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Maximize your cataloging resources

Copy cataloging is a key activity for any library. But it can be tedious for library veterans and intimidating for staff with less experience. CatExpress is the perfect solution, balancing ease of use with the power of WorldCat, the most comprehensive database of bibliographic records available. Simply search for and retrieve records for copy cataloging from WorldCat and export them to your local system.

CatExpress helps you put materials on shelves faster than ever before. It requires very little training, and because it’s Web-based, there’s no software to install or maintain. OCLC provides online tutorials and user FAQs to make using it even easier.

Just six simple steps

You can use CatExpress with little or no cataloging experience--all you need is an internet-enabled PC and a current Web browser. CatExpress delivers high-quality copy cataloging records in six basic steps:

  1. Log on at
  2. Find a matching record in WorldCat
  3. Add local data as necessary
  4. Save it to the catalog to attach your holdings
  5. Log off
  6. Download your records

You can also use CatExpress to print spine and pocket labels for the items you add to your collection.

Web tools that really work

CatExpress is just one part of OCLC Connexion, a suite of powerful, Web-based cataloging services. You can subscribe to the streamlined functionality of CatExpress alone, or toggle between it and the full-featured cataloging of Connexion. Web-based Dewey classification is also available for convenient reference when using CatExpress. To help you decide which solution is right for your library or institution, simply contact OCLC and request a consultation.

Accuracy that saves you time

This is where the richness of WorldCat really pays off. With more than 318 million records for materials in all formats, from books to DVDs to eJournals and more, WorldCat provides remarkably inclusive search results. Thousands of libraries around the world contribute to WorldCat--some are your neighbors, others are a continent away. Many contribute records for the very materials you hope to match.

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