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Connect users to content they want

Authentication is an important issue for libraries and information seekers—certain library resources require authorized access, while remote information seekers want access without obstacles. EZproxy connects to many content providers, including OCLC, EBSCO, Gale and others. It also connects to a wide variety of authentication services, including LDAP, SIP and Shibboleth, which reduces the number of authorizations and passwords users need to remember. Users gain secure remote access to the Web-based, licensed content they discover in libraries.  

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Provide seamless access

EZproxy works by dynamically altering the URLs within the Web pages provided by your database vendor. The URLs of these Web pages are changed to reflect your EZproxy server instead, causing your users to return to the EZproxy server as they access links on these Web pages. The result is a seamless access environment for your users without the need for proxy configuration on the user's client.

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Chose a proven solution

EZproxy is the industry leading, robust middleware solution for remote user authentication.

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“EZproxy hosted is working very well for our library. It’s invisible; no trouble at all.”   

Irene E. McDermott
Reference Librarian and Systems Manager,
Crowell Public Library, City of San Marino, California

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