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Contract Cataloging services solve your library’s cataloging challenges. We help you optimize your collection, manage your resources and provide improved service to your users. When you contract with OCLC Contract Cataloging, you partner with the most experienced cataloging professionals available today. It’s like instantly adding a team of experts to your staff—experts who care about your collection as much as you do.

There’s truth to the adage, “If a user can’t find it, the item isn’t really there.” The fact is, if your holdings aren’t current in WorldCat, or they’re missing from the OPAC, they’re all but invisible to your users. As an added value, your library holding symbol is set in WorldCat on items cataloged as part of your Contract Cataloging project. Your library holdings gain visibility on the Web through and WorldCat Local, further enabling your users to discover content from your collections. And that means an increased return on the investment you’ve made in your library’s collection.

OCLC Contract Cataloging services help you streamline your cataloging workflows while dramatically improving your service to users.

Contract Cataloging is much more than a single service—it is a collection of expert, inter-disciplinary capabilities that are brought together according to your needs.

Our solutions are designed for your library, whether you require ongoing cataloging support or help with special materials. We work quickly, cost effectively and with little to no impact on your library’s daily operations and staff allocation.

What’s more, our cataloging professionals have extensive experience implementing cataloging projects for public, academic and special libraries of all sizes. The variety and extent of their cataloging experience translates into high-quality records for your collection.

Minimum project size 

OCLC Contract Cataloging requires a minimum of 200 unique titles annually and 25 or more titles per shipment (the 25 per shipment minimum will be waived if titles are shipped directly from a vendor).

A better way to manage your current workload

Whether your library needs help with new acquisitions and ongoing cataloging, backlogs, gift collections, special formats or non-English materials, OCLC can help you at a lower cost than you might expect. Contract Cataloging shares your commitment to quality and attention to detail.

New acquisitions

Have new acquisitions shipped directly to OCLC for cataloging.  Simply give your material vendors our address for shipments and we will handle the cataloging and physical processing for all of your new acquisitions.

Short-term fixes and ongoing cataloging support

A growing backlog of materials puts unnecessary stress on your staff and slows the pace of placing items on shelves. Let OCLC quickly eliminate your backlog by handling the cataloging for you.

Gift collection management and special projects

A sudden influx of new or unusual items, such as an unexpected gift collection, can tie up staff time and resources. OCLC will work with you to develop a plan for cataloging your gift collections and special projects.

Cataloging for all formats

We catalog in a wide range of formats:

  • Books
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Videos
  • Photographs
  • Musical Scores
  • Sound Recordings
  • Digital Music Files
  • Maps
  • Serials
  • Electronic Resources
  • Computer Files
  • Digital collections
  • And more

If you are ready to request a cost proposal from us for your project, please complete a "Request for Cost Proposal" today.