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CatExpress at a glance

CatExpress is a fast and easy-to-use copy cataloging solution, designed for small individual libraries and groups of small libraries that need a streamlined tool for obtaining full MARC records and printing labels.


  • Speed up copy cataloging with high hit rates from WorldCat, the authoritative bibliographic database that connects you to more than 318 million materials records for popular and hard-to-find items
  • Intuitive Web-based interface is easy for students and new staff to use, regardless of previous cataloging experience


  • Simple six-step process for copy cataloging.
  • Search for and retrieve MARC records.
  • Basic editing of bibliographic records.
  • Print spine and pocket labels for items in your collection.
  • Download OCLC-MARC records.
  • Online documentation and context-sensitive help.
  • CatExpress subscribers can receive upgraded WorldCat records automatically through the WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager, at no additional charge.
  • CatExpress subscribers can use WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager at no extra charge to register electronic collections in the WorldCat knowledge base and efficiently manage WorldCat holdings and receive MARC records for the titles in the registered E collections. Titles obtained from Collection Manager count toward CatExpress subscription usage.
  • CatExpress subscribers can use WorldCat Cataloging Partners at no extra charge to receive OCLC MARC records that match the materials ordered through participating vendor partners and have the library's holdings set automatically in WorldCat. Titles obtained from WorldCat Cataloging Partners count toward CatExpress subscription usage.

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  • Current-generation Web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher; Netscape Navigator 6.1 or higher) and Internet access
  • MARC-based library automation system
  • OCLC Catalog Label Program version 1.22 or higher to print labels (a free download)

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