moropa

    Director and Head of the Department of Library Services

    Merensky Library
    University of Pretoria

  • Fiona Parsons

    Fiona Parsons

    Director of Learning and Information Services

    Learning & Information Services
    University of Wolverhampton

  • Ann Pederson

    Ann Pederson

    Medical Librarian

    Altru Medical Library
    Altru Health System

  • Lori Phillips

    Lori Phillips

    Associate Dean of Libraries

    University of Wyoming Libraries
    University of Wyoming

  • Ana María Quiroz

    Ana María Quiroz

    Coordinator of the Digital Committee

    National Library of Chile
    Biblioteca Nacional de Chile

  • Rupert Schaab

    Rupert Schaab

    Deputy Director

    State and Univ Library Göttingen (Lower Saxony)
    University of Göttingen

  • Bradley Schaffner

    Bradley Schaffner

    College Librarian and Senior Lecturer

    Laurence McKinley Gould Library
    Carleton College

  • Martha Speirs

    Martha Speirs

    Dean of Library and Information Services

    ADA University (ADA Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy)

  • Jay Starratt

    Jay Starratt

    Dean of Libraries

    Holland Library
    Washington State University

  • Wilbur Stolt

    Wilbur Stolt

    Director of Libraries

    Chester Fritz Library
    University of North Dakota

  • Jane Treadwell

    Jane Treadwell

    University Librarian and Dean

    Brookens Library
    University of Illinois at Springfield