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  • OCLC to host cataloguing, resource sharing for National Library of New Zealand's Te Puna Services

    The National Library of New Zealand has selected OCLC to host Te Puna Services, a collection of online tools and services created with New Zealand librarians to support daily workflows in searching, cataloguing, resource sharing and managing collecti...

  • Changes to online bib save file aging process

    Connexion and WorldShare Metadata Record Manager users can save bibliographic records to the online save file so that they can be retrieved and finalized at a later time. The save file is shared across all staff at the library and each library can sa...

  • Controlling more headings in WorldCat

    In addition to cataloger-initiated controlling, OCLC is using new stand-alone controlling software to evaluate bibliographic records in WorldCat and control headings.


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NOV 28

28 November 2012 - 28 November 2012

Connexion macros can be very useful for expedited cataloging, both for making repetitive changes to records and for generating first-draft transliterations of non-Latin text. Part two of this session includes discussion about and demonstrations of creating and customizing macros those are somewhat complex and/or deal with non-Latin text, as well as a testimonial about how useful these types of macros have been. Presenters: Joel Hahn, Niles Public Library District, and Erica Chang, University of Hawaii.

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APR 12

12 April 2012 - 12 April 2012

Learn about authority controlling improvements which will apply to Windows-based Connexion client and Web-based Connexion browser users, and the enhancements - GLIMIR, Classify, RDA workforms and macro changes included in the recent release of Connexion client version 2.40.

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AUG 18

18 August 2011 - 18 August 2011

Becky Dean, OCLC discusses changes to controlling functionality in WorldCat along with changes to Connexion that apply to users of both the Web-based Connexion browser interface and the Windows-based Connexion client interface. The changes covered include those that support automatic date expansion for personal names, reduce unexpected automatic subfield flips, and resolve known problems in controlling.

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JUN 19

19 June 2011 - 19 June 2011

David Whitehair and Cynthia Whitacre, OCLC, provides an OCLC update remotely to the Association of Jewish Libraries conference attendees.

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08 June 2011 - 08 June 2011

Keiko Suzuki, Japanese Officer for the OCLC CJK Users Group and Japanese Catalog Librarian at Yale University, leads a webinar on how to identify and handle catalog records that originate in Japan.

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MAY 12

12 May 2011 - 12 May 2011

Linda Gabel, OCLC, discusses changes to the way the Library of Congress genre terms are tagged in MARC records. The discussion also includes usage of other genre/form vocabularies in MARC records.

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