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Online index to the OCLC Newsletter, 1967-2005

This index contains the text of Tables of Contents from The OCLC NEWSLETTER from 1967 through 2005 when the title was replaced by NextSpace. Limited cross references are contained in brackets following the article titles.

Indexed by

  • Larry Olszewski, OCLC Library (1967-1979)
  • Esther Greenberg, Case Western Reserve University (1980-Jan/Feb 2002)
  • Ginny Browne, OCLC (Mar/Apr 2002-Nov/Dec 2005)

December 18, 1967 No. 1

2 Preliminary description of the activities of the Ohio College Library Center
2 Grants
3 The new librarianship
4 Membership

June 19, 1968 No. 2 [Note: 1858 Neil Ave.]

1 Ohio State Universities' lending policies
2 Ohio State University to make computer available
2 Date of next annual meeting
3 Election of President Robert W. Morse
3 Nominating Committee for annual election
3 Membership

September 17, 1968 No. 3

1 Grant request presented to the Council on Library Resources
1 Title II funds
2 Remote catalog access and circulation system
2 Committee to determine data elements in converted records
3 Institutes on MARC
3 Membership renewals

October 10, 1968 No. 4 [Note: now at 1314 Kinnear Rd.]

1 New address
1 Adoptions of OSU Libraries lending policy
1 EDUCOM program
2 Annual meeting

November 25, 1968 No. 5

1 Second annual membership meeting
3 New staff member [Leon E. Whitinger]
3 New appointments [Lawrence Bowman, Arthur T. Hamlin, Stuart A. Stiffler]
4 Newsletters and information leaflets

January 9, 1969 No. 6

1 Simulation study
2 Shared cataloging
3 New staff [Philip L. Long, Eugene B. Leiderman]
4 Loans to faculty of OCLC institutions
5 Membership renewals

February 14, 1969 No. 7

1 Catalog card production
2 New staff [Curtis E. Higgins]
2 Research & development
4 Loans to faculty of OCLC institutions
5 Membership

March 14, 1969 No. 8

1 Simulation
2 Catalog card production
3 Assessments
4 Conversion

April 15, 1969 No. 9

1 Simulation
2 Catalog card production
4 Proposal for support of shared cataloging development
4 Loans to faculty of OCLC institutions

June 15, 1969 No. 10

1 Simulation
2 Catalog card production
2 Conversion—OSU
2 File organization
4 Ohio leads at Amsterdam

August 29, 1969 No. 11

1 Catalog card production
1 Simulation
2 Proposal for support of shared cataloging development
2 Remote catalog access and circulation system—OSU2 Annual meeting
2 Membership

October 16, 1969 No. 12

1 Annual meeting
1 MARC II tapes
1 Catalog card production
2 Catalog card production—first impressions
2 University of Toledo—Center for Library & Information Systems
2 Membership
2 Library computerization at the Ohio State University Libraries

December 1, 1969 No. 13

1 Multiple copies of the OCLC Newsletter
1 Third annual meeting
2 Faculty borrowing among OCLC libraries

March 3, 1970 No. 14

1 Office of Education grant
1 Trustees approve contract for Sigma 5
2 Catalog production
3 Costs of on-line shared cataloging system

April 27, 1970 No. 15

1 Catalog production system
1 Multiple copies of the OCLC Newsletter
2 Library of Congress Recon Project
2 Automatic subject indexing and classification
2 Advisory Committee

June 10, 1970 No. 16

1 Assessments for 1970/71
1 Catalog production
1 Permanence of cataloging information
2 Library economics
2 Copies of MARC records
2 Advisory Cataloging Committee
2 Library of Congress Recon Project

July 24, 1970 No. 17

1 Council on Library Resources, Inc. grants $14,113 to OCLC
1 Cataloging in Publication
2 Catalog production
2 Deposit funds for catalog cards
2 Grant from National Agricultural Library

August 27, 1970 No. 18

1 New telephone number
1 Sigma 5 computer
1 Annual meeting
2 OSU remote catalog access and circulation system
2 Catalog production
3 Membership

November 6, 1970 No. 19

1 Annual meeting
1 Membership
1 Library of Congress Recon Project
1 Terminal selected [Irascope]
2 Catalog production

December 4, 1970 No. 20

1 PRLC-OCLC network
1 Fourth annual meeting

January 14, 1971 No. 21

1 Observations on on-line systems [over-selling, assistance to users, fish bowl effect, Cadillac effect]
2 Projected increased availability of cataloging in MARC II
2 Catalog production—missing characters
2 Ohio Regents propose support for libraries of private colleges

February 10, 1971 No. 22

1 Ohio Board of Regents accepts grant proposal
1 Marietta cuts cataloging costs in half
1 MARC "69-" records now in master file
2 Catalog production
2 "Z" and "j"

March 10, 1971 No. 23

1 Manual for OCLC Catalog Card Production
1 "Slings and arrows"—Information Dynamics style
2 Brochure
2 Retrospective catalog conversion
2 Distribution of newsletter

March 19, 1971 No. 24

1 State budget contains OCLC subsidy
1 Catalogers' meeting Friday, 26 March 1971
2 Site preparation for cataloging terminal equipment
2 Catalog production

April 21, 1971 No. 25

1 Procedure for determining number of terminals for member libraries
2 Communications charges
2 Catalog production—new products available
3 Extension cards
3 Catalog production—costs
3 Delays in cataloging of reprint titles

May 12, 1971 No. 26

1 Cataloging meeting—Wednesday, 2 June, 1971
1 Attrition
2 Transportation of catalog cards
2 Catalog production
2 Optional character to follow call number

May 19, 1971 No. 27

1 Meeting of Cataloging Committee
1 Computerized LC card number index
2 Cataloging meeting Wednesday, June 2, 1971
2 Pilot project
2 Instruction in use of terminals
3 Submission of request cards for catalog production
3 New options available on the Sigma

June 11, 1971 No. 28

1 Instruction in use of terminals
1 Clinics on use of CRT terminals
2 Dimensions of CRT terminal equipment
2 Site preparation for CRT terminal equipment
3 Arrival of terminals
3 House appropriations bill includes OCLC subsidy
3 Catalog production—costs
3 On-line title index

June 18, 1971 No. 29

1 Systems status telephone
1 Instruction meeting to be in Ohio Union
1 Replacement sheets for manual entitles: Creation of Machine Readable Catalog Entries
2 Worksheet answers
2 Deposit funds for catalog cards
2 Committee on Charter Revision

July 2, 1971 No. 30

1 New telephone numbers
1 Malone College first to pay membership fee
1 New member—United Theological Seminary Library
1 Office of Education grant
2 Implementation schedule
2 Regional instruction meetings

July 9, 1971 No. 31

1 Implementation schedule—correction
1 Authorization numbers for terminal users

July 27, 1971 No. 32

1 Shared cataloging
1 Telephone circuits
2 Terminals
2 Dewey call numbers
2 Superintendent of Documents class number to be in MARC records

August 4, 1971 No. 33

1 Shared cataloging—training system
1 The cataloging telecommunication network—or, the things mother did not know to tell us
3 Terminals
3 Catalog production

August 20, 1971 No. 34

1 Terminals
1 Operation of terminals
1 Reports of malfunctions
2 Cataloging in Publication (CIP)
2 Development of new sub systems
3 Manuals

September 1, 1971 No. 35

1 Grant received from Council on Library Resources
1 On-line catalog production launched
3 Use of Mstr Reset key on Irascope
3 Terminals
3 Fifth annual meeting

September 10, 1971 No. 36

1 Cataloging on-line
1 Delete function
1 Reformat function
1 On-line cataloging procedure
2 Operation of terminals
2 Request for names and telephone numbers of Irascope operators
2 Alternate class number

September 23, 1971 No. 37

1 On-line cataloging
2 Contents notes
2 Terminals—fuses
2 Request cards—off-line catalog production

October 1, 1971 No. 38

1 Terminals
1 The on-line cataloging
1 Advisory Committee on Serials
2 On-line cataloging procedures—29 October 1971
2 Fifth annual meeting

October 7, 1971 No. 39

1 Input cataloging
1 Card production
2 Union catalog holdings information
3 Sharing on-line cataloging procedures
3 Indexes
3 Holidays

October 22, 1971 No. 40

1 On-line union catalog
1 Input cataloging implemented
2 On-line cataloging procedures—29 October 1971
2 Negligible radiation from terminals

November 12, 1971 No. 41

1 On-line cataloging
1 Cancellation of holding codes
1 Formating [sic] of call numbers
2 Order of fields on catalog records
2 Duplicate records

November 24, 1971 No. 42

1 On-line cataloging
2 Advisory Committee on Technical Processing

December 6, 1971 No. 43

1 Request for machine readable serials records
1 Order of fields on catalog records
1 Vertical formating [sic] of catalog cards
2 Excessive response time
2 Delimiters
3 Advisory Committee on Cataloging

December 10, 1971 No. 44

1 Glitch of the week
2 CA update function
2 Error reporting procedure
2 New data item displayed
3 Outstanding problem
3 Input cataloging statistics
3 Entry of MARC cataloging to resume
4 Local subject headings
5 Schedule for visits
5 Catalog production—November
5 Excerpt from a letter—with permission
5 Erratum

December 16, 1971 No. 45

1 State subsidy for OCLC
1 Annual report, 1970/1971
1 Communications with OCLC
2 Schedules

January 17, 1972 No. 46

1 MARC records added
1 Cataloging in Publication
1 Duplicate records eliminated
2 "Bound with" notes
2 Tilde
2 Communication with OCLC
2 Advisory Committee meetings
3 ALA print train
3 Unit cards
3 Use of UPDATE key
4 Pseudo-delimiters
5 Cards for credit

January 26, 1972 No. 47

1 New on-line index by OCLC number
1 Schedules
2 Holidays
2 Error reporting sheet
3 Terminal tutorials
3 Failure to produce cards
4 NELINET plans test of transferability of OCLC

February 28, 1972 No. 48

1 Membership fees for 1972/73
1 Catalog production
2 Cooperative activities
4 Union catalog information
4 Crashes
5 Present thoughts on bibliographic records
6 Preclusion of bibliographic records for serials
6 Error report sheets

March 17, 1972 No. 49

1 Union Catalog location symbols
3 New functions added to system
3 Added copies
3 Extra cards
3 Catalog production
4 Main entry as subject
4 Input records made from LC copy
4 Save area
5 Automatic provision of characters on printed cards
5 Additions to the MARC Distribution Service
6 Communications with OCLC

May 8, 1972 No. 50

1 Membership meeting
1 Work schedules
2 Illegal tag checking
2 Prevention of duplication of on-line catalog records
3 Catalog production
3 Technical processing systems—a definition
4 Findings of the Dartmouth experiment [cataloging costs]
4 Union Catalog location symbols
4 Amendment to Appendix I of manual entitled "Online shared cataloging on a cathode ray tube terminal"

June 27, 1972 No. 51

1 Revised LC records
1 041 language field
2 Philip L. Long—Assistant Director
3 Catalog production
3 050 field in modified records
3 Single cards
4 Error correction

July 25, 1972 No. 52

1 Membership fees
1 System reliability: a progress report
2 Revised LC records: a retraction
3 Terminal tutorial
3 Subscript and superscript character sets
3 Delimiting of call numbers
4 Deletion of AACR 98 and 99
5 "Great Britain" and "United States" in subject headings
5 Juvenile materials
5 Analysis of monographic series
6 Class numbers for audio-visual materials
6 Catalog production
6 Visitors

September 29, 1972 No. 53

1 Sixth annual meeting
1 Excerpts from the Annual Report 1971/72
2 Charges for catalog cards
2 Wright State changes policy [now includes place of publication]
2 Error correction
3 Call number deletion
3 Types of catalog records in the file

November 1, 1972 No. 54

1 Sixth annual meeting
1 Duties and functions of the Board of Trustees
2 Membership fee increases due to serials and technical processing systems
2 Holidays
2 Catalog production
2 RECON 68
3 Class "K" call numbers
3 Extended search
3 Tutorials
4 Error report sheets
4 Communications with OCLC [Judith Hopkins replaced by Ann Ekstrom]

November 22, 1972 No. 55

1 Free text call number field—a new function
1 Additions to automatic error checking
3 Save file
3 Sixth annual meeting
4 Estimation of membership fee for 1973/74
4 Correction

December 14, 1972 No. 56

1 International Standard Bibliographic Description (ISBD)
3 On-line catalog
3 Final punctuation of title added entry headings
3 Line creation in call numbers

January 24, 1973 No. 57

1 Free telephone calls—1-800-282-6496
1 OCLC extends membership to non-academic Ohio libraries
1 Agreement signed with ULC [Pennsylvania]
2 Utilization of MARC II records
2 Holidays
2 Tilde
3 Error report policy
3 Catalog production
3 Catalog card printing
4 Deferred MARC II printing
4 Name authority entries
4 On-line up-time following implementation of serials check-in

February 27, 1973 No. 58

1 Membership meeting—26 March 1973
1 Extended borrowing—graduate and undergraduate students
2 Extended search activated
4 Catalog production
4 Error report forms

April 13, 1973 No. 59 [Note: now at 1550 W. Henderson Rd.]

1 Membership extends service outside of Ohio
1 Membership news
2 Holidays
2 Communications with OCLC
2 Creating new records from existing records
2 LC call numbers in input records
3 NLM call numbers and MESH subject headings
3 Input of LC call numbers by Dewey libraries
3 Second indicator in title fields
4 Error reports

June 26, 1973 No. 60

1 New address
1 Council of Regions (COR)
1 New members
2 Headings too long to print
2 Catalog record file
2 Unprintable characters
3 Error report policy
3 Errors in input catalog records
4 Improved procedure for input cataloging
4 Request for 1968/69 annual report

September 18, 1973 No. 61

1 Seventh annual meeting
1 New manuals published
2 Degradation of response time
2 Accession lists now available
2 Agreement with Federal Library Committee
3 Philip L. Long—Associate Director
3 National WATS line
3 Catalog production
3 Excerpts from the Annual Report 1972/73

October 23, 1973 No. 62

1 Seventh annual meeting
1 Catalog production
1 Instructional video tapes
2 Economics of Academic Libraries
3 Error report sheets
4 Terminal response time
4 New members
4 OLA honors Executive Director

November 30, 1973 No. 63

1 Phil Long to go to SUNY
1 Sixth annual meeting
4 System activity reports

January 15, 1974 No. 64

1 New members
1 Agreements signed with IUC and SUNY
1 MARC formats for films and maps
1 Change in use of "China (People's Republic of China, 1949- )"
3 Use of Taiwan in subject headings
3 Problem search keys
4 System activity

January 25, 1974 No. 65

1 OCLC to continue to extend services
1 Jack R. Vincent—new comptroller
2 New member
2 Serials check-in schedule
2 Additional terminals for serials control
2 Function for medical libraries
3 Holidays
3 Trustees approve new formula for allocation of terminals [one terminal for each 11,000 first-time uses of records]
4 System activity

February 18, 1974 No. 66

1 Catalog production
1 Change in record display format
2 Duplicate records in the data base
3 On-line correction of input cataloging
4 Updating records for archives

April 1, 1974 No. 67

1 Input of serials records
1 Recent events
2 Encoding levels
2 Cataloging of music scores
3 Geographic area codes
3 New members
3 Communications with OCLC
4 System activity

May 17, 1974 No. 68

1 Special meeting of OCLC set for May 21
1 On-line hours extended
1 Equipment delays slow system usage rate
1 Executive Director visits equipment manufacturers
2 OCLC pricing under review
2 Serials Advisory Committee meets
2 New pages for manuals
3 Incomplete document
3 Inputing Dewey Decimal class number in field 082
3 Parentheses dropped from subject heading "Readers"
3 Eliminating duplicate records
4 System activity

June 7, 1974 No. 69

1 Trustees approve $2.2 million budget
1 Articles of Incorporation amended [purpose clause]
2 Billing of OCLC fees
3 Data lost on June 4
3 OCLC endorses Citizens" Task Force Recommendation
3 Long-on message changed
3 Printer specifications
4 Response time
4 Better mousetrap dept.
4 Center wants to hear from you

June 29, 1974 No. 70

1 System activity sets new record
1 Response time—more rapid
1 State Library [of Ohio] to fund test terminals
1 Terminal production
2 Off-line card production being phased out
2 Field 241—suppressed
2 System documentation available
2 Eliminating duplicate records—change
3 MARC II records with encoding level "I"
3 Serials record input available
3 ALA Conference
3 Center staff to visit libraries
4 System activity

July 29, 1974 No. 71

1 OCLC to acquire additional computers
1 New Assistant Director arrives [W. Stuart Debenham]
1 Illinois libraries join OCLC network
2 New Board member appointed [Ronald Frommeyer]
2 Foreign language records—12% of bibliographic records
2 Terminal allocation for public libraries
3 Dial-up access to OCLC
3 OCLC exhibit draws crowds at ALA Conference
4 System activity

August 20, 1974 No. 72

1 On-line system—3 years old
1 Debenham is Acting Director
1 Rush appointed Acting Manager of Data Processing Operations [James E. Rush]
1 New telephone numbers for OCLC staff
2 Recent downtime explained
3 10 week notice required to move terminals
3 Error report policy summarized
3 Date for reporting of duplicate records changed
3 NUC entries
3 IFLA Conference
4 Seminar on "Economics of Libraries"—8 November 1974

September 17, 1974 No. 73

1 Northeastern [University] catalogs millionth record in data base
1 OCLC's on-line system demonstrated in Australia
1 Sigma 9 delayed
2 Record update procedures changed
2 Duplicate records
2 Language code for Japanese changed [from "jap" to "jpn"]
2 The Economics of Libraries—A Seminar
2 Discussion and demonstration of hard copy printers
3 [Map showing locations of participating institutions as of 1 September 1974]
4 System activity

October 8, 1974 No. 74

1 Eighth annual meeting
1 Terminal installations rise
1 The Economics of Libraries—A seminar
1 Holidays
2 Screen message when system is down
2 Options for accessions lists
2 Proper care of the Data Set 201 C (Dataphone 2400)
3 Report damaged shipments
3 Error of the month dept. ["Boobs Merrill" instead of Bobbs Merrill]
3 Council for Computerized Library Networks [CCLN]
4 Luncheon—Millionth record celebration

November 18, 1974 No. 75

1 Catalog card production tops one million in September
1 Trustees approve terminal purchase agreements and new discount
2 First-time use charge for western libraries
2 Five o"clock system problems
2 Standards for Retrospective Cataloging
2 IFLA delegates visit OCLC
3 OCLC's seventh annual report
4 System activity

December 13, 1974 No. 76

1 System activity sets new high
1 New charging policies for profiling
1 Sigma 9 arrives
2 Holiday schedule
2 Center divisions reorganized
2 Terminal service call requests
3 Deferred MARC II records

January 3, 1975 No. 77

1 Response time
2 Error of the month dept.
2 Formula for calculating periodical subscriptions
2 Duplicate title cards
3 Charges for reclassification
3 Deleting OCLC authorizations
4 System activity

February 19, 1975 No. 78

1 On-line hours to extend to 10 P.M. EDT
1 CONSER project starts
1 OCLC expands and reorganizes data base, index files
2 New search key structures [derived search]
3 Terminal attachment guidelines
3 Queuing terminal installations

March 12, 1975 No. 79

1 System activity sets record
1 Sigma 9 debuts—response time drops
1 Trustees establish charges for searching
1 Register of additional locations—an experiment
2 OCLC acquires Spiras terminals, spare parts
2 Trustees establish serials check-in charges
2 Search key structure for author key
2 Leading blanks in 300 field
3 Additions to revised list of languages and language codes
3 "Do Not Use" note moves to 043 field
3 OCLC terminals meet the public
3 On-line storage is unlimited technically
3 Side glances [cartoon]
4 System activity

March 28, 1975 No. 80

1 System activity sets another record
1 Ceiling on search-key charges for public use terminals
1 System performance on schedule
1 Trustees approve $10.7 million budget as planning document for 1975/76
2 Executive Director on UNESCO mission to Yugoslavia
2 Stuart Debenham is Acting Executive Director
2 OCLC's structure and operation under review
2 Direct dial-up will increase access to system
2 Holidays
3 ISBN, ISSN and CODEN files available for searching
4 OCLC's "TopTen"

April 24, 1975 No. 81

1 Trustees defer implementation of search charges
1 AT&T increases private line charges
1 OCLC's telephone numbers
2 OCLC and Battelle working on subject search
2 Evening hours are prime time for system usage
2 Jordan R. Maple—New comptroller
2 SUNY hosts workshop on resource sharing
3 OCLC Newsletter backfile available from SUNY Central
3 Library Systems Division handles production queries and complaints
3 OCLC to exhibit at ALA Conference—volunteers needed
3 Bibliographic price field available for input
4 System activity

May 28, 1975 No. 82

1 OCLC produces 2,123,683 catalog cards in April 1975
1 Standing Finance Committee created at May Trustees" meeting
1 Second Sigma 9 computer arrives
1 On-line system demonstrated in Austria
2 Volunteers needed for ALA exhibit
2 Libraries should refrain from inputting non-print materials in format for books
2 "New" command scheduled for 2 June 1975
3 OCLC to expand holdings symbols for card production
4 System activity

June 27, 1975 No. 83

1 Trustees set 1975/76 first-time-use charges
1 OCLC begins ninth year on 6 July 1975
2 Trustees set search-key search charges for public use terminals
2 Trustees commend Dr. Lewis C. Branscomb
2 Proper care of Data Set 201 (Dataphone 2400)
3 Reporting duplicate records
3 Spine, card and pocket labels available for printers attached to CRTs
3 Returning OCLC-MARC tapes for reuse
4 System activity

July 15, 1975 No. 84

1 OCLC acquires new facilities—$2.4 million project already under way [1125 Kinnear Rd.]
2 State Library of Ohio grants $56,000 to OCLC towards purchase of terminals for Ohio libraries
2 Cleveland Public Library joins OCLC
2 Office of Education awards OCLC grant for development of interlibrary loan subsystem
2 OCLC receives grant from Council on Library Resources, Inc.
3 System activity sets record
3 In special cases OCLC will pass on service call costs to institutions
3 "Training the Trainers" subject of SUNY seminar on 18 August
4 System activity

August 6, 1975 No. 85

1 Xerox withdrawal from computer manufacturing will have little impact on OCLC
1 System activity continues to rise as number of records in data base surpasses 1.5 million
1 OCLC adding MULS [Minnesota Union List of Serials] records to data base
2 Ordering spine, card and pocket labels
2 Addendum No. 1 to On-Line Cataloging available
2 Eth and double tilde will print on cards
3 Florida COMCAT converting shelflists to machine readable form
3 Additions and changes to revised list of languages and language codes
4 System activity

August 26, 1975 No. 86

1 On-line system enters fifth year
1 Joseph F. Shubert named to Board of Trustees
1 Labor Day
2 Columbus Public Library joins OCLC
2 Double diacritics
2 Interlibrary loan requests for serials
3 Duplicate records
4 System activity

September 30, 1975 No. 87

1 Board of Trustees announces FTU charge increase beginning in FY 76/77
2 Center takes action to improve response time and user productivity
3 On-line system available on Saturdays until response time is improved
3 Center officially moves to 1125 Kinnear Road on 6 October 1975
3 Center will discontinue off-line catalog production
3 Center will initiate scheduling of development of access to non-OCLC data bases
4 Center offices will be closed on 13 October—Columbus Day

October 17, 1975 No. 88

1 Ninth annual meeting—7 November 1975
1 Seminar on 7 November: On-line Retrieval Services for Non-monographic Data Bases
1 Tour of OCLC's new facilities will precede annual meeting on 7 November 1975
2 Libraries will receive via terminal immediate information about status of on-line system
2 Local call numbers
3 [Map of OCLC members and affiliates]
4 System activity

October 31, 1975 No. 89

1 Ninth annual meeting—7 November 1975
1 Center's new address and telephone number
1 Board of Trustees sets 1976/77 first-time use charges
2 Tour of OCLC's new facilities
3 Board of Trustees sets 1976/77 charges for other OCLC services and products
3 Summary of OCLC charges for fiscal year 1976/77
3 Seminar on 7 November: On-line Retrieval Services for Non-monographic Data Bases
4 System activity

November 21, 1975 No. 90

1 Ninth annual meeting
2 Response time rises again, but relief is in sight
2 Saturday hours of operation will continue through December
2 Ohio WATS number
3 Eighth annual report
4 System activity

November 28, 1975 No. 91

1 An open letter from the Executive Director about response time
2 What libraries can expect during installation of new computer system
3 Center freezes growth of and additions to on-line system
3 Feathering of terminals will continue until new system is stabilized
3 OCLC finishes loading of MULS and MARC-S records into on-line catalog
4 Unfortunate chain of events causes downtime 17-22 November
4 Library Systems Division moving to 1125 Kinnear Road
4 WATS line utilization

December 17, 1975 No. 92

1 8 December is most productive day in history of on-line system
1 R&D update
2 Demand grows for on-line retrieval services—OCLC's seminar
3 Holiday schedule
4 Board of Trustees prepares to study advisability of extending membership to libraries outside Ohio

January 14, 1976 No. 93

1 ALA's Booklist using OCLC cataloging information
1 OCLC's address and telephone directory [1125 Kinnear Rd., 43212]
1 Training for serials check-in under way
2 Additions and changes to Revised List of Languages and Language Codes
2 How MARC II cataloging records enter OCLC's On-line Catalog
2 Center offices will be closed on Marin Luther King Day—19 January 1976
2 Saturday hours of operation will continue into January
3 Center establishes priorities for purchase orders for OCLC Model 100 terminals
4 New computer system becoming more stable

February 9, 1976 No. 94

1 On-line system will be available on Saturdays on a regular basis
1 OCLC lifts moratorium on terminal installations
1 System activity soars as new computer system becomes more stable
2 Center offices will be closed on 16 February—Presidents Day
2 How the Center calculates response time
4 System activity

February 27, 1976 No. 95

1 Two firsts and a second for OCLC's on-line system [first day that activity exceeded 30,000 books cataloged; first time over one million catalog cards produced in a week; second "millionth record" entered]
1 AT&T files with FCC for increases in charges for private line services
2 SAVE area is shared by participating libraries
3 First quarterly educational forum for Ohio members draws 70 persons
3 Input LC card number from any source including verso of title page
3 Case Western Reserve offers serials print-out including OCLC numbers
4 System activity

March 19, 1976 No. 96

1 AT&T increases charges for private line services by 3 percent
1 System activity increases as new computer system stabilizes
1 Facts about OCLC
2 New polling procedure should improve overall response time
3 Charges for reclassification
3 New address for mailing reports of duplicates and errors
3 Executive Director attends conferences on networks in Europe
4 System activity

April 2, 1976 No. 97

1 Trustees approve 1976/77 budget plan—FTU charges revised
2 New dual computer system can fly with one engine
2 Kent State University Libraries offers workshop on effective use of OCLC
2 Information about printer attachments for use with OCLC Model 100 terminals available
3 OCLC to install enhancements to on-line system in April [ALL PRODUCE; revised truncated entry; revisions of name index; new rules for constructing search keys]
4 Summary of OCLC charges for fiscal year 1976/77
6 System activity

April 30, 1976 No. 98

1 Second quarterly educational forum for Ohio members to be held on 7 May
1 Center compresses holdings bits, reloads on-line catalog
1 On-line system will be available on Memorial Day
1 System will not be up on 8 May so that OCLC can reorganize files and add new search capabilities
2 Executive Director delivers Miles Conrad Memorial Lecture at NFAIS Conference
2 Cost of serials print-out from Case Western Reserve University Libraries goes up
2 OCLC removes poll-all procedure to add improved logic to program
3 How the Center handles PDTs [Pack definition tables]
4 System activity

May 28, 1976 No. 99

1 Center receives $339,319 grant from W.K. Kellogg Foundation
1 Center implements ALL PRODUCE function
1 WATS line
1 Second Quarterly Educational Forum for Ohio members draws 76 persons
2 New search capabilities increase response time for certain types of searches [author/title; title; author; extended searches]
2 University of Toledo Law Library converts monograph holdings—hit rate more than 70 percent
2 Center installs improved "poll-all" procedure in on-line system
3 New procedure will help users when reporting malfunctions of terminals
4 Use 4,4 Author/Title search key to obviate input errors

June 11, 1976 No. 100

1 Thompson M. Little to be Associate Executive Director of OCLC
1 Trustees approve establishment of users support centers in non-network areas [OCLC Western Service Center]
1 On-line system will not be available on 5 July in observance of Independence Day
2 ALA publishes major research study of OCLC ["Ohio College Library Center System, Library Technology Reports, January 1976]
2 Executive Director to participate in project: Knowledge 2000
2 Change in submittal instructions for Accessions List Service Request Forms
3 Response time fast for "numbered" search keys, slower for others
4 Technical assistance for local processing of OCLC-MARC tapes

July 16, 1976 No. 101

1 State Library of Ohio awards OCLC grant for retrospective conversion of public library holdings
1 Cataloging activity sets records even though response time is high [first time libraries cataloged over 150,000 books in a week]
2 Donald L. Trotier assumes position of OCLC's Personnel Manager
2 Serials Cataloging Manual available from AMIGOS
2 New log-in procedures for dial-up access take effect on 19 July 1976
3 Terminal maintenance charges are reduced for FY 1976/77
3 New options for OCLC-MARC Tape Service available
3 Language code in workform contains three fill characters
4 System activity

August 30, 1976 No. 102

1 Advisory Council will guide consulting firm in study of OCLC
1 Average response time drops—Center makes author search available during off-peak hours [5.8 seconds down from 9.9 seconds]
3 OCLC will announce scheduled downtime for implementation of three-computer system
3 Corrections—Ohio net FTU charge is $1.87, not $1.88
3 Center engineering staff can take reports of terminal malfunctions 87 hours a week
3 OCLC Western Service Center
3 On-line system marks five years of operation on 26 August 1976
3 Visitors are welcome at OCLC
4 OCLC Trustee William Chait elected Treasurer of American Library Association
4 Additions and changes to Revised List of Languages and Language Codes
4 Kent State University offers workshops on effective use of OCLC
4 ALA/ISAD Telecommunications Committee solicits commentary on protocol for communication
4 Slings and Arrows Department: PRLC serials records
4 On-line system will not be available on 6 September in observance of Labor Day
5 OCLC members and affiliates [map]
6 System activity

October 5, 1976 No. 103

1 Annual membership meeting set for 5 November 1976
1 Shutdown of system for implementation of triple processor scheduled to begin 29 October
1 OCLC moves data base equipment on weekends in preparation for implementation of triple processor
2 Cataloging activity picks up in September
2 Annals of terminal maintenance: When debris hits the fan
3 Hal Schell named to OCLC Board of Trustees
3 Holiday schedule for October and November
3 OCLC now ships catalog cards almost exclusively via U.S. Mail
3 Government Printing Office uses OCLC-MARC tapes in preparation of Monthly Catalog
3 Change in nomenclature: OCLC-MARC Subscription Service
4 System activity

November 15, 1976 No. 104

1 Trustees suggest budgetary guidelines for payments to Center in 1977/78
1 Holiday schedule
2 Implementation of triple processor systems goes smoothly
2 Five-minute interruption of on-line service will occur Monday through Friday for some users
3 Cataloging activity: The eleventh hour that lasted five days
3 Health Science OCLC Users Group [HSOCLCUG] to hold workshop-seminar 2-3 December
3 OCLC seeks Director for Users Services Division
3 Center establishes Corporate Committee on Response Time
4 System activity

December 22, 1976 No. 105

1 Tenth annual meeting
2 Holiday schedule
3 Extended search inoperative thirty minutes before daily shutdown of on-line system
3 Deadlines for Retrospective OCLC-MARC Project extended
3 OCLC—On the move again [Library Systems Division and Research and Development at 2939 Kenny Rd.]
4 OCLC Policy Statement on Terminal Service Controlled by Networks and Non-network Affiliated Institutions
5 Self-Instructional Manual for Terminal Operation available from Amigos
6 OCLC lifts moratorium on installation of new terminals
6 Automatic check-in of serials now available
7 Ninth annual report
7 Center implements card production for additional MARC II formats
7 Hardware malfunction caused loss of SAVE files on 30 November
8 System activity

February 4, 1977 No. 106

1 CLR awards $122,000 grant to OCLC for consultant's study of OCLC's governance and organization [A.D. Little]
1 Retrospective OCLC-MARC Project by no means for every library
2 OCLC moves to conserve energy during winter of "77
2 Serials Control Subsytstem Reference Guide is available from OCLC
2 SOLINET offers self-instructional terminal training manual
2 OCLC observed holidays for 1977
3 Limited supply of serials cataloging manuals available from Amigos
3 Kent State University offers three more workshops on effective use of OCLC
3 New Kent State video tape programs available for loan from OCLC [1: Finding information in the OCLC System (Part 1); 2: Finding information in the OCLC System (Part 2); 3: The OCLC System; 4: On-line Cataloging]
4 System activity

March 10, 1977 No. 107

1 Cataloging activity sets high
2 OCLC takes effective action to maintain acceptable level of response time
2 Processing of deferred records under way
3 OCLC implements quadruple processor system two weeks ahead of schedule
4 System activity

April 29, 1977 No. 108

1 Cataloging activity goes over the 200,000 mark
1 OCLC's security system guards people, data and facilities
3 Records of non-print instructional materials for handicapped in on-line catalog
3 SUNY to develop analytical programs for OCLC-MARC Subscription Service tapes
3 Prompt action by OCLC averts damage to computer facilities on April 2
4 OCLC Education Forum on Serials Control draws 100 persons
6 Mary Ellen Jacobs to be Director of OCLC's User Services Division
7 OCLC Members and Affiliates [map]
8 Log-on message gives users latest information on LC-MARC II records in on-line catalog

June 8, 1977 No. 109

1 Trustees approve $18.4 million budget plan for 1977/78—overall cost of on-line cataloging to rise only one percent—no other increases in charges
1 SUNY-Potsdam captures OCLC Control Number 3000000
2 Dr. William J. Studer name to OCLC Board of Trustees
2 OCLC to exhibit at ALA conference in Detroit—volunteers needed
2 Board of Trustees approves acquisition of Sigma 9 computer for not-on-line activity
2 Joint Network Development Group [JNDG] formed
3 OCLC's long-range plan
5 Biomedical serials list with ISSNs, OCLC numbers available from Medical College of Ohio
5 On-line system will not be available on Independence Day
5 Installation of backup line to OCLC increases reliability of Tymnet service for dial-up users
5 Serials Workbook available from SUNY at Stony Brook
6 System activity

August 18, 1977 No. 110

1 Participating libraries catalog 220,046 books during week of 1977 June 19
1 System will be down three Saturdays for installation of enhancement designed to improve response time
1 State Library of Ohio awards grant to OCLC for design of holdings component
2 Trustees approve construction of building at OCLC to house production equipment and personnel
2 Imprint dates of monograph records in on-line catalog go back to 1450
3 Lightning strike blacks out OCLC, disrupts on-line system on July 29
3 Variable Field Tags for Serials manual available from BCR
3 SUNY to hold workshops on quality control of bibliographic data, uses of OCLC/MARC tapes
3 Card production for serials should begin in September
4 System activity

October 14, 1977 No. 111

1 Cataloging activity sets high at summer's end
1 Multi-level indexing technique brings better response time & other benefits
1 OCLC splits author index into separate personal and corporate indexes
1 OCLC has new WATS number for Ohio libraries
2 As OCLC prepares to install new way of storing holdings information, some users might have a remote chance of getting special messages from system when they PRODUCE or UPDATE certain records
2 Processing of deferred LC-MARC II records completed ahead of schedule
3 Serials catalog cards will be available soon
3 OCLC increases support of CONSER Project
3 OCLC to include product warranty limitation statements with shipments of off-line products
3 System will be down early on Oct. 21, all day Oct. 22, for maintenance & reorganization of files
4 System activity

December 8, 1977 No. 112

1 Onward and upward with on-line cataloging
1 Board of Trustees suggests budgeting guidelines for OCLC payments in 1978/79
1 OCLC establishes Inter-Network Quality Control Council—first meeting set for December 14
1 Annual membership meeting set for Dec. 19-20
2 On-line system will be down all day Dec. 17 for maintenance and reorganization of on-line catalog
2 Board of Trustees approves acquisition of data base processor [Tandem]
2 Holiday schedule
2 Copies of OCLC's 1976/77 annual report available
2 Sorry, Wrong Number Dept. [wrong number given for Technical Bulletin]
3 OCLC users take the pledge to Boston ["I pledge allegiance to OCLC"]
3 Dr. Robert F. Cayton appointed to Board of Trustees
3 Icelandic Cataloging Project under way at Cornell University Libraries
3 OCLC reschedules installation of separate storage of holdings bits
3 Kent State University produces video tapes on OCLC's Serials Control Subsystem [Check-In Record and Automated Check-in.]
4 System activity

January 4, 1978 No. 113

1 New governance structure adopted—Ohio College Library Center becomes OCLC, Inc. [number of members of Board of Trustees increased from nine to fifteen; creation of OCLC Users Council]
2 Ohio OCLC participants establish OHIONET on December 20
2 What does the "OCLC" in OCLC, Inc. stand for? [nothing]
2 Videotape about OCLC available from Ohio Dominican College ["The Electronic Library: Cooperation through Computers"]
2 OCLC installs bibliographic record terminator
3 Internetwork Quality Control Council [IQCC] to take positive approach to quality control
3 Workshops on serial record format set for Ohio libraries
3 As predicted, surcharge for OCLC Western Service Center is reduced
3 OCLC holiday schedule
4 OCLC's new governance structure
5 Testing of network supervisor to begin in February
6 System activity

February 17, 1978 No. 114

1 OCLC may face rolling blackouts if electric power crisis in Columbus worsens
2 OCLC buys 500 kilowatt diesel generator for power back-up to on-line system—installation proceeding as prospects of power reductions and rolling blackouts loom over OCLC
2 January's awful weather closed OCLC office three days
3 User Services Division [staff photo]
4 OCLC helps Cambria County Library System in Johnstown, Pa. rebuild its card catalog after flood [photo of damage]
5 OCLC Model 105 Cathode Ray Tube terminals to start coming off production line in March [photo of Julie Carterson at terminal] [price of terminal: $3,700]
5 OCLC libraries catalog over a quarter of a million books on-line during week of January 30
6 System activity

April 7, 1978 No. 115

1 OCLC plugs on-line system into diesel generator [NEWT] [photo of generator, fuel tank and crew]
1 On-line system will be down for two weekends for installation of new way of storing holdings
2 58 attend orientation meeting on OCLC Users Council [photo of Fred Kilgour addressing session]
2 OCLC Board of Trustees abolishes surcharge to for-profit libraries
3 OCLC will keep ceiling on Serials Control participation until improvements are made
3 SOLINET to hold meeting to explore future of card catalogs
3 OCLC to exhibit at SLA and ALA conferences
4 OCLC suspends assigning authorizations to new institutions until new way of storing holdings is installed in on-line system
4 OCLC reorganizes on-line union catalog on March 4
4 James K. Barrentine names Director for Technical Planning
4 Holiday schedule
5 Records place in SAVE on March 2 are lost; OCLC reduces retention period for SAVE file
5 Inter-Network Quality Control Council elects Tom Nichol Chairman
6 System activity

May 15, 1978 No. 116

1 OCLC installs new way of storing holdings information, resumes issuing new authorizations
1 OCLC management revising 1978/79 budget plan in light of new building requirements
2 OCLC MARC Subscription Service: The reel thing for some 320 subscribers [photo of staff]
3 USD schedules workshops on tagging of books and AV materials for Ohio & independents
3 USD survey describes use of printers with OCLC CRT terminals
4 System activity

July 10, 1978 No. 117

1 Trustees approve $25.9 million budget plan for 1978/79—prices of catalog cards to drop, FTU charge and other prices to remain same
1 OCLC reloads, reorganizes files in on-line union catalog over Fourth of July weekend
2 OCLC, Inc. names defendant in lawsuit filed by Telefile Computer Products, Inc.
2 Interim Trustees elect three to Board of Trustees
2 University of North Carolina, Greensboro wins OCLC Control Number 4000000
3 Users Council holds first meeting, elects officers [photos of Joseph Boykin, Richard Vorweck, Robert Stewart, and Esther Greenberg]
4 System activity

August 2, 1978 No. 118

1 ALA honors Kilgour [Melvil Dewey Medal] [photo of Kilgour and Eric Moon]
1 On-line system marks seventh anniversary on August 26
2 OCLC's new Research Department to conduct mission-oriented research on broad library problems [staff photo]
3 Richard J. Irvine first to earn OCLC's new cash award for exceptional performance [photo of Irvine]
4 Libraries of Claremont Colleges achieving objectives of increasing availability of library resources and lowering rate of rise of per-unit costs
4 When the lights go out at OCLC a new uninterruptible power system will keep users informed
5 Arthur D. Little study on OCLC's governance now available from Scarecrow Press [A new governance structure for OCLC: principles and recommendations]
5 Microfiche CONSER/KWOC index available from OCLC
5 OCLC encourages users and other interested persons to visit its facilities in Columbus
5 On-line system will be down on Labor Day—September 4
6 System activity

October 27, 1978 No. 119

1 Users Council elects six trustees [photo of meeting]
1 OCLC activates data base processor on October 9 [photos of processor]
2 Ronald L. Wigington elected to OCLC Board of Trustees
3 Users Council delegates elected new secretary, discuss AACR
2 and on-line catalogs at September meeting
3 OCLC Users Council seeks Coordinator
3 OCLC discontinues selling Avery label stock
4 OCLC signs agreement with Royal Library of Netherlands
4 Ronald E. Diener names Executive Director of OHIONET [photo of Diener]
4 OCLC terminal is easy on power consumption
5 Visiting Distinguished Scholar arrives at OCLC [Edward T. O'Neill] [photo of O'Neill]
5 OCLC to hold workshops on tagging maps and manuscripts
5 OCLC installs new holdings display procedures, additions to stoplist
5 CONSER participants agree to use successive entry back to 1967 as a minimum
5 On-line system will be down on Thanksgiving
6 System activity

December 20, 1978 No. 120

1 University of California chooses OCLC
1 Paul L. Oppenheimer elected to OCLC Board of Trustees
1 Backhoe operator in downtown Columbus disrupts on-line service to 690 terminals
1 OCLC will have a suite at ALA Midwinter Conference
2 OCLC issues 1977/78 annual report
3 OCLC's Bibliographic Record Management Section handles error reports [staff photo]
4 OCLC staff move to new office space [2929 Kenny Road]
5 Library of Congress issues MARC Serials Editing Guide
5 IQCC MEMO: Searching Techniques
5 Correction—Users Council will not meet at ALA Midwinter
6 System activity

February 8, 1979 No. 121

1 OCLC begins on-line test of interlibrary loan subsystem [photo of training session]
1 Member libraries catalog more than 300,000 books during the week of January 21
2 OCLC signs option to buy land, plans to seek industrial revenue bonds for financing new building [Dublin]
2 W. Arthur Cullman and John B. Deinhardt elected to OCLC Board of Trustees
3 OCLC staff member presents some thoughts on library of future at LITA hearing [Tom Harnish] [photo of Harnish]
4 OCLC retains Michael Gorman as consultant on implementation of AACR 2
4 OCLC to exhibit at AECT Conference in New Orleans, March 4-9
5 OCLC Board of Trustees elects officers, approves acquisitions of computer equipment
5 Telefile drops lawsuit against OCLC, Inc.
5 OCLC to hold library educators workshop in Columbus on March 19-21
5 OCLC's 1979 holiday schedule
6 System activity
6 OCLC Interlibrary Loan workform

April 5, 1979 No. 122

1 Research library directors meet in Columbus
3 Board of Trustees revises its policy on remote communication processors
4 OCLC distributes new manuals for cataloging and interlibrary loan subsystems
4 OCLC establishes Administrative Services Division, Finance Division [Donald L. Trotier, Jack R. Vincent]
5 OCLC activates Network Supervisor on March 12
5 OCLC removes ceiling on number of participants authorized for Serials Control Subsystem
5 Sharon Walbridge names OCLC Users Council Coordinator [photo of Walbridge]
6 OCLC Users Council meets in Atlanta February 5-6, adopts bylaws, begins to identify concerns
6 188 music librarians attend Music OCLC Users Group Annual Meeting
7 Kilgour describes the impact of AACR 2 on the economic viability of libraries
8 Users should not jump the gun on imputing records using AACR 2
8 Library educators conference draws faculty from library schools across the country [photos of conference]

June 13, 1979 No. 123

1 OCLC breaks ground for new facility; $38.5 million industrial revenue bond project successful [photos of groundbreaking and architectural sketch of new building]
2 Board of Trustees approves four percent increase in on-line processes for 1979/80; no other increases in processes planned through 1982/83
2 In Memoriam [Martha S. Carroll and Charles H. Stevens]
3 Ramtek will manufacture OCLC Model 200 terminal
3 Visit OCLC at ALA Conference in Dallas, June 24-27
4 OCLC's new facility [architectural sketch]
4 Videotape on ILL Subsystem available ["Interlibrary Loan with OCLC"]
4 SAVE file full most of the time: heavy users penalize saves by others
5 OCLC Users Council meets in Columbus, June 4-5
5 University of Louisville inputs OCLC Control Number 5000000
5 Member libraries catalog 320,496 books during week of May 13
6 Users should not remove terminal covers
6 System activity

August 13, 1979 No. 124

1 Library service enters home via interactive, cable television program in Columbus ["Home Book Club" on QUBE]
2 Kilgour receives LITA, ACRL awards at American Library Association Conference in Dallas
2 Dr. Lawrence G. Roberts elected to OCLC Board of Trustees
3 Six-percent discount for annual payments in advance a bargain for participating libraries
4 OCLC issues call for volunteer libraries to participate in shakedown of Acquisitions Subsystem
4 OCLC Library Educator Group formed
4 Kilgour named to NCLIS Task Force on dissemination of information in public and private sectors
4 CWRU [Case Western Reserve University] serials index available
5 On eighth anniversary of OCLC's on-line system, libraries in 50 states are members
6 University of Hawaii comes on-line [photos of staff]
6 ALA/LAMA issues call for papers on library effectiveness
7 Union list of serials meeting set for September 26 in Columbus
7 Training aids for Interlibrary Loan Subsystem available
8 System activity

October 9, 1979 No. 125

1 In July-August 962 institutions made 64,721 ILL requests via OCLC's on-line system
1 OCLC will implement AACR 2 Cataloging Rules in January 1981
1 Trustees approve $28.5 million budget plan for 1979/80
2 OCLC Western to open branch office in San Francisco
2 Retrospective OCLC-MARC Project finally gets under way
2 Users like new display of truncated entries
3 OCLC installs enhancements to Serials Control Subsystem
3 CCLN Colloquium on "International Library Networking" to be held in Columbus, December 6-7
4 How OCLC solves electronic whatdunits, gets terminals going again [includes photos of Network Control Center]
7 Institute of Jazz Studies catalogs jazz performances
7 University of Texas to add serials titles in its Benson Latin American Collection to on-line catalog
8 Research report on subject heading patterns in OCLC monographic records available from OCLC ["Subject Heading Patterns in OCLC Monographic Records" by Edward T. O'Neill and Rao Aluri]
8 System activity

November 30, 1979 No. 126

1 On-line interlibrary loan activity continues to rise
1 Users Council elects officers, urges continuing participation of large research libraries in OCLC
2 Board committee to hold open hearings on extended use of machine readable records
3 Board of Trustees approved acquisition of 300 additional Model 105 terminals from Beehive
3 Canadian library joins OCLC [Alberta Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Commission]
3 Kilgour receives ASIS Award of Merit
4 OCLC has installed numerous enhancements to the on-line system since July
4 OCLC's 1980 holiday schedule
5 OCLC receives National Science Foundation grant for work on name authority control ["The Probabilistic Matching and Control of Author Names in Automated Library Systems," by Thomas Hickey]
5 William E. McGrath names OCLC's 1979-80 Visiting Distinguished Scholar [photo of McGrath]
5 OCLC's new building is still on schedule [photo of building under construction]
6 System activity

February 6, 1980 No. 127

1 OCLC installs LC Name-Authority File
1 Board of Trustees reaffirms OCLC's intention to implement an on-line circulation system
2 OCLC receives grant from National Library of Medicine for evaluating on-line user behavior
2 Schrank re-elected Chairman of OCLC Board of Trustees
2 Member libraries set record for cataloging activity: 353,354 books cataloged in one week
2 OCLC System Performance 1980 January 20-26
3 OCLC brings fifth Sigma 9 on-line [diagram of on-line system]
4 Channel 2000: Turn on, Tune in, Find out
6 Channel 2000—how it works
7 OCLC in reorganized into five divisions
7 OCLC prints half a million catalog cards in one day
8 Hearing on third party use of records draws large crowd at ALA Midwinter

March 1980 No. 128

1 Trustees establish search committee for new chief executive officer
1,2 Trustees adopt nonrestrictive policy on third part use of records from OCLC database
2,3 Upstate Medical Center Strikes OCLC Gold
3,4 University of Illinois: Most Cataloging records it uses come from LC, then from a wide spread of libraries
4 System Activity

May 1980 No. 129

1 Marietta College confers honorary degree on Kilgour
1,2 Board of Trustees approves modem conversion project
2 OCLC and GEAC Discontinue discussions on circulation control system
3 OCLC signs agreement to market-test the source in libraries
4 OCLC to Users: Card production will get better
5,6 How OCLC prints 2.2 million catalog cards each week
6 Highlights of OCLC users Council meeting-1980 February 4-5
7 OCLC is on schedule for implementation of AACR2; Neal K. Kaske to manage OCLC's research department; Four more libraries join conser project
8,9 Twenty-two volunteer libraries to participate in evaluation of acquisitions subsystem
9 Landor associates studying OCLC's corporate identity; Library of Congress completes draft of new MARC format; OCLC to exhibit at SLA, MLA, AALL. and ALA conferences this summer
10,11 OCLC begins installing enhancements to interlibrary loan subsystem
11 OCLC's Dr.Rush appointed adjunct professor, writes updated book on information science
12 Serials control training manual available from OCLC
12 OCLC staff member named to CLR task force on name authority file service

July 1980 No. 130

1,2 Trustees approve 7.6 percent increase in FTU charge, agree to charge for retrospective conversion projects
2 Users Council elects Gapen, Boykin to 6 year terms on Board, Ratifies changes in code of regulations; Schrank will become full-time vice-chairman of the board of trustees
3 Rearrangement of holdings display pleases OCLC users; CLR Awards $16,300 grant to OCLC, RLG, for study of on-line patron access
4 Board of trustees directs OCLC to develop circulation control system in-house within nine months

September 1980 No. 131

1,2 Search Power: Retrieval enhancements give users a wider range of access points
2 Representatives of OCLC, RLN and WLN meet in Chicago to discuss cooperation
3 OCLC's affiliated online service offers discounted rates for access to a variety of data bases
4 PRLC Peer council cites Pittsburgh theological seminary library for high cataloging standards; Cataloger finds new use for old OCLC catalog card boxes; National science foundation awards OCLC $97,902 to study terminal requirements for online catalogs
5 SOLINET members adopt resolution honoring Kilgour; Richard Coward joins OCLC as director for Library Planning
5,6 OCLC Western opens pacific northwest office

October 1980 No. 132

1,2 Rowland C.W. Brown to be president of OCLC
2 Directors of research libraries establish research libraries advisory committee to OCLC
3,4 Users Council elects Richard Chapin president
4 Online audiovisual catalogers form users group
5 OCLC distributes documentation for books, scores and sound recordings formats; Survey of federal depository libraries under way to explore automatic distribution of cataloging
6 First OCLC remote communication processor is successfully installed at SOLINET headquarters; Construction of OCLC's Dublin facility if on schedule
7 OCLC system to be down December 12-16 for conversion of data base to AACR 2; $1.7 million check from OHIONET
8 System Activity

December 1980 No. 133

1 Belk Library at Appalachian state University captures millionth OCLC online interlibrary loan; online name-address directory available to users
2 SOLINET and OCLC agree in principle to establish mutual support corporation
2,3 OCLC's viewtel test gets underway
3 Music OCLC users group annual meeting set for February 9-10 in New Haven
4-6 The Clen Machine, Fear of Inputting, and Why Kids search rings around their parents on an OCLC terminal are just a few of the topics that come up at Illinois users workshops
6,8 Illinois valley library system experiments with cluster-sharing of OCLC terminals
7 OCLC issues bibliographic input standards for AACR 2 that supersede levels I and K; OCLC issues research reports; Conser advisory group met at OCLC on October 23

January 1981 No. 134

1 Northeastern Illinois University Inputs OCLC No. 7000000
1 Miriam Drake elected chairman of Board of trustees
2 OCLC issues statement on Battelle study on linking bibliographic utilities
2-3 OCLC's new building: a threshold for better service
3 OCLC's 7 millionth record
4 OCLC converts Data base to AACR 2 form
5-7 The year in review—1980
7 Revised OCLC-MARC Subscription service documentation to be issued in January; OCLC to have exhibit booth at ALA midwinter in Washington D.C.
8 System activity

April 1981 No. 135

1 An open letter on system performance
2 Users Council meets in Atlanta; Annual Meeting set for June 30 at ALA
3 OCLC gets OK for $25 million industrial revenue bond issue; University of Oregon Library to become OCLC general member; OCLC occupies Dublin Center; OCLC Europe opens office in England
4-5 Moving the online system from Kinnear Road to Dublin
6 Kilgour receives honorary degree from Ohio State; Pauline Cochrane of Syracuse named Visiting Scholar
7 Demand is up for affiliated online services; NLM and OCLC agree to maintain online LC MARC tag information
8 OCLC changes name, logo; OCLC System Performance 1981 February 15

June 1981 No. 136

1,2 Research library directors meet, will pursue programs within OCLC
1,2 OCLC announces 1981/82 prices
2 Shakespeare warned us, but OCLC Interlibrary Loan celebrates second year
3 Public libraries explore remote electronic delivery of information
3 Serials Control training manual now available
3 Send us slides of your library (Please!)
4-5 Project Report issued: Channel 2000
6 Center for Research Libraries joins OCLC
6 OCLC issues research report
6 Discount rates for data bases
6 SPOTLIGHT OCLC: Annual Meeting set for June 30 at ALA
7 Retrospective conversion of 2.1 million records for State Library of Ohio is completed in 4 ½ years
7 First OCLC Acquisitions Action Form
8 Users Council issues report on effectiveness
8 OCLC System Performance

August 1981 No. 137

1 Dedication of Center set for Sept. 22-25
1 August 26: On this day in history
2 Users Council sees evolutionary Development of national network
2 OCLC & Source to abandon Joint service
3 Present at the beginning: Four who were there Ponder online decade
4-7 OCLC Annual Meeting: San Francisco June 30
7 College of Wooster Confers Honorary Degree on Kilgour
8 OCLC System Performance

November 1981 No. 138

1 OCLC will market Claremont system
1,2 Nancy Marshall New President-Users Council
2 WLN, OCLC discuss mutual interests
2 OCLC issues research report on Name files
3 Keep those slides coming, folks!
3,7 Online Union Listing Users are enthusiastic
4,5,7 OCLC Center Dedication & Celebration
*Message from the President
*The Center
6 Acquisitions librarians give OCLC system good marks
8 OCLC System Performance

January 1982 No. 139

1 Computer move completed on Dec. 7
1 OCLC's local library systems to be displayed at Midwinter
2 Three Gold Records: ILLINET-Network of Champions
*Interlibrary loan
3 Board reelects Drake Chairman
3 Kaske named research director
3 OCLC gets $178,000 CLR grant to study online public access
4 The Year in Review: 1981
5 OCLC Publications for 1981
6 Sager named Visiting Scholar
7 Cleveland Public's conversion project completed
7 Award for best paper goes to researcher
7 Research Reports issued
7 Price Increase for non-prime-time retrospective conversion postponed
8 OCLC system Performance
8 OCLC associates receive awards from ASIS

March 1982 No. 140

1 Three types of participants: New partial user status to allow use of non-cataloging subsystems
1-3 Users Council Winter Meeting
2 Users Council sends policy on telecommunications to House Subcommittee
3 Research Libraries Advisory Committee to OCLC meets
4 Serials Control
4 Accessions List Service
5 Retrospective conversion
5 Acquisitions
5 OCLC System performance
6 Linda Hall Library Becomes OCLC Member
6 New York State union listing project will strengthen library resources
7 Organizational changes announced
8 Annual Report issued
9 Oberlin College to distribute Shinn Lists via OCLC ILLNET
9 ILL a burden? Not so, says an OCLC user
10 OCLC appeals ruling on its tax exemption
10 James V. Jones, Former Board Chairman, dies

May 1982 No. 141

1,2 Local library system: Five colleges, OCLC to collaborate
2 OCLC, named defendant in lawsuit, files counterclaim, takes steps to meet terminal needs of libraries
2 Donald Bogart to be product manager for local systems
2 OCLC to be in design of network protocol
3 Libraries respond favorably to new ways to participate
3 Serials Union List Groups
3 ILL policy of future here today
4,5 Users Watch
6 Affiliated Online Services
6 Bibliographic Maintenance
6 OCLC System Performance
7 Cataloging
7 Acquisitions
7 Retrospective Conversion
8 OCLC launches monograph series with online public catalog study
8 LC Cataloging entries now 3.5 million
9 Universal serials & book exchange joins OCLC
9 OCLC: The Loan Arranger
9 Library Educators" Workshop to be held at OCLC in August
10 Health Science Users Group meets at OCLC
11 Your Users Council
11 Careers in Librarianship at OCLC
11 Online systems documentation: more or less?

July 1983 No. 142

1,2 Users Council elects Atkinson, Marshall to Board of Trustees
1,2 OCLC Founder gets ALA's highest honor
1 Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico joins AMIGOS, OCLC
2 Grisham to head SOLINET
3 Lawrence G. Roberts, Trustee, receives international prize
3 Mockus named NELINET head
4-7 600 attend SPOTLIGHT OCLC in Philadelphia
8 Retrospective Conversion: Where old information takes on new forms
9 Bibliographic Detectives
10 Over 4.3 million converted
11 Users Watch
12 Cataloging Advisory Committee Meets
12 OCLC-MARC: Reel thing
12 Cataloging Reference Guide Available
12 OCLC System performance
13 ACQS at Anderson Public
13 ILL's Top 20
14 Kansas Union List is tremendous effort of cooperation
15 How a user got a raise, a promotion, an award
16 More than "just another book"
16 OCLC live in Cincinnati

October 1982 No. 143

1 Brandeis University captures Gold ILL
1,2 Stoppel elected Users Council President
2 OCLC to offer prizes for library lit dealing with OCLC
3 Research Libraries Advisory Committee to OCLC Reconstructed
4 Records Missing from the cataloging save file
4,6 ACQ—Anatomy of a subsystem
5 Serials control
5 OCLC System Performance
6 Lighthill named Vice President & Corporate Counsel
6 OCLC joins Center for Research Libraries
6 Music OCLC users group to meet
7 Online Operations reorganized
7 Library Educators" Workshop to be held at OCLC in February
8,9 Users Council Annual Report
9 Users Watch
9 Employment Opportunities
10 OCLC holiday schedule

December 1982 No. 144

1,2 University of Denver Captures OCLC's Nine millionth record
1,2 University of Minnesota becomes first tapeloading participant
1,3 OCLC to copyright database
2 Wisconsin librarians honor OCLC trustee
3 Why OCLC is implementing a copyright protection program for the database
4 Cataloging: OCLC resumes loading LC audiovisual records
4 Bibliographic maintenance section making headway
4,5 Serials control subsystem: NYCON online
5 Anatomy of a subsystem: The early stages
6 Nancy B. Olson named OCLC visiting scholar
6 SUNY/OCLC Plans document delivery system
6,7 Cataloging micro software
7 Users Watch
8 The Year in Review: 1982
9 OCLC Publications for 1982
10 Wanted OCLC tape users invited to attend users council task force meeting at ALA midwinter- January 11
10 Miriam Drake reelected Chairman of OCLC Board

February 1983 No. 145

1 Regional Networks, OCLC issue joint relationship statement
1,2,OCLC users council looks to future at winter meeting
2,3 OCLC/Network Relationship Statement
3 OCLC Western opens office in Seattle
4 ACQ: Anatomy of a subsystem: software development
4 Retrospective conversion service to expand
5 Microcomputers and OCLC access
6 Bibliographic maintenance priorities
6 Terminal installation backlog reduced
7 Deadline nears in OCLC literature contest
8 Serials control to stake claims
8 OCLC to phase out affiliated online services
9 Pennsylvania union list of serials
9 Cataloging advisory committee develops subfield 5 guidelines
10 OCLC issues 1981/82 Annual report
11 Edward T O'Neill named OCLC research scientist
11 Health science users Group will meet at Chapel Hill
11 Users Watch

April 1983 No. 146

1 OCLC accelerates local system development with agreement with Online Computer Systems
2 New trustee has unique perspective on OCLC
3 Microcomputer Software Cataloging Task Force meets at OCLC
3 OCLC issues research report on subject searching in Library catalogs
4 Efficient system use will reward user
4 OCLC System Performance
5 Expansion of Nonprime time discount
5 Users Watch
6 ACQ—Anatomy of a subsystem: Quality assurance
7 SOLID Service: a Statewide Delivery System
7 SOLINET and OCLC to publish new training manual

June 1983 No. 147

1 IBM to manufacture new OCLC terminal
1 Four millionth ILL request sent
2,6 Users council holds planning discussions
3 OCLC issues guidelines for use, transfer & sharing of records
3 Use, transfer and sharing of OCLC records
4 Mary Jo Lynch named visiting scholar
5 NLM and Chemical Abstracts Service sign agreements with OCLC for serials projects
5 Orders to USBE via OCLC soar
5 Order OCLC publications easily—online
6 Task Force to advise OCLC on implementation of revisions to MARC manuscripts format
6 Proceedings Available
7 ACQ workshops bursting out all over
8 Union listing user group to form
8 Minimal level cataloging
9 Tapeloading capabilities expanding
9 OCLC to conduct cataloging survey
9 Use of display holdings in cataloging
10 Response time monitors installed
10 Users Watch
11 An OCLC Report to the Library Community: SPOTLIGHT OCLC

August 1983 No. 148

1 OCLC Library Literature Contest Winners Announced
1,10 OCLC, IAC to set up electronic document delivery system
2 IOD & OCLC in experiment with ILL
2 OCLC Board Chairman receives awards at SLA
2 OCLC and Avatar plan combination
3 Online public access catalog studies available
3 OCLC and terminal safety
4-6 SPOTLIGHT OCLC: Los Angeles
6 Jeanne Isacco to be Program Director for State & Public Libraries
7 OCLC to enhance WATS telephone service
7 Sager Monograph published
7 James Kennedy to be sales manager for OCLC local systems in western U.S.
8 Acquisitions: Happy Fiscal New Year!
8 Watch for bibliographic developments!
9 Resource sharing in the southwest
9 Serials Control: At ALA: Union listing Users Group, claiming demonstrated
10 Users watch

November 1983 No. 149

1 10 Millionth Record ILL request logged
1,2 Irene Hoadley elected Users Council President
2 Asiagraphics and OCLC to develop CJK library support
3 OCLC installs System enhancements
4,5 Evolution of library use: More than a terminal: the M300 workstation will give users formidable computing power
6 New: Serials Control Subsystem Includes Claiming
7 Serials Benefit from better control
8 OCLC loads records for University of Oklahoma
8 U. of Illinois joins NACO
8 Merge Holdings Function Operational
9 Acquisitions at De Paul University
10 Conversion projects undertaken by OCLC
10 Your Viewpoint counts
11 Over 6.9 million converted
11 SOLINET training manual published
13 University microfilms international using OCLC ILL Subsystem
13 California State College San Bernardino inputs ten millionth record to OCLC database
13 OCLC to appeal tax decision
14,15 ILS——The Origin of LS/2000

February 1984 No. 150

1,2 First LS/2000 system up at Hampshire College
1 Russell Shank elected Chair of OCLC Board of Trustees
1,3 OCLC installs enhancements to Cataloging, ILL subsystems
2 OCLC acquires Avatar systems
2 Bova Spies named local Systems Director
3 McGill named Director for Technical planning
3 OCLC Literature contest deadline nears
4 CLR awards Forest Press, OCLC $94,350 for study of Dewey Classification as online tool
4 MicroUse database to provide libraries with useful information on micro applications
6 Acquisitions users group
6 New retrospective conversion projects
7 OCLC Holiday Schedule
7 Change Request arrearage eliminated
7 Cataloging Advisory Committee fall meeting
8 Interlibrary loan version 3.0 installed
8 Five millionth ILL request logged
8 Archive Task force meets
9 College of the Atlantic Library rebuilding with help from volunteers, libraries, OCLC
10 The Year in Review—1983
12 OCLC issues 1982/83 Annual report
13-15 Financial strength needed to pursue broad public purpose says OCLC's Chief financial officer, John Shary
15 Users Council Task Force on local systems sees need for through documentation by libraries
16 Penniman to Bell Labs

March 1984 No. 151

Special report ON OCLC NETWORK
1 Message from OCLC President
2 What we"ve accomplished
2 Telecommunications Chronology
4 The divestiture of AT&T
5 Ramifications for OCLC
5 Glossary
6 OCLC telecommunications network
8 What OCLC is doing about telecommunications
8 What you can do about telecommunications

May 1984 No. 152

1 Power to the Libraries
2,3 M300 Workstation
4 LS/2000 at East Carolina, Glendale
5 OCLC forms Local Systems Advisory Committee
5 OCLC names Richard Dick Director
6 User looks at Micro Enhancer
8 ILL marks five years
9 British Library lending division
10 Lucker to Chair RLAC
11 Major Microforms Project underway
15 Users watch (response time)

June 1984 No. 153

1,3 OCLC to strengthen online quality control for database
1,4-7 Users council elects Evans and Hoadley to Board of Trustees
2 Enhancement of Records
3 Microforms project cataloging products
7 4134 years of information
8 M300 workstation news
9 Union list offline products
10 University of Kentucky gets LS/2000
10 LS/2000 Micro Series
13 American Geographical Society
13 Telecommunication Delays
14 Interview with ACQ Users
15 Micro Enhancer for IBM PC
15 MLA Honors Kilgour
15 OCLC Staff at ALA
16 Markey Monograph on subject searching

September 1984 No. 154

1 Ohio Supreme Court Decision on OCLC's Real Estate Tax status
2 OCLC Libraries Add 11 millionth bibliographic record, 6 millionth loan
2 1984 OCLC Library Literature contest winners
3 Two libraries acquire LS/2000 Local library systems
3 OCLC seeks visiting scholars
3 OCLC's Real Estate Tax status
4 Spotlight OCLC-1984 Dallas
8 Enhance Training Completed Libraries gear up for autumn
8,9 OCLC Serials users groups meet at ALA
9 New Microcomputer-based retrospective conversion service to be offered this fall]
10 Interlibrary loan micro enhancer now available for M300 workstations
10 School library users meet in Dallas
11 OCLC participating in linked systems project
11,12 Ohio librarian writes history of OCLC
12 Dedicated versus Dial Access cost analysis

November 1984 No. 155

1 OCLC to acquire $2.6 million in advanced telecommunication equipment and software
1 Code of responsible use adopted
3 Users council reelects Hoadley
5 Ergonomics of VDT Workstations
6 Patricia Sacks on OCLC membership
8 Cataloging Micro enhancer in field test
8 Microcomputer software exchange begins
9 ILL Group Access
10 Map Conversion project at University of Illinois
10 Accessions list service enhanced
10 New OCLC publications available
11 OCLC trustee named deputy executive director of ACS
11 Vivaldi project completed
12 Theological users group formed
12 Texas tech celebrates 10 years with OCLC
12 Rural libraries focus on OCLC & Micros
13 Julia Lixrud on CONSER A & I project
15 OCLC provides In-kind grant for CONSER A & I Project
16 LS/2000 selected by Pratt institute, Grove City Public

February 1985 No. 156

1,2 Wigington elected chairman of OCLC board of trustees
1,2, Database index regeneration completed over holidays
2 Research library directors meet
3 University of Oregon gets 11 millionth ILL
4 Users Council News
7 MITRE, Texas A & M Medical Sciences acquire LS/2000
7 MicroUse Database Publishes first directory on software
8 OCLC statement to ALA Task Force on copyright of databases
11 OCLC to offer printers, modems
12 Empowerment at local level with SC350 & MICROCON
14 Micro, a magazine for libraries from OCLC to debut
14 How many OCLC members own micros?
15 Eight vendors become direct transmission participants
16 AMIGOS, SOLINET to integrate conversion records with OCLC database
16 SUNY University centers to tapeload into OCLC database
17 Pennsylvania union list of serials
18 Advisory Committee to Public Libraries meets
19 Terry Noreault named visiting distinguished scholar
19 Mary Ellen Jacob, Michael McGill named Vice Presidents

April 1985 No. 157

1,2 California to have online integrated statewide database through OCLC
1,2 New Enhance Libraries chosen
3 Price change information
4 Hashim named to special library post
4 Line extenders cut costs
5 Holley & Mason elected to board
6 U.S. Newspaper Program
8 U.S. Army acquires LS/2000
9 Micro-Based Acquisitions
9 SC350 Field Testing
10 CJK Librarians meet
10 Board commends four
11 Texas union list
11 OCLC to participate in COBRA
12 OCLC publications in 1984
14 Research libraries video
15 Spotlight OCLC
16 Serials Control Advisory committee

July 1985 No. 158

1-4 Users Council Cover Ambitious Agenda May 19-21
1,4 Ohio Passes Legislation Clarifying OCLC's Tax Status
5 University of Illinois gets gold record
6 LS/2000 News
7 Publishers attend DX Meeting at OCLC
8 Finder and PBS Software available
8 Libraries participating in MICROCON
10 Local Database Creation Introduced
10 Member libraries surveyed on system use
11 OCLC staff at ALA conference
11 NCR to provide terminal maintenance

October 1985 No. 159

2 The British Library; OCLC Launch Cooperative Ventures
2 Belmont College activates LS/2000
3 Upjohn Technical Library Conducts Eight millionth interlibrary loan
4,5 OCLC SPOTLIGHT Shines on Chicago
6 British Library lending Division becomes ILL Subsystem supplier
7 Additional Enhance Libraries Sought
8 U.S. Newspaper Program National Union List Available
8 EASI REF Service Now Available
9 Northwest Libraries Begin New Group Access Venture
10 OCLC to offer Professional Bibliographic System
10 OCLC Tour Brings SUN(N)Y Smiles
11 ACQ350 and the Future of Online Acquisitions
12 Two-Thirds of OCLC Members own Micros
12 Three-Fourths of OCLC Members Use Online Information Services
13 EPCOT Outreach: Information technology in Wonderland
13 British Library Chief Executive Tours OCLC
14 Version 2 of ILL Micro Enhancer Now available for M300 Workstations
14 Members get discount on OCLC history
15 OCLC opens the Gateway to BRS
15 OCLC offers Career opportunities in Library automation
16 Howard Turtle named director of office of technical planning

December 1985 No. 160

2-3 Users Council focuses on strategic planning
4 Strategic Planning an Ongoing Process, says University of Illinois expert
5-6 Simmons dean encourages educating professionals for change
5-7 An interview with Robert Stueart
7 U.S. Air Force Headquarters Pacific using OCLC
8 Terry Zinser appointed OCLC PACNET Director
8 Mary Ellen Jacob named to Information Delivery Council
8 WILS is "Lester library of the year"
8 OCLC 1986 holiday schedule
8 "Check-in to SC350" new slogan
9 Mid-Peninsula Library Cooperative logs 9 millionth ILL
9 OCLC to re-start interlibrary loan numbering
9 UMAB Health Sciences Library dumps (literally) card catalog
10 OCLC announces new processing service
10 Lewandowski to promote development at OCLC
11 New M300 software distributed to users
11 Central Ohio demonstrations of LS/2000 to begin in January
12 SUNY/OCLC recognizes network vetrans
12 LS/2000 is compatible with 3M Security systems
13 OCLC 1984/85 Annual report: "New highs in growth"
14 Additional Enhance libraries chosen
15 Video programs available to the library community
16 OCLC at ALA Midwinter

February 1986 No. 161

1 Message from OCLC President
2 For libraries: a new systems environment
4 New telecommunications network to set stage for 24-hour available
6 Terminals: more powerful in an open environment
7 Training & documentation are critical in phased implementation of new environment
8 Integrating user input for a unified system
10 New environment will affect OCLC as well as users
12 Environmental impact statements
13 The OCLC system: a chronology of innovation

April 1986 No. 162

1,2 French, OCLC explore cooperation
1,3,4,5, Users Council discusses networking
2 OCLC, RLG exchange of preservation records.
6 Telecommunications network modernized
7 New York Public Library records available
7 Library of Congress music catalog online
8 OCLC gains license for iNet 2000 software
8 13 millionth database record input
9 Three university libraries acquire LS/2000
9 Federal agencies acquire LS/2000
10 OCLC Founder receives Ohio Governor's award
10 Optical disk technology video available
11 OCLC participates in ARL RECON Program
11 LS/2000 is accepted at 3 libraries
12 3.5 million records to be converted
13-14 Contact Desk answers the call for help
14 Classification in online catalogs studied
15 Cataloging ME Version 2 available for M300
16 Special collections guide to be updated
16 New OCLC Format documents now available
16-17 MICROCON observes first anniversary
18 "Libraries Learning for life: kickoff
19 OHIONET "OhioPi" demonstrated at OCLC
19 Send us your slides

June 1986 No. 163

1,2,3,4,Users Council elects 2 to Board
1,4 Spotlight OCLC Set for New York
4 Kilgour to receive SLA award
5 ILLINET/OCLC accord reached
5 10 Millionth ILL logged
5 Wigington named CAS Director
6,7 Top 100 OCLC Database records
8,9 ACQ350 interim report
9 LS/2000 to North Carolina
9 Two libraries acquire LS/2000
10 School network joins OCLC
10 LS/2000 to Texas Wesleyan
11 COM products available
11 Libraries test CJK350
12 ALA New York conference map
13 OCLC schedules for ALA
13 OCLC suite activities at ALA
14,15 Duplicate record problems
15 UK MARC records update
16,17 SC350 tests conclude
17 Clarence Waters joins OCLC
17,18 Compact Disc Cataloging System
18 Information shared with vendors
19 Community spirit at OCLC
20 Californian wins button contest
21 UNISON Gateway introduced
21 Compact Disc Reference package.
22 OCLC Video Communication current program listing
24 Order form for video programs

August 1986 No. 164

1-4 Spotlight OCLC reaffirms membership philosophy
5 North Carolina library network to build database and union list via OCLC
6 OCLC and ALA join in research partnership
6 University of Utah logs the 11 millionth ILL via OCLC system
7 Colorado College librarian inputs 14 millionth record into OCLC database
8 The Library of Congress Loan Division is now accepting loan requests from AMIGOS affiliated libraries via the OCLC ILL Sub-system
8 CJK350 field testing completed
9 New TAPECON service provides tape-to-tape conversion of records
9 WILSONLINE, VU/TEX to become available via OCLC intelligent gateway service
9 Major European retrospective conversion contract announced
10 The Task Force on Training and Education focuses on Phase I implementation
10 OCLC System celebrates 15 years online
11 Online Audiovisual Catalogers to hold annual conference Nov. 6-7 at OCLC
10 OCLC Library School Research Equipment Support Program grant recipients announced
12 British Document Supply Centre and University Microfilms join other non-OCLC members making ILL requests via the OCLC system
13 LC, NEH, and OCLC sponsor a technical update session for participants in the U.S. Newspaper Program
13 Six libraries will test ACQ350, OCLC's new micro-based acquisitions system
14 Final acceptance of LS/2000, OCLC's standalone, minicomputer-based local library system, is completed at 8 libraries
14 Andrew Wang is promoted to Program Director, OCLC Asian/Pacific Services
14 With the recent addition of a Johns Hopkins University library, OCLC supports 83 LS/2000 installations in the U.S. and the U.K.
15 Martin Dillon to direct Office of Research
15 Dr. Francis Miksa is named OCLC Visiting Distinguished Scholar for 1986/1987
15 Edward Kurdyla is named Program Director for Electronic Publishing and Information Delivery
16 The complete text of OCLC President Rowland C.W. Brown's remarks at SPOTLIGHT OCLC 1986

November 1986 No. 165

1-2 Hugh Atkinson, distinguished librarian, dies at 52
3 German Library Institute and OCLC sign an accord
3 Universidad de Costa Rica acquires LS/2000
4 OCLC Users Council studies international networking at fall meeting
4 Tamkang University, Taiwan goes on-line
5 AMIGOS, MINITEX and OCLC team up to make the Minnesota Union Lists of Serials more widely available.
5 OCLC loads CATLINE records from the National Library of Medicine
6 Academic Librarians to advise OCLC
6 Libraries participating in OCLC
6 Advisory committee on college & university libraries
7 OCLC enhances Group Access
7 Current GAC Groups
8 Wayne State University Libraries will use OCLC Microcon Service
8 OCLC-developed CD-ROM package tested at Vanderbilt University
9 73 percent of OCLC members own microcomputers according to new OCLC survey
9 OCLC's Research Advisory Committee meets
10 Planning for future workstation needs
11 Public Library Association receives grant from OCLC to assist in development project
11 First annual review of OCLC research activities is mailed to the membership
12 CJK350 system: update on field test.
13 East Asian librarians describe their system
14 Dial access to OCLC moves to CompuServe
14 University of Connecticut Health Center Library acquires LS/2000
15 In-depth report of Users Council Meeting
18 OCLC issues 1985/86 annual report
19 OCLC LINK is new name for intelligent gateway
19 "OCLC Report" a new video magazine premiers

January[February] 1987 No. 166

1 Library of Congress to accept requests from OCLC members
2 Lesley College Library logs 12 millionth ILL
2 Postdoctoral Fellowships available in OCLC Office of Research.
3 OCLC database reaches 15 million
3 OCLC Europe reports growing interest in ILL Contents
4 New trustees join OCLC Board [Doris Brown; Francis Buckley; Claudine B. Malone; F.G. "Buck" Rodgers; Russell Shank (p.5)]
5 Library School Research Equipment Support Program
6 OCLC acquires Data Phase software
6 OCLC names Vice Presidents
6 Archivists schedule workshops on AMC MARC format
7 Network Coordinators interact with member libraries and OCLC
8 Advisory Committee on Public Libraries meets [members listed]
8 OCLC LINK service now available
9 Retrospective Conversion, or "How to get ready for your automated future"
10 The New-York Historical Society completes bibliographic control portion of its U.S. Newspaper Project
11 See the Sites with LS/2000
11 Muhlenberg and Cedar Crest College libraries acquire LS/2000
12 Final acceptance of LS/2000 completed at 10 libraries
12 1986/87 Users Council Committees [membership of each committee given]
13 OCLC Video Communications Program No.1
14 Video programs available from OCLC with Videotape order form
15 OCLC helps build regional and state databases
15 Tapeloading—building the Online Union Catalog
16 OCLC At ALA Midwinter

March/April 1987 No. 167

1 First M300XT installed
2 OCLC begins second AACR2 database conversion
3 From Rowland C.W. Brown
4-6 OCLC to introduce optical disc packages for cataloging, reference and ILL
5 [chart listing 11 libraries field testing OCLC Search CD450 system]
6 Elinor Hashim named NCLIS Chairman-Emeritus
7 Engineers & librarians evaluate terminals for possible use on OCLC system
8 Agreement reached by WLN, RLG, OCLC and LC on Linked Systems
8 Project priorities and issues
8 OCLC publications receives award [OCLC Micro]
9 The Wit and Wisdom of Grace Hopper
10 OCLC phases in new tape storage format for internal operations
10 LSU cataloger honored [Catherine Thompson]
10 The Ohio Historical Society receives NEH grant
11 OCLC publishes monograph on Information Resources for the Campus of the Future
11 Karen Markey joins University of Michigan faculty
12 Automation of GPO series files
12 Spotlight OCLC set [date: Monday, June 29]
13 OCLC Micro—"the deep six"
13 OCLC Services for Libraries [schedule of conference dates]]
14 Users Council explores directions in new technology at winter meeting
15 OCLC Users Council small group discussion questions
16 Trinity College Dublin signs agreement to use OCLC Europe's new TAPECON service
16 Online Data Quality Control sets record
17 Catherine Wilt named RONDAC Executive Coordinator
17 From Sea to Shining OCLC posters
18 Seven school libraries in Tennessee share OCLC access
19 The User Training Development section at OCLC
19 Schedules: Medical Library Association Conference
19 Special Libraries Association Conference
20 Users Council explores impact of technology on libraries at February meeting [Report continued]
23 OCLC Video Communications program: OCLC Report No. 2 Research
25 Researchers investigate nonfiction book use Products, Processes, & Services
26 Dial access offers decreased telecommunications costs, increased functionality
26 Twelve libraries acquire the OCLC CJK350 system
27 DIALOG and BRS to be available through OCLC LINK service
28 OCLC Newsletter seeks articles, letters

May/June 1987 No. 168

From Rowland C.W. Brown: "Reference and OCLC"
Membership News
3 Report of the May Users Council meeting
7 Librarian invited to attend SPOTLIGHT OCLC in San Francisco on June 29
7 OCLC loads Books Canada files
7 Frederick G. Kilgour, OCLC Founder, to receive award from ASIS
7 A.E. Staley Manufacturing Company Technical Information Center logs 13 millionth Online Interlibrary Loan
8 Research Libraries Advisory Committee to OCLC develops Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program
9 Music OCLC Users Groups met in Eugene, Oregon, and decided to widen the group's focus to include music reference librarians
9 OCLC and RLG will collaborate in development of technical standards
10 Second edition of the USNP National Union List will be released this summer
10 OCLC hosts LOEX conference attendees
11 Jeanne Kearney, Brookdale Community College Library, Lincroft, N.J., wins OCLC Button Slogan Contest
11 Video of presentations at the Fifth Annual Conference of Directors of Research Libraries in OCLC are available via the OCLC ILL Subsystem
12 "Most Popular Book in the OCLC Database?" For the second year, it's In Search of Excellence. See the Top 100 for 1987
15 Librarians at the Hewlett-Packard Technical Information Center describe their experiences as an OCLC Selective User
16 An update on implementation of the New OCLC System
16 Electronic Publishing and Information Delivery Division is formed at OCLC
17 Research News
17 Researchers study book use in the United Kingdom
17 OCLC names Dr. Paul Kantor and Dr. Elaine Svenonius as Visiting Distinguished Scholars
18 Interview
18 Ralph Russell, new President of the OCLC Users Council, talks about membership and Users Council's effectiveness
21 Letters
21 A reader contemplates OCLC in space
22 Product News
22 How researchers went about selecting databases for OCLC's compact disc cataloging system
24 Wyse Technology chosen as supplier for OCLC workstations
25 New OCLC micro-based acquisitions system now in field test
25 OCLC Update, a report on recent developments in products and services, will be held at ALA on June 28 from 8-10 p.m. in the Hotel Meridien in San Francisco
25 A user comments on the new OCLC LINK Service
26 A librarian at Indiana University School of Medicine Library improves its method of generating spine and book labels
27 The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania becomes a geographical group for Group Access on the OCLC ILL Subsystem
27 OCLC at the American Association of Law Libraries Convention.

July/August 1987 No. 169

From Rowland C.W. Brown: "Quality and OCLC"
Membership News
4 350 librarians celebrate OCLC's 20th anniversary at SPOTLIGHT OCLC
4 Barbara Markuson pays tribute to Frederick Kilgour
7 A Wellesley College record is 16 millionth in OCLC database
7 Online Interlibrary Loan requests reach 14 million
7 Center for Research Libraries receives $250,000 grant
8 Report of a Music Retrospective Conversion project
12 Second conversion of Online Union Catalog to AACR2 form completed on July 16, 1987.
13 The New Jersey State Library strengthens interlibrary loan.
14 OCLC Online Data Quality Control section works to maintain database accuracy
16 Research News
16 Researchers explore electronic version of Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia Chemical Technology
17 Projects focus on database quality
18 Interview
18 Five librarians talk about quality control and the OCLC database [Brian Helge, V. Louise Saylor, Brian Schottlaender, Barbara Smith and Edward Swanson]
27 Product News
27 Search CD450 to add AGRICOLA and NTIS and to be added to ERIC and library schools.
28 CD-Resource Sharing Advisory Committee formed
28 OCLC issues 2nd edition of USNP National Union List
28 Task Force on Training and Education assesses user needs
29 People
29 Frederick Kilgour and Elinor Hashim receive awards
30 Letters
30 Cleveland State celebrates OCLC's 20th anniversary
30 Kudos

October/November 1987 No. 170

From Rowland C.W. Brown: "An international, global network"
Membership News
4 Users Council review pricing at September meeting
4 15 millionth ILL logged by Frederick Cancer Research Facility
5 What is RONDAC/
5 OCLC will sponsor a Conference on the Future of the Public Library
Research News
7 "Research Patterns and Research Libraries" by Francis Miksa can be ordered from OCLC
7 1986/87 Office of Research activities outlined in the Annual Review of Research International
9 A report on OCLC's collaborative programs throughout Europe
14 65 French university libraries to become OCLC members
14 German libraries are exploring the use of the OCLC database for retrospective conversion
15 A look at the British Library Document Supply Centre
17 OCLC CJK350 system now used by 54 libraries
18 Librarians from Asia are OCLC interns
19 Kinki University is the first Japanese OCLC user; seven other libraries will participate
20 International standards are the focus of the NISO annual meeting
22 Interview
22 Brenda Moon, Director of the Edinburgh University Library in Scotland, shares her views on resource sharing and discusses some of the challenges of international networking
26 Product News
26 Version 2 of OCLC Search CD450 System software provides new capabilities
26 EMIL, a compact disc of education materials in the OCLC database, is available
27 Software scan of OCLC database enhances 2.75 million records
27 "We Work Where You Work"—See where at ALA Midwinter
29 LS/2000 local library system installations top 100 mark
29 An expanded EASI Reference database is available through BRS
30 Letters
30 OCLC Control numbers to top 100 records requested
31 Network Profile
31 A look at the OCLC Europe offices
32 OCLC video communications current program listing

January/February 1989 No. 171

From Rowland C.W. Brown: "Our Grand Central Station"
Membership News
4 Lawrence G. Roberts is new chairman of the OCLC Board of Trustees
4 41 state librarians visit OCLC
5 RONDAC news
5 Coin a Phrase and enter the Fifth Annual OCLC Button Slogan Contest
6 Users Council Committees for 1987/88
7 A Report on the OCLC Conference on the Future of the Public Library will be given at the PLA Conference in Pittsburgh
7 Libraries respond to Strategic Planning Survey
7 Duke University captures the 17 millionth record in the OCLC database
8 Ohio Librarians explore the 21st century at Symposium
9 OCLC converts Library of Michigan collections for move to new building
10 How to order a new monograph on the Linked Systems Project
10 Revised guidelines for Use of Records issued
10 Write for your copy of the 1986/87 OCLC Annual Report
11 Research
11 An overview of the OCLC Office of Research
14 An advanced interface management system works with full-text databases
14 Extramural researchers meet at OCLC to discuss their projects in the Library School
14 Research Equipment Support Program
15 A collection analysis tool could provide library administrators with new ways to look at their collections
16 A research projects seeks to automate cataloging
16 OCLC is accepting applications for the 1988/89 Library Schools Grant Program
19 Interview
19 Martin Dillon, Director of the OCLC Office of Research, provides his perspective on research in both OCLC and the library community
24 Product News
24 Minimal-level LC-MARC records are added to the OCLC database
24 A Communications and Access Planning Guide helps libraries plan their future workstation needs
24 Library of Congress Subject Authority records are available online
25 New Guide explains retrospective conversion options
25 New retrospective conversion services are introduced
25 OCLC announces prices for Search CD450 databases
27 National Technical Information Services reports are now available via the Interlibrary Loan Subsystem
27 Letters
27 A user transforms a Model 105 into an aquarium

March/April 1989 No.172

From Rowland C.W. Brown: "The Impact of Technology on Libraries: Keeping Sight of the Music"
Membership News
4 Indiana University inaugurates OCLC's LSP link with the Library of Congress
4 Providence Public Library logs 16 millionth ILL
4 J. Drew Racine named Program Director for Research Libraries in OCLC
5 OCLC Report no. 4 examines special libraries, a Collection Analysis prototype and library power
6 Report of NISO Standards Committee meeting
6 Special Report/Impact of Technology
9 Pat Molholt on "Courting The Cheshire Cat"
11 Users Council examines impact of new technologies on libraries
12 Lily Crane, OCLC First Visiting Practitioner, has dealt with technological change and the OCLC System for 14 years
13 OCLC Office of Technical Planning reviews newest technologies
15 Interview
15 F. William Summers, Dean of the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, Florida State University, and President-elect of ALA, shares his views on technology and libraries
20 Product News
20 Current program listing of OCLC video communications
21 Computer-based training for ILL is introduced
21 OCLC Link Service is to be discontinued April 30
21 Dramatic increase for vernacular CJK records in the OLUC
22 Tapeloading contributes to growth of database

May/June 1988 No. 173

From Rowland C.W. Brown: "Public Libraries and OCLC"
Membership News
4 Rowland Brown will relinquish the OCLC presidency
4 17 Millionth ILL logged by the Fordham Health Sciences Library
5 Spotlight OCLC scheduled for July 11 at ALA Conference
5 Edward Holley named ACRL Academic or Research Librarian of the Year
6 30 Enhance libraries added
7 Marjorie Bloss to receive Bowker/Ulrich Serials Librarianship Award
7 A report on the May RONDAC meeting
8 Users Council committee report on new technology to be published
8 Library planning monograph available
8 Audiovisual Material Glossary published
9 The top 100 authors in the database
10 Patrick T. Barkey, PACNET founder, dies
10 Research
11 HyperBach, a prototype music reference system
11 Special report/Conference on the Future of the Public Library
13 Conference coverage
13 20 Listing of conference participants
13 A view of the conference from a British librarian
22 The OCLC Advisory Committee on Public Libraries
24 Interview
24 Eleanor Jo Rodger, Executive Director of the Public Library Association, shares her views on public libraries
29 Product News
29 Orders for CD-ROM cataloging system now being accepted
29 OCLC Online System holiday schedule
29 Button Contest winner announced
30 Video programs available on ILL listed
30 OCLC exhibit booth schedule
31 Letters
31 Why the screen displays "danger"

July/August 1988 No. 174 The OCLC Database

From Rowland C.W. Brown: "Bibliographic Glasnost"
Membership News
4 OCLC acquires Forest Press, Published of Dewey Decimal Classification
4 OCLC Users Council examines planning and strategic directions
5 Report of the Users Council Committee on New Technology published
6 Luce Foundation to support Chinese Bibliography program
6 British Library and OCLC offering joint service
6 LC contributing authority records through Linked Systems project
7 Chadwyck-Healey to add 19th century microfiche records to OCLC database
8 National Library of Canada and OCLC announce ILL referral project
8 OCLC database reaches 18 million records
9 Australian records to be added to OCLC database
9 OCLC to operate AAP's Electronic Publishing Special Interest Group
9 Online Audiovisual Catalogers to meet in California
10 18 millionth ILL is logged
10 OCLC Board honors the late Patrick T. Barkey
11 450 librarians attend Spotlight OCLC in New Orleans
13 Research
13 A research tool for study of the OCLC database
14 OCLC Research Grant recipients announced
14 Dr. Abraham Bookstein is Visiting Scholar
15 Standards
15 Report on NISO standards
15 Special report/The OCLC Database at 17
17 The spirit of the database
18 Code of Responsible Use
19 Gold Record Hall of Fame
22 Enhance Libraries honored at ALA reception
22 New Guide to Special Collections in the OCLC Database to be published
23 Cooperative programs
24 Database statistics
25 Interview
25 Susan Rhee, Associate University of Librarian for Technical Services, University of California, Berkeley, shares her views on the database
30 Product News
30 Field test of CAT CD450 under way
30 OCLC adds earth science databases to its CD-ROM reference line
31 Conference on the Future of the Public Library video available
31 User Contact desk provides support
32 Apple Macintosh-compatible
33 Three new monographs published by OCLC
33 LS/2000 project managers discuss library system selection/planning
34 OCLC video program listing
35 OCLC Report no. 5 highlights North Carolina and quality control
35 New OCLC booth made its debut in New Orleans
36 Letters
36 Top-100-authors list omitted William Faulkner as Nobel Prize Winner

September/October 1988 No. 175

From Rowland C.W. Brown: "Networking on Campus"
Membership News
4 OCLC Users Council studies end-user access at September meeting
5 New Jersey gets 19 millionth ILL
5 Ralph Papkhian updates members on the NACO-Music project
6 OCLC issues 1987/88 Annual Report
7 Bilingual monograph, "Japan Honors America," available from OCLC
7 OCLC establishes International Office of Marketing and Field Operations
Research News
8 Annual Review of OCLC Research is published
8 "OPACs and Beyond:" report of an international meeting
9 Of note: music research activities
9 Abraham Bookstein analyzes library data
11 Special report/Networking on Campus
12 University of Kentucky
13 University of Maryland, Baltimore, Health Sciences
14 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
15 Carnegie Mellon University—Mercury: An Electronic Library
19 Interview
19 Paul Gherman, Director of Libraries, Virginia Polytechnic and State University
24 Product News
24 Reference questions? Visit OCLC at ALA Midwinter
24 CAT CD450 is here!
25 In New York BOCES and Guilderland Central Schools acquire LS/2000
25 Growing number of libraries are using OCLC to automate serials and acquisitions
26 Letters
26 Photo incorrectly identifies librarians—again!
26 Sherlock Holmes Newsletter editor seeks clues

November/December 1988 No.176

From Rowland C.W. Brown: "Eight years and 12 million records later"
Membership News
4 K. Wayne Smith is new OCLC President and CEO
4 Dorothy Gregor and Myer Kutz elected to OCLC Board
5 OCLC establishes electronic publishing subsidiary
5 1988/89 Users Council committees
5 People [Bob McKee; Joe Hewitt; John Shipman; Edward G Holley; Drew Racine; Mary Ellen Jacob; Barbara E Markuson]
Research News
6 MARC-UP explores automation of retrospective conversion
8 Assessing optical character recognition system
11 Special report/Electronic publishing and information delivery at OCLC
11 Search CD450 team enhances access to information
12 USGS databases on CD-ROM increase information availability
15 New Search CD450 database compares school choices
16 OCLC prepares for field test of new reference service
16 Electronic Publishing Special Interest Group
17 OCLC Micro aims to inform and entertain
19 EIDOS: OCLC President Rowland Brown describes a collaborative venture with publishers and libraries to facilitate scholarly communication
24 Interview
24 Edward M. Kurdyla, Jr., Director, electronic Publishing and Information Delivery Division, OCLC
27 Product News
27 OCLC introduces CAT CD450, a compact disc cataloging system
27 Library schools to receive free subscription to CAT CD450
28 Glen Ellyn Public Library is first to acquire CAT CD450
28 New video program from OCLC
29 OCLC video programs available through ILL
30 Letters
30 George Eliot was a woman
30 It was the University of North Carolina at Greensboro that input the 4 millionth record

January/February 1989 No. 177

From K. Wayne Smith: "First Impressions"
Membership News
4 Harvard's Hebrew and Yiddish bibliographic records are now in OCLC database
4 Gold Records for cataloging and interlibrary loan
6 Conference explores future of classification
6 MARBI to sponsor program on format integration at ALA
7 Library of Congress publishes geographic cutters
People [Rowland C.W. Brown; Ann Ekstrom]
Research News
8 Sun Microsystems and OCLC to exchange technology
8 OCLC Campus Information system will bring database to users
9 OCLC publishes music library research
12 Special Report: Local Library Systems & OCLC
12 How to automate smoothly
15 LS/2000 Users Group: active, effective
16 Local Systems communicates
17 What's Happening in New Hampshire: An Overview
17 A profile of New Hampshire's Seacoast Area Integrated Library System
18 Support for Local Systems
20 Library Roster: Local Systems
22 Interview
22 Phyllis Bova Spies, OCLC Vice President, Local Systems Division
26 Product News
26 20th edition of Dewey Decimal Classification is published
27 LS/2000 to link University of Kentucky libraries and 14 community college libraries
27 ACQ350 System available at discount to current Online Acquisition Subsystem users
28 OCLC/AMIGOS to provide Collection Analysis System
28 EBSCO invoice data to interface with ACQ350
28 OCLC Report No. 7 highlights introduction of new OCLC President K. Wayne Smith to the Library Community at ALA Midwinter
30 Letters
30 Who's changing whom?
30 Reader asks for database statistics on Elizabeth Linington
30 Will these records survive the centuries?

March/April 1989 No. 178

From K. Wayne Smith: "Read All about It"
Membership News
4 Users Council explores value-added information
Research & Development
7 Research Advisory Committee meets Cataloger's Assistant
8 Duplicate Detection
10 Graph-Text assigned patent
10 Project ADAPT studies electronic conversion of documents
10 Special Report: The United States Newspaper Program
13 OCLC provides vital role in USNP
13 LC staff train, advise and monitor USNP projects
14 Iowa Project was one of first and is still going
15 Digging deep helps to find newspaper treasures
16 Unique names for unique newspapers
16 3rd edition of USNP National Union List available soon
17 USNP participants list
19 The use of early Western newspapers in historical research
26 Interview
26 Jeffrey Field, Assistant Director of the Office of Preservation at the NEH
30 Product News
30 Highlights of OCLC happenings at ALA
31 Three new document suppliers available through OCLC ILL subsystem
32 Medical and Law CAT CD450 databases to be introduced
32 Collection Analysis compact disc system introduced
33 OCLC Report no. 8
34 Letters
34 Interview informative

May/June 1989 No. 179

From K.Wayne Smith: "A New Network for the New System"
Membership News
4 Users Council Examines Challenges of Marketing
5 Edward G. Holley elected Chairman of OCLC Board of Trustees
5 K. Wayne Smith announces reorganization of senior management
6 Thompson Little to retire
6 Retrospective Conversion at Williams College's Sawyer Library
7 OCLC celebrates 10th anniversary of ILL
8 California State University, Long Beach, logs 21 millionth ILL
9 OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program grows
10 Communications and Access Services Advisory Committee created
10 Top 100 Serials in the OCLC database
12 People [Frederick G Kilgour; Thomas Michalak; Russell Shank; Rowland C.W. Brown; Martin Runkle; Toni Carbo Bearman; Martin Dillon; Nancy Eaton; Marshall Keys]
13 Research & Development
13 Trevor Haywood's Research on library and information science education Technology Assessment
15 A look at projects currently being investigated by OCLC's Technology Assessment Division: Image Processing; The NeXT Computer System; Voice Recognition
15 Interview
17 Ken Price, Director of OCLC's Technology Assessment Division
21 Product News
21 Version 30 of Search CD450 introduced
21 LS/2000 systems grow by two
22 EPIC Service field test begins
23 More documents available through OCLC ILL Subsystem
23 OCLC Video programs
25 OCLC's Documentation Department documents today's technology
27 Monograph: Telecommunications for Information Specialists available
27 MARC format integration and its implications
30 Letters
30 Why Lenin?

July/August 1989 No. 180

From K. Wayne Smith: "Celebrating a Decade of Resource Sharing"
Membership News
4 Interlibrary Loan libraries honored at Spotlight
5 Joint project to enhance LC's MARC database
5 L. Donne Olvey named Vice President
5 Dawn Puglisi appointed RONDAC Coordinator
6 OCLC supports JMRT endowment
6 New disk drives take up less space in OCLC computer room
7 Dallas County Community College District inputs 20 millionth record
7 The race for 20 million
8 Indiana University School of Law Library logs 22 millionth ILL
8 People: [Linda F. Crismond; Mohammed M. Aman; Bonnie Juergens; Howard F. McGinn; Larry L. Learn; Clarence Walters]
9 Cataloging and Database Services Advisory Committee formed
9 Advisory committee for Reference Products and Services created
13 named to Resource Sharing Advisory Committee
10 New OCLC Report video features the Newberry Library,
10 EPIC and the USNP
11 Research & Development
11 Recipients of Library and Information Science Research Grants named
12 Special Report/Resource Sharing
12 OCLC ILL Subsystem marks 10th anniversary
13 Member libraries recognized for ILL activities at Spotlight
13 Top 50 ILL requesters
14 Top 50 ILL lenders
16 10 Year review of selected ILL data
16 First 10 titles requested on the ILL Subsystem
17 ILL users and staff examine future of ILL
18 Denver Public Library celebrates 100 years of providing information access
20 Online interlibrary lending by library type
21 OCLC Document Suppliers and Resource Centers
22 CSU Stanislaus' experiences with union listing and resource sharing
27 Interview
27 David Ferriero, Humanities Librarian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries
31 Product News
31 LEGEND, a new service for law libraries introduced
31 Third edition of USNP National Union List available
32 OCLC/AMIGOS Collection Analysis CD available
32 Two new Search CD450 databases introduced
33 Communications & Access Planning Guide updated
33 Video programs available through ILL listed
36 Letters
36 Newsletter requests come from Japan and Poland

September/October 1989 No. 181

From K. Wayne Smith: "LC and OCLC"
Membership News
4 OCLC Users Council urges library community to oppose LC licensing agreement
5 RLG and OCLC to exchange ICPSR data files
6 University of Heidelberg to start RETROCON project
6 Stanford University Retrospective Conversion to begin
7 LC Hebrew and Yiddish Records loaded
7 Edward Emil David Jr., elected to OCLC Board of Trustees
8 Conference on Role of Information in Economic Development planned
9 Elinor Hashim receives NELA librarianship award
9 RONDAC Preservation Committee makes recommendations
10 OCLC Users Council issues report on Telecommunications Link Test
10 People: [Kenneth J. Bierman; Emily Mobley; James G. Neal; Jean Rauch; Thomas F.R. Clareson; J. Drew Racine]
11 Top 100 monographs in the OCLC database listed
13 Research & Development 
13 Enhanced bibliographic record retrieval
15 Special Report/Networks
15 Back to the Future
18 NELINET on cutting edge of training [photo of NELINET staff]
22 Collection analysis is model for joint product development
23 Network listing
26 RONDAC improves communication between networks, users and OCLC
26 SOLINET, Hugo and preservation
27 Interview
27 H.E. (Chuck) Broadbent III, Chair, RONDAC, and Executive Director, PRLC
31 Product News
31 Four academic libraries purchase OCLC/AMIGOS Collection Analysis CD
31 Use of OCLC CJK 350 system grows
32 OCLC now accepting Enhance program applications any time
32 December 1 is deadline for ILL contest entries
32 OCLC publishes monograph about Campus Information Systems
32 OCLC reports available for purchase
34 Letters
34 Blank Page?
35 Library Scene
35 The Fondren Library at Rice University

November/December 1989 No. 182

From K. Wayne Smith: "Five Proposals for LC"
Membership News
4 Telenet to install New Telecommunications Network
5 Raleigh, N.C. office opened
5 Disaster Relief Program offered
6 NEH funds Chinese Bibliography program
6 OCLC issues 1988/89 Annual Report
6 People: [Cecil Beach; Peter Paulson; James E. Rush; David Heinmiller]
7 Top 100 musical scores in database presented
10 Research & Development
10 Cataloging time and workflow studies
13 Research investigates experimental library system
15 Special Report/A Hard Look at Hardware
15 New technology examined
17 Two new hardware options introduced
17 Price of M310 Workstation reduced
18 Communications and Access Section profiled
19 Hardware history reviewed
20 New hardware, software testing
21 Help is a phone call away
22 Library Equipment Study results
22 Donate soon-to-be obsolete terminals to Cristina Foundation
23 Interview
23 Susan Cady, Associate Director for Technical Services, Lehigh University
28 Product News
28 EasyNet to be available through EPIC
28 OCLC to introduce GOVDOC in February 1990
29 OCLC Founder and Trustee Fred G. Kilgour Interviewed
29 OCLC Report no. 10
30 Want to Tour OCLC? See the details
30 USNP participants train at OCLC
31 Library Scene
31 Houston Academy of Medicine—Texas Medical Center Library

January/February 1990 No. 183

From K. Wayne Smith: "An EPIC Begins"
Membership News
4 Revised NLM subscription agreement signed
4 Dr. Robert Hayes named to academic and research library relations post
5 ILL contest winners announced
6 September 1989 Users Council meeting report
7 People: service at ALA Midwinter
16 Reference Services Advisory Committee provides input for EPIC
17 Interview
17 Lucinda Conger, Coordinator, Online Information Services and Principal Reference Librarian, U.S. State Department Library
21 Product News
21 Auto-Graphics and OCLC to develop SharePAC for resource sharing
21 Library schools receive free Collection Analysis CD subscriptions
21 Reprint of 200 Religion class from DDC 20th edition releases [Dewey, Forest Press]
22 Information Store documents available over OCLC ILL Subsystem [document supply]
22 Retrospective conversion of Hoover Institution materials begins
22 Video program features Interview with OCLC Founder Fred Kilgour
23 Library Scene
23 The J. Porter Shaw Library, National Maritime Museum, San Francisco

March/April 1990 No. 184

From K. Wayne Smith: "Keeping Our Priorities Straight"
Membership News
4 AAAS and OCLC to develop electronic journal [OJCCT/Current Clinical Trials/EJO]
4 Utlas and OCLC begin cooperative talks
4 Ameritech Information Systems to purchase OCLC Local Systems
5 Campus information is RLAC conference theme
5 Mississippi County Library logs 25 millionth ILL
6 Users Council examines OCLC's role in network environment
6 Delegates discuss periodical information
8 SoundBytes from the 1990 Users Council meeting
9 21st gold record input by Indiana University, Bloomington
11 A report on the Conference on the Role of Information in the Southeast
11 Fred Kilgour joins University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill faculty
12 Richard Van Orden new Program Director for Research and Academic Libraries
12 OCLC and SLS discuss strategic alliance
13 Research and Development
13 Research Advisory Committee members meet at OCLC [Robert C. Heterick Jr.; Joseph H. Howard; Clifford Lynch; Karen Sparck Jones]
13 Robert Heterick Jr. discussed "Demons, Paradoxes, and Golden Arches"
15 Special Report/Retrospective Conversion
15 Retrospective Conversion operators are fast and accurate
17 New cataloging software is tested in Retrospective Conversion Section
17 Training is stressed for employees
18 Retrospective Conversion operators have unique perspectives of database
19 There are several ways to convert backlogs
20 Retrospective Conversion specialists are liaisons
21 More than 48 million records converted since 1976
24 Interview
24 J. Randolph Call, Director, Retrospective Conversion Division
29 Product News
29 Online System adds hour
29 Record-breaking system activity
29 New Online System update
30 Price of M310 and M386 Workstations reduced
31 EPIC helps improve database quality
31 Faxon joins CONSER
32 GPO on CD-ROM at Alma College
33 CD-ROM music cataloging database introduced [CAT CD450]
33 Search CD450 Music Library introduced
34 New OCLC video report released [Library Scene]
35 Pasadena (Calif) Public Library

May/June 1990 No. 185

From K. Wayne Smith: "A Good Beginning for LC and OCLC"
Membership News
4 Users Council Notes
6 Dr. Smith to host luncheon at ALA
6 The 26 millionth ILL logged [Grinnell College]
6 Z3950 software provided to Canadian and US libraries
7 LITA and OCLC to sponsor minority scholarship
7 A philosopher looks at networking [David Hoekema]
9 OCLC and RLG cooperate on computer linkage compatibility
9 Japanese libraries access OCLC through Kinokuniya
11 CODATA meets in Columbus, Ohio
11 People: [David S. Ferriero; OCLC names directors: Clarence Walters, J. Randolph Call, Gary Houk, Fred Lauber, Judy Michaelson, Phil Schieber]
13 Research and Development
13 Donald Marchand discusses information management
15 Special Report/Advice and Consent
15 When members talk, OCLC listens
16 Committees provide product advice
16 Health Sciences OCLC Users Group is oldest user group
17 OCLC Users Council is a unique advisory group
18 Staff serves as liaisons to user groups and advisory committees
20 Users groups and advisory committees listed
27 Interview
27 George Shipman, University Librarian, University of Oregon
31 Product News
31 ERIC added to EPIC reference service
31 EPIC authorizations hits 2,000
31 OCLC provides support for local system vendors
32 Information on Demand accessible via OCLC ILL
32 New abridged edition of DDC20 available in June [Dewey, Forest Press]
33 New products to be demonstrated at ALA [EPIC, SharePAC, CAT CD450 Music Cataloging Collection, Search CD450 Music Library, DiscLit American Authors, DDC12 Abridged (Dewey, Forest Press)]
34 Monograph on MARC tagging for music published [Jay Weitz]
34 OCLC video programs available through ILL
35 Library Scene
35 The Indiana University School of Medicine Library in Indianapolis

July/August 1990 No. 186

From K. Wayne Smith: "Preservation and OCLC"
Membership News
4 More than 900 attend OCLC President's Luncheon
6 Users Council Notes
7 Utlas becomes OCLC regional network
7 In a rare book adventure OCLC helps the FBI and libraries [Omaha Project]
10 New Illinois State Library dedicated
11 Upper Hudson Library System logs 27 millionth ILL
11 Online Audiovisual Catalogers conference announced
12 People [Henriette Avram, Don Riggs, Gloria Werner, Warren J. Haas]
13 Research and Development
13 OCLC's Office of Research is active in preservation
14 LISRG award winners announced
16 Special Report/Preservation
16 OCLC guidelines for recording preservation detailed
19 OCLC will convert 400,000 NRMM records [National Register of Microform Masters]
19 Tapeloading of preservation records increases
19 OCLC networks have preservation programs
20 Dr. Margaret Child named RONDAC preservation consultant
21 Commission on Preservation and Access supports collaboration
21 NEH funds preservation activities
23 Interview
23 Carolyn Clark Morrow, Malloy-Rabinowitz Preservation Librarian, Harvard University Library
29 Product News
29 New Online System field test began July 9 [PRISM]
30 Book Data available via EPIC service
30 UMI databases to be available through EPIC
31 DiscLit is new tool for American literature Research
31 Special price on 1990 edition of SchoolMatch
32 Search CD450 Local Area Network capability now available
32 Tucson Public Library is 3,000 EPIC subscriber
32 Collection analysis CD update released
33 The Best of MOUG published
33 Largest TAPECON project is under way in Dupage Library System
34 M386/16 Workstation and DiscLit winners at ALA announced
35 Library Scene
35 The new Illinois State Library, Springfield

September/October 1990 No. 187

From K. Wayne Smith: ""Get Ready, Get Set, Be Kind!"
Membership News
4 OCLC to acquire Mid-Atlantic Preservation Service [MAPS]
4 LC to use OCLC System in pilot project
4 RONDAC to distribute Preservation Needs Assessment Survey
5 Users Council notes
8 Boston Public Library claims 22 millionth gold record
8 Ben Franklin hosts new video on how computers help libraries
9 New Jersey State Library sponsors Group Access pilot project
9 How Group Access works
10 Keene State College logs 28 millionth ILL
10 OCLC Washington Office monitors national scene
11 SOLINET receives cooperative microfilming project grant
11 User Contact Desk has more efficient tracking system
12 People: [Joe A. Hewitt, Russell Shank, Patricia Battin, MaryEllen Sievert, Ronald R. Powell, Libby Pollard]
13 Research and Development
13 Report on the Research Advisory Committee meeting
13 Usability Lab helps developers create interfaces
[Special Report/National Programs]
16 The CONSER Program
17 The Enhance Program
19 The Linked Systems Project [LSP]
20 Major Microforms Project [MMF]
20 United States Newspaper Program [USNP]
24 Interview
24 Kate Nevins, OCLC Vice President, Corporate Relations
28 Product News
28 Six field-test libraries switch over to PRISM
29 EPIC service price reduction for Database 23
29 EasyNet now accessible through EPIC
29 ABI/INFORM database now available on EPIC
30 USBE serials available over ILL Subsystem [document supply]
30 Price of M386/16 Workstation reduced
31 OCLC Report No 12 now available
32 Library Scene
32 Washington University School of Medicine Library and Biomedical Communications Center in St. Louis, Missouri

November/December 1990 No. 188

From K. Wayne Smith: "1990—A very good year"
Membership News
4 Transfer of MAPS to OCLC finalized
5 Users Council notes
5 OCLC issues 1989/90 Annual Report
6 Libraries fared well in budget process
7 OCLC Library logs 29 millionth ILL
7 NCLIS celebrates 20th anniversary
8 Power outage follows planned power shutdown
8 National Library of Canada becomes OCLC ILL supplier
9 OCLC announces award for reference librarianship [OOFLA]
9 PRLC celebrates move into new headquarters
9 People: [Frederick G. Kilgour; Sherrie Schmidt; Donald E. Riggs; Leonoor Ingraham-Swets; John A. Hearty; Sister Mary Dennis Lynch]
11 Research and Development
11 OCLC Research project focus
14 Special Report/PRISM service, Nov. 12, 1990
14 PRISM at a glance
16 The OCLC Online System through 1990
17 PRISM service field-test notes
20 Field test makes system better
21 Production of PRISM documentation
22 New video and booklet provide PRISM information
23 A light-hearted look at the PRISM service
25 Resolutions presented to OU and OHIONET [Ohio University]
26 A PRISM poem [by Barbara Markuson]
27 Interview
27 Teresa Strozik, Director of Technical Services, Hamilton College Library, Clinton, NY
31 Product News
31 EPIC interface for library patrons coming this spring [FirstSearch]
31 EPIC now accessible through the Internet
32 Dissertation Abstracts added to EPIC
32 M386sx Workstation introduced
33 SharePAC now available
33 Retrospective Conversion project for the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine to begin
33 GOVDOC improves access to government information
34 Demonstrations featured at ALA Midwinter
35 Library Scene
35 The U.S. Air Force Academy Library in Colorado Springs, Colorado

January/February 1991 No.189

From K. Wayne Smith: "It's Not Business As Usual"
Membership News
4 New Network update
4 Washington Report
5 Dublin Chamber of Commerce honors Frederick Kilgour
5 Cooperative Preservation Programs Group meets
7 RLG and OCLC sign preservation agreement
7 Nihon University is 27th OCLC member in Japan
8 Holdings of 16 Philadelphia libraries added to database
9 A talk with Chinese, Japanese, Korean Cataloger, Lori Bates [CJK]
10 CRL receives retrospective conversion grants
11 OCLC news releases to be available via Internet
11 Mary Berghaus Levering is new FLICC Executive Director
12 PRISM field-test libraries honored at reception
14 Research and Development
14 John Carroll calls for more science in interface design
16 Special Report/Group Access Capability
16 OCLC's Group Access Capability promotes resource sharing
16 A profiling profile
16 SoLINET is OCLC's largest GAC
17 SharePAC helps Kentucky consortium improve library services
18 GAC and GAC/Union List groups listed
20 Northwest Group Access Project links libraries in the Pacific Northwest
20 California XPRS speeds up borrowing
20 LSCA funding has helped libraries since 1956
22 Interview
22 Joe B. Forsee, Director, Division of Public Library Services, Georgia Department of Education
28 Product News
28 Field test of new reference service announced
28 PNI now available on EPIC [Pharmaceutical News Index]
29 Business Dateline added to EPIC service
29 OCLC to convert records of the Guildhall Library, London
30 Records from the National Library of Australia processed via TAPECON service
30 National Taiwan Normal University to use TECHPRO service
31 Use of tapeloading grows
31 Validator Software available through EPSIG
32 Letters
32 Toward gender-neutral language
32 Swedish translation error noted

March/April 1991 No. 190

From K. Wayne Smith: "Important Milestones for the New Network and PRISM"
Membership News
4 Users Council elects William Gray Potter Vice President/President Elect
5 Database to help return stolen books to their owners [Book Return, Omaha Project]
5 OCLC Manager testifies at trial [Claudia Bogner, Omaha Project]
6 New Network and PRISM are changing OCLC computer room
8 OCLC purchases neighboring property [OCLC Annex]
8 Library wall at Olivet College collapses
10 Washington Report
30 millionth ILL logged by Michigan State University
11 University of Illinois catalogs 23 millionth record
11 Use of OCLC in French university libraries to expand
12 Research Library Directors Conference report
13 Class with Fred Kilgour
14 [Ann Allan's class from Kent State University visits OCLC]
15 Andrew Wang and Maureen Finn named to new posts
15 Slides needed for audiovisual presentation
15 Esther Greenberg dies
16 Research and Development
16 Howard Besser explores image databases
18 Report on computer networks in Yugoslavia [Radovan S. Spiridanov]
19 Research publications available
21 Special Report/A New Perspective on the Database
21 EPIC provides a new frame of reference
22 LC and OCLC sponsor pilot project [Fiction Project]
22 Title II-C grant funds improve database
22 Protecting 23 million records
23 Database facts
24 Top 50 countries of publication
24 Top 10 spoken word sound recordings
25 Top 10 musical sound recordings
25 Top 10 audiovisual materials
25 Top 10 machine-readable data files
26 Top 100 monographs
27 Top 10 scores
28 Top 100 serials
29 Top 10 maps
29 Top 10 archives and manuscripts
29 Top 10 current cataloging
30 Interview
30 Liz Bishoff, Director of OCLC's Online Union Catalog Product Management Division
36 Product News
36 New Network and PRISM news
36 Max becomes FirstSearch
38 Meckler Publishing to publish OCLC Micro
38 MAPS building dedication scheduled
39 OCLC enhances Name-Address Directory
39 "On The Front Line" award judges named [OOFLA]
39 ASCII terminal access to PRISM now possible
40 FULLMARC introduced
40 Internet to provide news

May/June 1991 No. 191

From K. Wayne Smith "The Best Is Yet to Come"
Membership News
4 70 libraries a week migrating to PRISM service
4 MAPS dedicates new building
6 31 millionth ILL logged by Shawnee Library System
Washington Report
7 Industrial revenue bonds finance property purchase
7 RONDAC Preservation Survey results available
8 Resource sharing between American and Canadian libraries increasing
9 Ron Jones named Human Resources manager
10 Research and Development
10 OCLC and OSU to study book deterioration [preservation]
12 CORE project enters phase III
14 Special Report/20 Years of Online Service
14 Evolving, computerizing, personalizing
16 OCLC Online System chronology
21 Networks and OCLC continue partnership
22 Chronology of OCLC milestones
28 What 20 years of online service means to librarians
36 Product News
36 Celebrations, demonstrations at ALA
36 Second generation CJK system in development
38 First FirstSearch subscriber [San Diego County Law Library]
38 Consumers Index to be available on EPIC and FirstSearch
39 EPIC price reduced for library schools
40 EPIC on California's MELVYL system
40 EPIC hours extended

July/August 1991 No. 192

From K. Wayne Smith: "Some Reflections on the White House Conference"
Membership News
4 900 attend OCLC President's Luncheon at ALA
4 Marketing Research Panel is created [Library Market Research Panel]
5 Users Council elects officers and passes three resolutions
6 Betty Bengston reviews Users Council year at President's Luncheon
7 1990/1991 Users Council committee members
Washington Report
9 New York Public Library links to OCLC system
9 OCLC/RLG talks cease
9 University of Pennsylvania tapeloads 24 millionth record
10 Deadline for claiming stolen books set [Book Return, Omaha Project]
11 Director of ruined Romanian library visits OCLC [Ion Stoica]
12 University of Louisville logs 32 millionth ILL
12 Kinokuniya and OCLC benefit from employee exchange [CJK]
13 Millionth record libraries honored at ALA
14 People
14 Edward Holley receives Beta Phi Mu award
14 John Burgan dies
14 New ACPL members appointed
15 Hwa-Wei Lee receives award
15 Liz Bishoff elected to ALCTS post
15 Leslie Vasquez named RONDAC Coordinator
16 Erik Jul is Editor of "Research & Education Networking"
16 Winner of LITA/OCLC minority scholarship announced [Alvaro V Simon]
16 Lucia Rather is awarded Dewey Medal
16 Charles Maurer retires
17 Research and Development
17 Several OCLC Research projects focus on cataloging
19 US Department of Education grants funds for Internet Research
19 State Library of Ohio provides grant for Preservation Research
20 Grants awarded to three Researchers [LISRG]
20 Special Report/Cataloging in the 21st Century
22 Cataloging experts share their views of the future
23 Building a classification system for the computer age
24 New software cleans up database [database quality, DDR, duplicate records]
25 Interview
25 Michael Gorman, Dean of Library Services at the Henry Madden Library, California State University, Fresno
31 Product News
31 Faxon Research Services and OCLC announce new service
31 SilverPlatter and OCLC form strategic alliance
32 OCLC begins retrospective conversion project for Queen's University of Belfast
32 Group Access Capability grows
33 Instruction kit on DDC use developed
33 Blackwell North America enhances OLUC subject headings
34 Compact disc database for American literature
34 Researchers available [DiscLit]
34 African-American Institute is 4,000th EPIC
35 GEOREF to be added to EPIC this fall
35 BIOSIS to be available on EPIC
35 EPIC non-member price reduction for OLUC announced
36 GPO Monthly searchable on the EPIC service

September/October 1991 No. 193

From K. Wayne Smith: "Making the Right Things Happen"
Membership News
4 Online Journal of Current Clinical Trials to be launched in April [OJCCT, EJO]
5 Technology and features of the new journal [OJCCT, EJO]
6 Dr. Smith's news conference remarks [OJCCT, EJO]
9 Users Council committee reports on electronic information
7 RONDAC approves action plan
8 RONDAC to develop preservation program
10 Washington Report
11 RLAC News
12 IFLA Conference report
14 Summary of OCLC's strategic plan available
15 33 millionth ILL logged [New Jersey Library Network Access Center]
15 OCLC celebrates 20 years of online service
16 Research and Development
16 Graph-Text is basis for online journal [OJCCT, EJO]
17 New Research Advisory Committee members announced
17 Electronic conference to aid Research project
19 Special Report/FIRSTSEARCH
19 FirstSearch is introduced
20 Discovering FirstSearch
23 FirstSearch developers use new tools and tests
24 Usability Lab tests improve FirstSearch
25 Field-test libraries like FirstSearch
27 FirstSearch users find previously unavailable materials
29 Interview
29 John Hearty, Director of OCLC's Reference Services Division
33 Product News 
33 17 H.W. Wilson databases to be added to FirstSearch & EPIC
34 BIOSIS/FS to be added to FirstSearch
34 EPIC available on Sundays via the Internet [hours]
34 DDC to be translated into Italian [Dewey, Forest Press]
35 Library Scene
35 Zimmerman Library, University of New Mexico

November/December 1991 No. 194

From K. Wayne Smith: "Keeping Our Momentum in 1992"
Membership News
4 New Network installation completed
5 PRISM ILL prototype being tested
6 Janice Weide wins OCLC On the Front Line award [OOFLA]
7 Users Council focuses on library decision making
8 Contribution Pricing detailed
9 FBI begins returning stolen books to libraries [Omaha Project]
10 Advisory Committee on Public Libraries meets
11 Cataloging project to provide access to medical artifacts
12 Washington Report
13 Procter & Gamble logs 34 millionth ILL
14 Nebraska and North Carolina are information partners
15 OCLC issues annual report
15 Strategic plan available
16 John Comaromi dies
16 Access Services Advisory Committee members appointed
16 MLNC celebrates 10th anniversary
17 MAPS has new cameras, begins new projects
19 Research and Development
19 Theodor Nelson describes Xanadu
20 Review of Research available
22 Special Report/A Global Network
22 OCLC in Asia and the Pacific region
23 Project to catalog Chinese materials begins
24 Chinese staff find working in the US interesting
25 OCLC services provided in the Orient by representatives
26 Libraries in Europe connected by telecommunications network
28 National Library of Turkey becomes OCLC member
29 European libraries represented on Users Council
29 International organizations agree on electronic standards
30 BLDSC adds serials holdings to database [British Library Document Supply Centre]
30 More French academic libraries join OCLC
31 OCLC to convert records for French libraries
32 OLUC has materials in many languages
32 Interview
33 Phyllis Bova Spies, Vice President of OCLC's International and Conversion Services
37 Product News 
37 FirstSearch to be demonstrated at ALA
37 M386sx price reduced, rebate offered
38 Newspaper Abstracts and Periodical Abstracts on FirstSearch and EPIC
38 Libraries begin adding subject headings to fiction records [Fiction Project]
39 Electronic Dewey field test begins [Forest Press, DDC]

January/February 1992 No. 195

From K. Wayne Smith: "Taking the Initiative in Pricing"
Membership News
4 Brandeis University enters 25 millionth record
5 The Gold Record Hall of Fame keeps growing
6 35 millionth ILL logged by the William F. Laman Public Library
Washington Report
7 ACCUL meeting report
8 New members appointed to ACSL [Advisory Committee on Special Libraries]
8 New "Newsletter" editor named [Nita Dean]
9 RONDAC meets in Philadelphia
9 RONDAC Preservation Program update
10 Joan Mitchell elected Chair of Dewey Editorial Policy Committee [DDC, Forest Press]
10 Helena M Van Deroef appointed to serve on Dewey committee [DDC, Forest Press]
11 LITA/OCLC Minority Scholarship applications available
11 Conference of Research Library Directors proceedings available
11 Network statistics
12 Research and Development
12 Electronic DDC field tested [Electronic Dewey, EDDC, Forest Press]
12 Collection-development serial publication to be available ["OCLC Selected Titles for University and Research Libraries"]
13 Book on user interfaces features ASIS presentations
15 Special Report
15 PRISM to have steady stream of enhancements
16 Users say PRISM is better and faster
16 PRISM survey results
18 Networks train thousands of PRISM users
19 Trouble calls are now handled more efficiently
20 New Network performing well
21 Telecommunications route diversity improves reliability
23 New internal systems help OCLC improve service
24 Computer room update
26 Interview
26 Donald J Muccino, OCLC Vice President, Research and Development
30 Product News
30 OCLC/Faxon Finder databases will help Researchers and students
31 Subject headings corrections project under way [database quality]
33 OCLC serials union lists now on CD-ROM
33 Work begins on DDC 21 [Dewey, Forest Press]
34 FirstSearch now lists holdings with journal citations
34 PAIS database added to OCLC Reference Services
35 Three more Wilson Indexes added to FirstSearch and EPIC
36 Arts & Humanities SEARCH to be available on FirstSearch and EPIC

March/April 1992 No. 196

From K. Wayne Smith: "PRISM Brings New Era for Catalogers"
Membership News
4 Users Council examines decision-making
5 University of Washington adds Ch"ing dynasty records to database
5 California State University, Hayward, logs 36 millionth ILL
6 PRISM/PASSPORT training efforts saluted
10 Washington Report
11 Two library associations honor Edward Holley
11 RONDAC meeting report
12 Top authors and composers
12 Network statistics
13 Research and Development
13 Internet assessment project overview
14 What is the Internet? [includes photo of NSFnet backbone network]
16 Research Advisory Committee meets
16 Special Report/Research Library Directors Conference
18 A report on the 10th annual conference [Presenters were: Susan M. Hockey; Richard M. Cyert; Barbara von Wahlde; Thomas J. Galvin; Dr. Smith; and Kate Nevins]
25 Interview
25 James F. Williams II, Dean of Libraries, University of Colorado, Boulder
29 Product News
29 ILL to be transferred to PRISM in December
29 Ei: Engineering Information is document supplier
29 OCLC product demonstrations at ALA
30 OCLC On the Front Line award judges named [OOFLA]
31 How phone line outages are handled
31 Collection Analysis CD Version 20 released
32 Documentation mailing list verification completed

May/June 1992 No. 197

From K. Wayne Smith: "Toward the Emerging Digital, Broadband, Global Community"
Membership News
4 Users Council Coordinator named [Betsy Kiser]
4 37 millionth ILL logged [New England Mutual Life Insurance Co. Library]
5 Representative of Singapore visits OCLC [Veronica Boudville]
Washington Report
6 Advisory Committee on Special Libraries meets
7 State Librarians visit OCLC
8 CDSAC members discuss cataloging issues [Cataloging and Database Services Advisory Committee]
OCLC Network statistics
9 OCLC vice presidents named [Don Muccino, Gary Houk, Mary Landers, Phyllis Bova Spies, Kate Nevins]
9 [Ann Allan's students from Kent State University visit OCLC]
10 Research and Development
10 Ben Shneiderman talks about interface design
12 CORE project installs database at Cornell
13 Librarians assist cataloging experiment
15 Special Report: Telecommunications Linking
15 Telecommunications advances provide new options
19 PASSPORT Software 200 broadens access
20 Users Council committee explores telecom issues
21 Interview
21 Marshall Keys, Executive Director, NELINET and CONI member
27 Product News
27 Electronic Dewey to debut at ALA [DDC, Forest Press]
27 PRISM ILL CBT readied
28 MAPS adds new camera
28 MAPS receives patent
28 Microfilm samples available from MAPS
30 MLA Bibliography available soon
30 PsycINFO databases added to reference services
30 FirstSearch wins award
31 DiscLit honored
32 OCLC's role in hardware maintenance

July/August 1992 No. 198

From K. Wayne Smith: "The Summer of 92"
Membership News
4 May Users Council meeting report
5 Advanced linking options identified
5 Library leaders attend OCLC President's Luncheon
8 University of Illinois logs 26 millionth record
9 Hofstra University makes 38 millionth ILL request
10 PRISM ILL tested in California
11 Deborah Ann Torres wins LITA/OCLC Minority Scholarship
12 Washington Report
12 Online Audiovisual Catalogers to meet
13 K. Wayne Smith receives honorary degree [Dr. Smith]
13 OCLC Network Statistics
14 Video program on database available
14 OCLC's linking strategy for the Internet and NREN issued
15 Humphry/Forest Press award announced [Oprista D Popa] [Photo of Wayne State University library school students]
16 OCLC promotions and reassignments [Georgia Brown; James Hackbarth; Clarence Walters; Liz Bishoff; Ann Dodson]
16 David Lighthill retires from OCLC
17 Research and Development
17 Elliot Soloway discusses new technologies for learning
18 Internet Resources Project volunteers' support critical
20 OCLC awards three Research grants [LISRG]
22 Special Report: Still Growing After All These Years
22 Research, Academic, and Community/Junior College Libraries [Patrick O'Brien, Marilyn Boria, Kenneth Dowlin, Katherine Wingerson, Glen Holt, and Pat Woodrum]
25 Public Libraries and Processing Centers
26 State, Federal, and State/Municipal Libraries
27 Special Libraries
29 Interview
29 Patrick O'Brien, Director of Libraries, Alexandria, Va.
33 Product News
33 Online Journal of Current Clinical Trials begins publication [OJCCT, EJO]
34 OCLC user support groups reorganized
34 OCLC updates subject headings [database quality]
35 Two quality assurance awards go to OCLC
36 National Translations Center becomes document supplier
36 OCLC enhances authority file searching
37 Library Market Research Panel provides information
38 Union Lists available on CD-ROM
38 EPIC transmission rate increased
39 A Matter of Fact and Disclosure now available
39 EPIC lists holdings with journal citations
40 AGRICOLA and EventLine to be added to reference services
40 OCLC publishes Bibliographic Input Standards

September/October 1992 No. 199

From K. Wayne Smith: "Coming Soon: PRISM ILL, document delivery, and subscription pricing"
Membership News
4 New databases provide access to journal articles [ContentsFirst & ArticleFirst]
4 Harvard University Library signs retrospective conversion contract
5 OCLC and networks offer disaster relief
6 John Popko becomes Users Council president
6 IF is OCLC distributor in three European countries
7 Virginia Commonwealth University logs 39 millionth ILL
OCLC statistics
8 Japanese OCLC users meet
Washington Report
10 Glenn Patton receives OLAC award
11 OCLC begins listserver pilot project
11 Phelix Hanible is OCLC Core Services manager
11 Rick Schwieterman is vice president of Finance
12 Research and Development
12 Office of Research project examines ILL
15 Visiting scholars join Office of Research
17 Special Report/PRISM ILL
17 Moving interlibrary loan to PRISM
19 Software developers create and test system
20 New documentation created for PRISM ILL users
20 Training task force provided guidance
21 ILL Micro Enhancer improved
22 ILL staff finds unusual requests with Authority File
22 AMIGOS uses teleconference for training
23 PASSPORT 200 has new features for PRISM ILL
24 Interview
24 Mary Jackson, head of the Interlibrary Loan Department, University of Pennsylvania
29 Product News
29 OCLC to convert records for Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
30 National Translations Center adds holdings to OLUC [document supply]
30 The Genuine Article holdings now in OCLC database [document supply]
30 Sunday reference services access expanded [hours]
31 CJK Plus system field test begins
32 Two User and Network Support Section groups formed

November/December 1992 No. 200

From K. Wayne Smith: "1993: Carpe Annum!"
Membership News
4 A report of the October Users Council meeting
5 Users Council Task Force to examine future use of OLUC
5 Subscription pricing for FirstSearch available in January
6 UK Research libraries will load records into OLUC
6 FirstSearch locates new home for archival materials
7 Fiction Project to continue
7 University of Michigan logs 40 millionth ILL
8 Nancy Eaton elected chair of OCLC Board of Trustees [Edward E .David, Robert M. Duncan]
OCLC statistics
9 Washington Report
9 OCLC issues annual report
10 Jane Bambrick wins OCLC reference award [OFF]
10 Larry Learn elected ATP vice president/president elect
11 RETROCON Services Section enters first Harvard record
11 Andrea Stamm appointed to Dewey Editorial Policy Committee [DDC, Forest Press]
12 Phil Schieber and Nita Dean promoted
12 Database producers meet at OCLC
13 Research and Development
13 SGML and electronic publishing
15 Annual Review of OCLC Research available
17 Special Report/Standards
17 Standards are key to information sharing
18 Speaking of standards
18 SiteSearch uses Z3950
20 Glossary of terms
22 Interview
22 Nolan Pope, associate director for automation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison General Library System
27 Product News
27 Electronic Dewey is introduced [DDC, Forest Press]
27 OCLC begins implementing Electronic Data Exchange [EDX]
28 Online medical journal named Database Magazine's Product of the Year [OJCCT, Current Clinical Trials, EJO]
28 FirstSearch: one year later
29 Social Sciences Index and EventLine added to reference services
30 MAPS will microfilm Quaker periodicals for Haverford College
30 MAPS trains German microfilmers
31 OCLC expands CAT CD450 medical set and introduces Hispanic collection
31 British literature version of DiscLit available [DiscLit: British Authors]
32 Tracking user problems

January/February 1993 No 201

From K Wayne Smith: "Making Progress in Pricing"
Membership News
4 OCLC announces intent to acquire IDI [Information Dimensions]
4 OCLC reduces telecommunications charges by $3 million
5 PRISM ILL launched Dec 14
6 Brandeis University catalogs 27 millionth record
7 OCLC on the Front Line award judges named [OOFLA]
8 OCLC listserver to continue [OCLC-NEWS]
Washington Report
10 Editorial Policy Committee reports progress on next DDC edition [Dewey, Forest Press]
11 Maureen Finn named director of Conversion and Contract Cataloging Services
11 Video tour of MAPS now available
12 LITA/OCLC minority scholarship applications sought
12 OCLC Statistics
13 Research and Development
13 Internet Research report available
16 Special Report/OCLC Europe
16 European distributors support diverse users
21 BTJ to distribute OCLC services in Sweden [Biblioteksjanst]
22 European libraries convert materials and enrich database
23 OCLC Europe users meet in Birmingham
24 Dewey spoken around the world [DDC, Forest Press]
25 Interview
25 Brian Lang, chief executive of the British Library
28 Product News
28 Document ordering debuts on FirstSearch
28 OCLC offers more powerful workstations
29 PRISM Keyword Searching coming this spring
30 DDC 20 workbook now available [Dewey, Forest Press]
31 Fourth edition of the US Newspaper Program National
31 Union List published [USNP]
32 OCLC tests Gateway software

March/April 1993 No 202

From K Wayne Smith: "Reference Services: A Progress Report"
Membership News
4 Users Council discusses electronic information economics
5 42 millionth ILL logged by Winthrop University
6 Maurice Glicksman is new Board member
7 OCLC wins Internet award [Meckler Internet Award]
7 New Dewey editor named [Joan Mitchell, DDC, Forest Press]
8 North Adams State College wins workstation
8 LASER will provide access to OLUC in UK
9 Library students visit OCLC [Ann Allan, Kent State University]
9 Elaine Estes wins Electronic Dewey [DDC, Forest Press]
10 The most popular books of 1992 [Top 66 titles of 1992]
11 OCLC statistics
12 Research and Development
12 Research Advisory Committee meets
14 Special Report/Reference Services
14 Quality and teamwork improve software development
16 Research supports reference services development
16 Hours extended for reference services
16 Accessing reference services
18 Sigma Theta Tau and OCLC to publish electronic journal [OJKSN, EJO]
18 Jane Barnsteiner to edit new journal [OJKSN, EJO]
19 GUIDON interface improves Internet access to electronic journal [OJCCT, EJO]
19 New Internet listserver to provide electronic journal information
20 OCLC responds to FirstSearch users
21 EPIC is reference tool for librarians
22 ArticleFirst and ContentsFirst: database creation, quality control, enhancements, subjects represented, updating and indexing process
25 FirstSearch and EPIC databases listed
26 MEDLINE to be added to FirstSearch and EPIC
26 Dynamic Information is new document supplier
27 Interview
27 Berna Heyman, assistant university librarian for automation and bibliographic control; and James Rettig, assistant university librarian for reference and information services, College of William and Mary
33 Product News
33 Supporting reference services
33 CAT CD450 updated [PRISM CAT CD450]
34 Forest Press and Celtech offer library guide
34 New regional GAC facilitates borrowing [NEUL, GNYS, NE@R]
34 Editorial Policy Committee reports progress [DDC, Forest Press, Dewey]
34 Library Scene

May/June 1993 No. 203

From K. Wayne Smith: "Three Pieces of Very Good News" [IDI, pricing, industrial bond]
Membership News
4 OCLC acquires IDI [Information Dimensions, Inc]
5 OCLC TECHPRO catalogs 28 millionth record [Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society]
6 Research library directors meet at OCLC
7 Online journal for electrical engineers scheduled for October [IEE, Electronics Letters Online, INSPEC, ELO, EJO]
8 Stetson University requests 43 millionth ILL
9 Howard University makes 44 millionth ILL request
10 FBI donates remaining stolen books to Creighton [Omaha Project]
11 OCLC to publish new consolidated manual for OCLC-MARC formats [Bibliographic Formats and Standards]
11 UC-Berkeley to use OCLC CJK Plus
12 Catholic University wins workstation
13 OCLC statistics
13 Swem Library celebrates with FirstSearch drawings [College of William and Mary]
13 Washington Report
14 Renee McHenry is On the Front Line award winner [OOFLA]
15 OCLC Library School Program offered in Europe
15 Internet speeds document delivery [listserv, list servers]
16 Blue ribbon panel assesses telecommunications regulation [Larry Learn]
17 OCLC invited to speak at Bogazici University [Turkey]
17 ITIMG visits OCLC
18 Health Sciences OCLC Users Group meets [HSOCLCUG]
18 Ron Jones named director of administrative services
19 Top 100 monographs
21 Research and Development
21 Roger Noll speaks on the economics of scholarly publishing
25 Special Report/MAPS
25 Through innovation and invention, MAPS breaks the mold
26 Steps in the microfilming process
29 Deciding which items to preserve
31 The MAPS staff: handling with care
33 The MAPS Storage facility
33 Tour MAPS via video
34 Interview 
34 C. Lee Jones, president, MAPS The MicrogrAphic Preservation Service
39 Product News
39 PRISM Keyword Searching installed
39 More enhancements added to PRISM
40 OCLC to extend PRISM service availability
40 FirstSearch users can now place electronic ILL requests
40 OCLC begins massive automated authority control project [database quality, name headings corrections and subject headings corrections]
41 Library Literature database now on FirstSearch and EPIC
42 DiscLit: British Authors named to Media & Methods awards portfolio
43 Supporting new workstation platforms
43 EPIC prices to be standardized
44 The minimalist approach to CBT [computer-based training, Penny Mattern]
46 New Dewey teaching tool available [DDC, Forest Press]
46 OCLC CJK Plus adds Pinyin-to-Wage-Giles conversion feature
48 Letters
48 British Library's catalogs available [Brian Kefford, BLAISE Information Services]

July/August 1993 No. 204

From K. Wayne Smith: "Building Our Electronic Information Highways"
Membership News
4 Library leaders attend fourth President's Luncheon
4 OCLC On the Front Line award nominations sought [OOFLA]
4 Flood-damaged libraries offered assistance
Washington Report
5 New Jersey library logs 45 millionth ILL [Burlington County Library]
6 Opinions on documentation wanted [Debbie Hysell]
6 OCLC begins cataloging project for LC [TECHPRO, Hungarian, Romanian]
7 Robots move into OCLC Computer Room [StorageTek, nearline storage]
8 Users Council discusses values
9 Users Council meeting minutes available via Internet
OCLC statistics
10 California woman wins LITA/OCLC Minority Scholarship [Shirley Ann Fonseca]
10 Collection analysis tool offered to North American library schools [CACD]
10 Two win TECHPRO cataloging
11 Katherine Blauer promoted to director of national sales
11 Martin Dillon now heads library resources management division
12 Mark Matson promoted to manager of human resources
12 Susan Olson appointed director of network relations
13 Research and Development
13 OCLC awards three Research grants [LISRG]
15 Special Report: Database Quality
15 Database quality: its cost, focus, and future
16 How OCLC and member libraries are improving the Online Union Catalog
19 Users comment on database quality
21 Task force reports on future use of OLUC [Users Council]
22 Cooperative programs promote quality [CONSER, Enhance, Fiction, NACO]
24 Four areas work together to maintain OLUC quality [staff quotes]
26 Interview
26 Martin Dillon, director of OCLC's library resources management division
30 Product News
30 ISI's The Genuine Article to supply FirstSearch documents
30 Dynamic Information drops price on some documents for delivery
30 Three popular databases added to FirstSearch and EPIC
31 Troubleshooting Internet connections
31 AMIGOS and OCLC introduce Custom Cut CD for group collection assessment [CACD]
32 North Carolina State Library pioneers statewide FirstSearch availability [group purchase plan]

September/October 1993 No. 205

From K. Wayne Smith: "Making Progress on Our Three New Priorities" [Reference Services, enhancements to PRISM, and International expansion]
Membership News
4 Meg Bellinger is new MAPS president
4 Colorado Library logs 46 millionth ILL
Washington Report
6 RONDAC meets in Massachusetts
6 SOLINET submits grant proposal for RONDAC preservation project
OCLC Statistics
8 Lynn Ziegler wins award for PRISM ILL CBT
10 Special Report/Conversion & Contract Cataloging Services
10 How to plan conversion and contract cataloging projects [Maureen Finn]
12 RETROCON tackles Harvard and 40 other projects
14 More libraries use OCLC's batch conversion services
17 Burning the midnight oil: third-shift staffers input conversion and serials data
18 Experienced TECHPRO staff catalogs wide variety of >materials
20 Libraries in Europe and Asia choose OCLC to convert their catalogs
21 Interview
21 Gary Houk, vice president for OCLC services
25 Product News
25 New OCLC workstation is introduced
25 Cables—the crucial link
26 Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia available on FirstSearch
26 OCLC Reference Services available around-the-clock around the world
27 Editorial Policy Committee continues work on DDC21 [Dewey, Forest Press]
27 Book Review Digest now available on FirstSearch and EPIC
28 Library Scene
28 Pickler Memorial Library, Northeast Missouri State University [building dedication]

November/December 1993 No. 206

From K. Wayne Smith: "Cataloging and the Electronic Library" [on "OCLC's Cataloging & Database Services Strategy" white paper]
Membership News
4 Users Council discusses Bibliographic Commons
5 OCLC and IDI to develop ACM's electronic publishing system [STEPS]
6 Ohio University enters OLUC's 29 millionth record
7 DePaul University logs 47 millionth ILL
OCLC statistics
8 OCLC Europe coordinates 1993 IFLA activities
Washington report
9 OCLC issues 1992/93 Annual Report
10 Librarians from Eastern Europe visit OCLC [Soros Foundation Fellows, LC]
10 OCLC issues Cataloging & Database Services Strategy
11 Garden libraries share resources through new GAC [CBHL Consortium]
11 Irene Hoffman new director of OCLC Pacific
12 Giles Martin appointed to Dewey Editorial Committee [DDC, Editorial Policy q Committee, Forest Press
12 OCLC to demo products, host symposium at ALA Midwinter
13 Judges named for 1994 OCLC on the Front Line Award OOFLA]
15 Special Report/Public Libraries and Technology
15 Public libraries advise, govern, participate [Clarence Walters]
16 The Allen County Public Library [Jeffrey R Krull]
18 The Alexandria Library [Patrick M O'Brien]
20 The Elmhurst Public Library [Marilyn Boria]
22 The San Francisco Public Library [Kenneth E Dowlin, Katherine M Wingerson]
24 The St. Louis Public Library [Glen Holt]
26 The Tulsa City-County Library System [Pat Woodrum]
27 Interview
27 Marilyn Mason, director of the Cleveland Public Library
31 Product News
31 R.R. Bowker and OCLC plan electronic ordering/cataloging service
31 Automatic copy cataloging service tested [PromptCat]
32 INSPEC added to FirstSearch and EPIC
32 Dawson to distribute FirstSearch in Europe
32 Microcomputer Abstracts added to FirstSearch and EPIC
33 Worldscope now on FirstSearch
33 TLP can contain costs, increase productivity
34 UMI and OCLC announce one-hour document delivery
34 ContentsAlert now available
35 IDI awarded contract with Barclays Bank
35 GUIDON 20 improves electronic journal access
36 OCLC enhances PRISM service, extends hours of availability
36 OCLC begins retrospective conversion project for Japan's Waseda University
37 New Dewey workbook published [DDC, Forest Press]
37 High-speed modem now available
38 Symposium on technical services to be held at ALA Midwinter
39 Library Scene
39 The Gelman Library, George Washington University

January/February 1994 No. 207

From K. Wayne Smith: "Measuring Our Response Times" [network, symposium at ALA Midwinter, pricing]
Membership News
4 OCLC to test Internet access to PRISM
4 OJCCT included in Index Medicus [Current Clinical Trials, EJO, MEDLINE]
5 500 million holdings now in OLUC
6 Users Council discusses electronic publishing
6 OCLC offers assistance to earthquake-damaged libraries
OCLC Statistics
7 University of California, Riverside, logs 48 millionth ILL
8 OCLC expands Enhance program after CIP upgrade test
8 MAPS name changed to Preservation Resources
9 NY librarian wins Electronic Dewey [DDC]
9 Frank Grisham roasted at RONDAC meeting
9 Morton Sinkoff is new IDI vice president of marketing
10 Liz Bishoff addresses Chinese librarians
10 A Day in the Life of user and network support
11 OCLC staffer contributes ornament to White House tree [Donna Dietz]
12 Special Report/OCLC Forest Press and the Dewey Decimal Classification
12 Dewey 101: Melvil Dewey, the Dewey Decimal Classification, and Forest Press
14 Keeping Dewey up-to-date [DDC]
15 Keeping up-to-date on Dewey [DDC]
16 Dewey Classification is used worldwide [DDC]
17 Electronic Dewey: a high-tech version of the classic classification system [DDC]
18 Research libraries use and help build the DDC [Dewey Decimal Classification]
18 Organizing your computer [by David Mundie, DDC, Dewey Decimal Classification]
21 Interview
21 Peter J Paulson, executive director of OCLC Forest Press
25 Product News
25 FirstSearch use growing
25 Electronic nursing journal now available [OJKSN, Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing, EJO]
26 FirstSearch discounted for school libraries
26 FirstSearch available to universities in the UK [CHEST/NISS]
26 BusinessNews to be available on FirstSearch, EPIC
27 UMI and OCLC now offering one-hour document delivery [FastDoc]
28 FirstSearch to be available in Scandinavia [BTJ, Bibliotekstjanst]
28 Harvard acquires OCLC CJK Plus systems
28 Volume discounts, expanded base package, and per-database pricing for FirstSearch subscribers
29 Harvard to use OCLC for retrospective conversion of Korean titles (CJK RETROCON]
30 British Library Document Supply Centre is a document supplier on The FirstSearch Catalog [BLDSC]
31 Changes made to CONSER newsletter [CONSERline]
32 Symposium on the future of technical processing draws SRO audience [ALA]

March/April 1994 No. 208

From K. Wayne Smith: "Toward a Global Library Network" [Vernon R. Library, Ohio University, International expansion]
Membership News
4 FirstSearch Document Ordering/ILL System wins CLIPS Award
5 LC and OCLC cooperate to broaden information access
5 OCLC to develop ILL reimbursement system
6 Virginia Commonwealth University logs 49 millionth ILL
OCLC Statistics
7 OCLC publishes cataloging symposium proceedings
8 Automated Authority Control project completes final phase
8 The most popular book of 1993 [Top 100 monographs]
9 ARL receives OCLC grand for preservation guide revision
10 AT&T and OCLC to offer FirstSearch on trial basis to corporate Internet users
11 Washington Report
12 James Rush is ASIS president-elect
12 Ichiko Morita moves from Ohio State to Library of Congress [OSU]
13 OCLC-News available via Internet
13 Rick Noble named vice president of reference services
13 Kate Nevins named SOLINET executive director
15 Special Report/OCLC Asia Pacific Services
15 Asian records help libraries worldwide
16 National Library of Australia catalogs Asian collections on OCLC
18 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology uses OCLC for cataloging, reference services, and ILL
19 Andrew Wang to speak at APALA conference
20 CJK Plus transfers to PRISM this fall
21 Selected Titles aids collection development
22 Local dealers distribute OCLC services in Asian countries
25 OCLC CJK TECHPRO services catalogs for USC [University of Southern California]
26 China Project staff learn about life in the US [Lani Porter]
28 Interview
28 Andrew H. Wang, director of the OCLC Asia Pacific services division
32 Product News
32 Online Journal for electrical engineers available [Electronics Letters Online, ELO, \JO]
33 Cambridge databases to be added to FirstSearch
Information Dimensions' new BASIS SGMLserver now available
34 Colorado State University transfers local file to OCLC PRISM ILL system [LDRs]
35 Library Scene
35 Earthquake unshelves books at the Master's Seminary Libraries
36 Cool catalogers work at Indiana University Libraries [sunglasses]

May/June 1994 No. 209

From K. Wayne Smith: "Coming Up: An International Video Teleconference on the Electronic Library" [International Videoconference on the Electronic Library]
Membership News
4 Directors of Research libraries attend annual conference [Annual Research Library Directors Conference, Brian L. Hawkins, Robert M. Hayes, Nancy L. Eaton, William Gray Potter, Carla Stoffle, William J. Studer]
6 Sonoma State University logs 50 millionth ILL
7 Southern Illinois University at Carbondale enters 30 millionth record
7 Librarians win at conferences [Electronic Dewey, workstation, FirstSearch]
8 50 ILL milestones
10 Washington Report [NII]
10 Automated Authority Control project completed
11 Senior management appointments announced [Don Muccino, Phyllis Spies, Rick Schwieterman]
11 Dorothy Gregor receives Hugh C. Atkinson Memorial Award
11 OCLC Statistics
12 International
12 FirstSearch available in Australian universities
13 National Taiwan Normal University makes FirstSearch available to students and faculty
14 Tamkang University Library to expand use of The FirstSearch Catalog
14 Libraries in European countries evaluate FirstSearch
16 FirstSearch to be demonstrated in Europe
16 FirstSearch available in the United Kingdom [CHEST/NISS agreement]
19 Special Report/ The FirstSearch Catalog
19 Statistics indicate FirstSearch's value at Columbia [Elaine Sloan]
20 FirstSearch widely used from day-one at University of Minnesota (Thomas W Shaugnessy]
21 User response is enthusiastic at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro [Doris Hulbert]
22 FirstSearch is a focus of end-user searching at the University of Vermont [Paul Philbin]
24 FirstSearch provided through gateway at Washington University [Shirley Baker]
25 The Wellesley Free Library provides mediated access [Patricia G Oyler]
26 Group purchases bring FirstSearch to thousands of users
26 Reference Services Timeline
27 FirstSearch/PRISM ILL link streamlines interlibrary loan process
28 FirstSearch documentation available on the Internet
28 Keeping current on OCLC reference products [OCLC Reference News]
29 California State Library to coordinate FirstSearch access
29 The FirstSearch Catalog offers three full-text document retrieval options
30 Reference Services Advisory Committee meets
31 WRLC and OCLC to develop imaging capability for SiteSearch [Pat Stevens, Washington Research Library Consortium]
32 Librarians report on FirstSearch's popularity with their users
43 The Cleveland Public Library makes FirstSearch widely available
36 Library damaged by earthquake uses FirstSearch to provide information [California Institute of the Arts]
37 FirstSearch databases
37 Future databases
38 Interview
38 Lee Donne Olvey, OCLC vice president and assistant to the president
42 Product News
42 Raleigh Muns is named OCLC On the Front Line Award winner [OOFLA]
42 OCLC PRISM service training materials available soon [PRISM Basics Training Materials, CBT]
43 Facts OnLine joins OCLC PRISM ILL Document Supplier Program
43 OCLC's new IBM workstation is a winner [M486sx/25, M486DXI]
44 OCLC to exhibit at ALA

July/August 1994 No. 210

From K. Wayne Smith: "IDI and OCLC: Positive Synergies for the Electronic Library"
Membership News
4 OCLC and networks to host International videoconference
4 Library leaders attend OCLC President's Luncheon
5 OCLC nominated for 1994 Computerworld Smithsonian Awards
5 OCLC 00 to Library of Congress ISSN fund
5 INCOLSA celebrates 20th anniversary
6 OCLC Users Council elects William Potter, Ellen Waite to board
7 The OCLC Online Union Catalog: Principles of Cooperation for OCLC and Member Libraries
8 Richard Van Orden is named Users Council program manager
8 Southwestern University logs 51 millionth ILL
9 EPA Headquarters Library makes 52 millionth ILL request
10 IDI announces two staff appointments [William Claire, Paul Williams]
10 Washington Report [Task Force to spell out NII vision]
10 IDI sells ZyLab to ZyCo Incorporated
11 RONDAC elects 1994-95 officers
11 OCLC Statistics
12 OCLC offers assistance to libraries damaged by floods
12 OLAC/MOUG meeting scheduled for Oct. 5-8
12 Staff promotions announced [Richard Hale, Terry Noreault, Thom Hickey, Mike Teets]
13 International
13 Three major retrospective conversion projects under way in Europe [French Ministry of Education and Culture, University of Oxford, University College London]
17 Third Japan OCLC Users Meeting draws more than 300 librarians
18 Research
18 Terry Noreault discusses the OCLC office of Research
19 Visiting scholar completes Research on quality control of cataloging rules [Shoichi Taniguchi]
20 OCLC office of Research has opportunities for Researchers [Visiting Scholar, Postdoctoral Fellowship]
22 Special Report/Information Dimensions Inc.
22 IDI provides document-management solutions
22 Thomson Professional Publishing automates process with BASISplus
23 Document management helps organizations succeed
23 What IDI's customers are saying
24 Applying BASISplus to the publishing industry will increase productivity
24 BASISplus serves the information superhighway
25 IDI's user group to meet in October
25 2,000 installations around the world
26 SGML allows cross-system electronic document sharing
28 TECHLIBplus provides automation solutions for special libraries
30 Interview
30 James R. Hackbarth, president and chief operating officer, Information Dimensions Inc
33 Product News
33 OCLC to transfer Union List and Name-Address Directory to PRISM
33 Supporting Internet access to the PRISM service
34 OCLC Gateway Software now available
34 EPIC documentation now available on the Internet
35 Business News is now on FirstSearch and EPIC
35 Texas cataloger designs PASSPORT for Windows icon [Barbara Szalkowski]
35 ABI/INFORM now available on The FirstSearch Catalog

September/October 1994 No. 211

From K. Wayne Smith: "At Warp Speed"
Membership News
4 OCLC Videoconference explores electronic library
5 US Department of Education provides grant for catalog of Internet resources
6 RONDAC meets in Washington, DC
7 Public library staffer wins LITA/OCLC Minority Scholarship
OCLC Statistics
8 Indiana University enters the 31 millionth record
8 University of Delaware makes 53 millionth ILL request
9 Clarence Walters is honored at ALA
10 Elaine Svenonius appointed to the DCEPC
11 International
11 Three universities in Taiwan become PRISM users
12 OCLC converts Chinese titles for Harvard-Yenching Library
12 Bodleian Library (Oxford) converts post-1920 collection with OCLC [photo: B. Cupps, B. Porter; G. McKinney; and E. Yandolino]
13 Research
13 Research Advisory Committee meets
14 OCLC TULIP project explores electronic access to journals without SGML tags
14 Special Report/OCLC Electronic Publishing
15 OCLC electronic publishing: creating new pathways to information
18 Constructing the information superhighway in medicine
18 Guidon 30 offers photos and link to FirstSearch
19 Readers' Memorandum
20 Disseminating nursing knowledge
20 Glossary of cyberspace terms
21 ISI to index Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing
22 Stepping into electronic publishing
23 British publisher shares his electronic vision at Belfast conference
24 Focusing on providing information to users
26 OCLC staff members from many areas work on the EJO service
26 Racing into the future: AIP embraces electronic publishing
28 Current Opinions journals going online
30 Interview
30 David J. Brown, founder of DJB Associates, and Rick Noble, OCLC vice president of reference services
38 Library Scene
38 University of Oregon's Knight Library
39 Product News
39 Union List and Name-Address Directory now in PRISM
40 GEOBASE is now available on FirstSearch and EPIC
40 Chicago Library System begins FirstSearch pilot project
40 Yankee Book Peddler is first vendor to sign on to PromptCat service
41 Dewey Classification committee approves important revisions for DDC21
41 Four book vendors now signed on to PromptCat
42 A practical guide to the DDC published
42 New release of OCLC SiteSearch provides links from article to library holdings
43 OCLC ILL PRISM Transfer service streamlines the interlibrary loan process
43 DiscLit: World Authors—from Aeschylus to Zola—is now available
44 IDI developing new BASIS WEBserver

November/December 1994 No. 212

From K. Wayne Smith: "Planning our Work and Working our Plan"
Membership News
4 OCLC Users Council meets
5 OCLC World Wide Web Server offers information, documentation and more
6 Information providers meet at OCLC
6 Internet problem interrupts some FirstSearch users
7 University of Connecticut logs 54 millionth OCLC interlibrary loan
8 OCLC creates national level category for Enhance Program
8 State Librarians Forum meets
8 OCLC to implement Format Integration, Phase 1
9 UPS replacement ensures online systems' uptime
10 OCLC Statistics 
11 DDC books awarded at NYLA conference
12 Washington Report
12 The end of an era
13 OCLC promotes Liz Bishoff to vice president, member services
13 "Cruisin" That Information Superhighway with Mr. Dewey and his Dot" video available
14 International
14 New Zealand universities now use the FirstSearch service
14 Soros Fellows visit OCLC
15 PICA libraries test Z39.50 interface to OCLC FirstSearch databases
16 Research
16 Yuri Rubinsky explores use of SGML to generate text for sight-impaired
18 OCLC awards three Research grants
18 OCLC invites applications for Research Fellow program
20 Special Report/PromptCat
20 PromptCat, OCLC's new copy cataloging option, to be introduced in April
20 Academic Book Center
21 Blackwell North America
21 Yankee Book Peddler
21 Baker & Taylor
22 Michigan State tested PromptCat prototype in fall 1993
22 Ohio State conducts selection-rate study of PromptCat
23 OCLC will use EDI for PromptCat efficiency
23 PromptCat Seminar
24 Interview
24 Donald J. Muccino, OCLC executive vice president and chief operating officer
27 Product News
27 OCLC CJK Plus gains popularity in public libraries
28 Subject Headings for Children is now available from Forest Press
29 Electronic Error Reporting activated in October
30 University of Missouri offers networked access to journal citations through OCLC SiteSearch
30 Two TECHPRO projects are under way for Loyola University Chicago
31 Visit the OCLC booth at ALA Midwinter Conference
32 FirstSearch upgrade provides online access to documents

January/February 1995 No. 213

From K. Wayne Smith: "OCLC and the Internet"
Membership News
4 SUNY celebrates 20th anniversary
4 TECHPRO reaches 10-year mark
6 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign logs 55 millionth OCLC interlibrary loan in record time
5 Task force looks back on Videoconference
8 OCLC issues annual report
OCLC Statistics 
9 OCLC appoints Susan Lowenstam vice president and general counsel
8 DDC books awarded at American Association of School Librarians conference
8 Nicholas Cop named director of Latin American marketing
10 Top 100 serials
11 International
11 110 libraries in Asia Pacific joined OCLC last year
11 Andrew H. Wang appointed advisor of National Central Library, Taiwan
13 Research
13 Office of Research project develops tools for describing and accessing Internet resources
17 Product News
17 OCLC Electronic Journals Online system adding World Wide Web access
17 OCLC announces port price reductions for FirstSearch
18 Applied Physics Letters Online now available
19 PRISM Authorities now available
19 Physical Review Letters to go online in 1995
20 Library of Congress uses OCLC SiteSearch to speed cataloging of foreign titles

March/April 1995 No. 214

From K. Wayne Smith: "Our Global Community"
Membership News
4 University of Strathclyde adds 32 millionth gold record to OLUC
5 Elsevier Science and OCLC to make journals available electronically
5 OCLC Users Council discusses The NII, the Internet, and OCLC
6 OCLC and EBSCO Publishing to offer full-text images of articles for 1,000 general reference journals
7 Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information joins PRISM document supplier program
7 OCLC seeks participants in Internet cataloging project
8 Global conference of Research library directors meets at OCLC
10 Reflecting on BCR's 60 years of service to the library community
11 OCLC Statistics
12 Kansas State University logs 56 millionth OCLC ILL
12 Electronic nursing journal subscription information now available on the World Wide Web
13 FirstSearch trial begins in Colorado
14 Over 200 Iowa libraries begin FirstSearch pilot
14 ALA attendees win Forest Press publications
14 Facts OnLine delivers for Researchers
15 Dorothy Gregor appointed assistant to the president for academic and Research library
15 Ann Nash named director of OCLC Pacific
16 Top books in 1994
18 PromptCat seminar held at ALA Midwinter
19 International
19 National Library in Prague to contribute Czech National Bibliography to OLUC
20 An update on the OCLC CJK Plus System
20 National Technical Information Center and Library of Hungary to use retrospective conversion and PRISM ILL
22 Research
22 Research Advisory Committee meets
22 Accessing OCLC
23 OCLC access options increase
24 Several Internet access methods available
25 Internet access to PRISM now regular service
26 OCLC Gateway software discussed at ALA Midwinter
30 Telecommunications Linking Program (TLP) participants meet
31 Interview
31 George Carpenter, director of OCLC telecommunications and user support
31 Product News
33 FastDoc offers quick, easy access to full text of articles
33 RILM Abstracts of Music Literature to be available on FirstSearch and EPIC
34 EconLit is now available on FirstSearch and EPIC
34 OCLC introduces new workstations
35 Immunology Today Online now available
35 Library Scene
36 A quiet moment at the Research Library Directors Conference

May/June 1995 No. 215

From K. Wayne Smith: "Good News on the Economic Front"
Membership News
4 OCLC NetFirst to improve end-user access to Internet resources
4 NetFirst FAQ
5 Chapman & Hall announces new editorial staff
6 University of Chicago logs 57 millionth ILL using FirstSearch/PRISM Link
6 University of Rochester sets new record logging 58 millionth ILL
7 OCLC PRISM service availability extended
8 A changing of the guard: OCLC's new state-of-the-art PRISM hardware
10 OCLC statistics
11 Series and Mesh headings correction projects begin
11 OCLC Forest Press home page now available on WWW
12 Washington Report: House and Senate debate telecommunications reform
12 Top 1,000 serials on WWW
13 In Memoriam: Kevin Flaherty, executive director of Michigan Library Consortium
13 Susan Gangl is named OCLC On the Front Line (OOFLA) Award winner
14 Pamela Brown appointed to Dewey Editorial Policy Committee
14 OCLC trainers receive International award for CBT
15 OCLC exhibits, meetings at the American Library Association Annual Conference
16 International
16 SABINET hosts OCLC Europe staff visit to South Africa
16 92 institutions in Japan begin trial use of FirstSearch
18 OCLC Europe Users' Forum held
19 End-user Services and the Electronic Library
20 Seminar on library integration held in Romania
22 Research
22 Carol Tenopir discusses electronic reference services
24 Annual Review of OCLC Research now available
25 Resource Sharing
25 Working to improve access to information
27 Resource sharing strategy white paper available
28 OCLC ILL Fee Management service tracks interlibrary loan charges
28 FirstSearch increasingly provides access to materials
29 OCLC ILL PRISM Transfer moves local ILL files to the PRISM service
29 ILL ME for Windows being developed
30 Development of new PRISM ILL reports under way
30 Custom Holdings to be added to PRISM ILL
31 Interview
32 Christine Deschamps: The director of the library of the University Paris V (ReneDescartes) discusses resource sharing in Europe
36 Product News
36 New OCLC cataloging service, PromptCat, is now available
36 FirstSearch Web server to debut this fall
37 ProceedingsFirst and PapersFirst now available on FirstSearch and EPIC
37 American Business Information now available on FirstSearch and EPIC
38 Dissertation Abstracts now on FirstSearch
38 Index to Legal Periodicals and Books added to FirstSearch and EPIC
38 New versions of OCLC SiteSearch software products introduced
39 Discover the Electronic Library at OCLC Booth 412 during ALA annual
40 Library Scene
40 Central library in San Antonio, Texas

July/August 1995 No. 216

From K. Wayne Smith: "To the Next Stage of the Electronic Library: Continuing the Dialogue"
Membership News
4 OCLC Users Council holds elections, focuses on cooperation and competition
6 800 attend OCLC President's Luncheon at ALA Conference
7 Oprah spoof from President's Luncheon available through ILL
7 OCLC holds authority control seminar at ALA
8 Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee wraps up edition 21 and plans for edition 22
8 OCLC makes Z3950 development tool available to public
8 South Carolina State University Library logs 59 millionth OCLC ILL
9 OCLC to seek compliance with ISO 9000 standards
OCLC Statistics
10 Internet Cataloging project database now available
10 Dorothy Gregor named consultant for Japan STI project
11 RONDAC executive committee elected
11 Randy Dykhuis named executive director of MLC
11 RONDAC roasts departing directors
12 Top 100 International newspapers
14 International
14 University in Chile tests FirstSearch
14 Mexican library first in Latin America to use FirstSearch
16 Latvian library uses OCLC services
17 25 libraries in South Africa adopt FirstSearch
18 Research
18 HotJava is brewing
19 OCLC offers free access to Fred, a tagged-text interpreter
19 Steps
20 STEPS toward a new era of electronic publishing
21 SGML keeps document elements in their place
22 Product News
22 Current Opinions journals available through OCLC Electronic Journals Online
22 Vaccine Online is second Elsevier electronic journal available through OCLC
23 IEE Proceedings to go online
24 Electronic nursing journal available on the World Wide Web
24 FirstSearch goes statewide in Illinois
25 FirstSearch enhanced in version 31
26 Chicago pilot initiates FirstSearch into Illinois
26 Virtual Library of Virginia contracts for FirstSearch through SOLINET
27 H.W. Wilson to offer two new full-text databases on OCLC online reference services
27 Use of ILL Fee Management continues to increase
28 PromptSelect pilot begins
28 FastDoc revised
29 OCLC CJK Plus seminar held in Washington, DC
30 Central Michigan University Libraries use TECHPRO
30 OCLC WebZ Server functions as HTTP server and gateway to Z3950
31 IDI announces TECHLIBplus OPAC for Windows Release 20
32 Internet publishing capabilities are presented at DRUPA "95

September/October 1995 No. 217 Preservation Resources

From K. Wayne Smith: "The Information Highway, Librarians and OCLC"
Membership News
4 OCLC PRISM service available 24 hours, five days a week
4 University of Missouri-Rolla logs 60 millionth ILL
5 Kansas City Public Library enters 33 millionth OLUC record
5 ALA attendees win Forest Press publications
6 RONDAC meets in Madison, Wisconsin
7 Millard Johnson appointed executive director of INCOLSA
8 OCLC to sponsor Margaret Mann Citation
8 Jungja Park Yoon is LITA/OCLC minority scholarship winner
9 Flags in OCLC atrium represent OCLC services around the world
9 Librarians win dictionaries in conference drawings
9 OCLC employment opportunities posted on home page
10 International
10 Restoration of Accademia dei Georgofili under way
11 Crimea 95 Conference
12 OCLC converts 209,000 East Asian titles
12 OCLC CJK Users Group Executive Board meets
13 Research
13 Research Advisory Committee meets
14 OCLC awards 1995 Research grants
14 Preservation Resources
15 Preservation Resources broadens services, geographic coverage
16 Scanning focuses on access to preserved materials
17 Preservation Resource projects involve range of libraries, materials
20 Preservation Resources home page now on WWW
20 Interview
21 Meg Bellinger, president, Preservation Resources
25 Product News
25 IEEE's proceedings journal to join EJO service
25 Journal of Applied Physiology to go online
25 Books in Print now accessible on FirstSearch and EPIC
26 New French intermediate edition of DDC published
26 DDC 20 to be published in Spanish
27 Information Dimensions to provide integrated document management solutions using open technologies
27 Information Dimensions announces strategic relationship with PowerCerv
28 To the Editor
28 Error in Top 100 International Newspapers noted

November/December 1995 No. 218 OCLC Affiliated US Regional Networks

From K. Wayne Smith: "OCLC to Subsidize Workstation Purchases for Member Libraries"
Membership News
4 OCLC Users Council discusses Human Factors and Information Technology
5 OCLC to accelerate upgrading of CIP data in OLUC
5 Kent State using TECHPRO
6 Northern Illinois University logs 61 millionth ILL
6 University of Southern Maine hits 62 millionth ILL
7 OCLC to complete format integration project
8 OCLC issues 1994/95 annual report
8 Dewey drawing winners announced
9 WWW provides easy access to OCLC Internet lists
9 OCLC Europe director to retire
OCLC statistics
10 Top 100 monographic records in OCLC libraries
12 Database producers meet at OCLC
13 International
13 First Russian experience with OCLC
14 German libraries and OCLC to align International standards
15 European Union publications to be added to OLUC
16 FirstSearch use increasing in Thailand
17 Andrew H Wang speaks in Singapore
18 PRISM ILL goes down under
19 Research
19 Research proposals sought
20 US Regional Networks
20 A special partnership
21 An introduction
21 AMIGOS support desk is a success
22 BCR—60 years of serving members
22 CAPCON—Helping fledgling users take wing
23 FEDLINK—Serving distributed clientele
23 ILLINET—Communicating electronically
24 INCOLSA—Internet options and new accounting system
24 Resource Sharing through MINITEX
25 96 attend MLC-sponsored program on outsourcing
26 MLNC—No-charge resource sharing group grows
27 On the road with the NEBASE mobile network
27 NELINET—Introducing FirstSearch
28 OCLC Pacific—Measuring customer satisfaction
28 OHIONET—Working with statewide and regional library groups
29 PALINET—Communicating with member libraries
29 PRLC merges with PALINET
30 SOLINET—Consulting packages developed to support member needs
30 SUNY—If it's Tuesday, this must be New York City
31 The WILS distance education program
31 RONDAC: coordination and communication
32 Interview
32 Susan Singleton, RONDAC chair
35 Product News
35 OCLC to offer workstation subsidy
35 PromptCat takes copy cataloging to a new level
36 OCLC introduces Passport for Windows
38 EBSCOMags increases full-text availability on FirstSearch and EPIC
39 Dewey for Windows to be demonstrated at ALA Midwinter
39 Information Dimensions and Netscape form relationship
40 ALA Midwinter

Jan/February 1996 No. 219

From K. Wayne Smith: "GALILEO: Customizing, Connecting, Cooperating"
Membership News
4 Harvard Judaica audiovisual resources now in OLUC
5 RONDAC addresses resource sharing directions
6 Phoenix Public Library enters 34 millionth bibliographic record into OCLC Online Union Catalog
7 Smith College logs 63 millionth ILL
7 InterLingua joins ILL Document Supplier Program
OCLC Statistics
8 Casalini Libri to add Italian records to OLUC
9 Puvill Libros to add Spanish records to the OLUC
10 International
10 Japanese records from Waseda University added to OLUC
11 154 libraries in Asia Pacific join OCLC in 1995
11 Slovenian libraries to access FirstSearch
12 Russian DDC 21 translation agreement signed
12 Dewey guide now available in French
13 Research
13 Office of Research studies copy cataloging throughput time for CIP titles
13 OLUC 25
15 Announcing the "What the OCLC Online Union Catalog Means to Me" essay contest
16 January/February highlights
16 GALILEO/SiteSearch
18 Georgia's GALILEO project
19 GALILEO uses OCLC SiteSearch software to deliver
19 information to Georgia libraries
20 The building blocks of GALILEO
22 Valdosta State University moves closer to other state universities
24 Local information to be added to GALILEO
24 SOLINET provides training to libraries
25 PeachNet links Georgia campuses
25 OCLC helps convert records for GALILEO libraries
26 Current GALILEO Participating Libraries
26 Interview
27 Merryll Penson, Ralph E. Russell and William Gray Potter
31 Product News
31 Harvard Resource File makes rare bibliographic records available to OCLC PRISM users
31 SIRSI and OCLC to begin pilot project using common interface for cataloging
32 Business and Industry database to be added to FirstSearch
33 PRO CD databases provide telephone information from OCLC FirstSearch, EPIC
33 DataTimes to be available on FirstSearch
34 25 Million INSPEC records added to FirstSearch and EPIC
34 World Almanac books to be added to FirstSearch
35 Information Dimensions delivers electronic library management system for Intranets
35 Information Dimensions supports Hewlett-Packard Internet Solutions Program
36 Intranets
36 To err is Truman

March/April 1996 No. 220

From K. Wayne Smith: "Libraries, the Internet, and OCLC"
Membership News
4 OCLC Users Council discusses electronic information users
6 OCLC, ARL and University of Texas-Austin work together in Latin Americanist
6 Research Resources Pilot Project
7 Florida International University makes 64 millionth OCLC ILL request
8 PALINET celebrates 60 years of pioneering technology
10 EPIC sleuth strikes Seuss solution
11 Phase 2 of Format Integration installed
11 TECHPRO prize donated to Glenside Free Library
12 Librarian wins workstation; others win software from OCLC drawings
12 Jan DeSirey named to Dewey Editorial Committee
13 OCLC Forest Press announces winner of ALA Midwinter drawing
13 Linda Arnold appointed library member relations program manager
14 Conference of Research Library Directors focuses on archiving digital information
15 OCLC Statistics
16 International
16 OCLC helping to rebuild National Library of Bosnia
17 Libraries in Denmark using FirstSearch
18 Norwegian academic institutions using First Search
18 Kinokuniya representatives visit OCLC
19 Nanyang Technological University Library uses OCLC CJK Plus system to catalog Chinese collection
20 Research
20 Barbara Tillett discusses cataloging rules and conceptual models
20 OLUC 25
23 Enhancing and protecting the OCLC Online Union Catalog
23 March/April Records
23 OCLC FirstSearch and NetFirst on the Web
26 FirstSearch has new look, added capabilities on the World Wide Web
27 World Wide Web enhances the future of FirstSearch
28 NetFirst offers direction to Internet searchers
29 OCLC offers free access to NetFirst via the World Wide Web
30 Product News
30 Yankee Book Peddler joins OCLC CIP Upgrade Program
31 ILL PRISM Transfer continues to streamline the interlibrary loan process
32 Library Staffs find OCLC ILL Fee Management services saves time, money
33 Workstation Replacement program under way
34 Information Dimensions
34 Information Dimensions appoints new president and CEO
34 News International selects BASIS to power its new Internet editions
34 About Information Dimensions
35 BASIS named Product of the Year at exposition
35 Information Dimensions, SIRSI, EBSCO and CARL discuss >emerging trends in library automation
36 Letter/Library Scene
36 Harvard Resources File valuable tool for cataloging rare titles
36 CIRLA Board

June/July 1996 No. 221

From K. Wayne Smith: ""The Growing Value of Your OCLC Membership"
Membership News
4 OCLC Users Council discusses the globalization of OCLC services
5 High speed dial access service now available to OCLC network users
6 University of Colorado at Denver logs 65 millionth ILL request
7 University of Connecticut logs 66 millionth OCLC interlibrary loan
OCLC Statistics
8 Asia Link provides Asian language materials to libraries
9 Sandra Matsco named OCLC On the Front Line Award winner
10 DDC Translations brochure available
10 Fred Lauber named OCLC vice president, Telecommunications
11 OCLC names three to Reference Services posts
12 International
12 Tsinghua University establishes OCLC Service Center in China
13 OCLC Asia Pacific Services brings OCLC technical services to the East
14 The University of Waikato Library uses OCLC PRISM service
15 Janet Mitchell named managing director, OCLC Europe
16 Russian catalogers host meeting on bridging MARC formats
17 Research
17 Research Advisory Committee meets
17 OLUC 25
17 Collections and Technical Services
21 Integrating collections and technical services
22 The evolution of OCLC's technical services offerings
24 PromptCat provides automated copy cataloging
24 OCLC Selection coming
25 PRISM ILL facilitates acquisitions
26 OCLC works to automate authority control
27 Authority Control service now available
28 Contract services focus on customization and value
32 OCLC CJK services mark 10th anniversary
33 Product Services Menu provides access to OCLC information and support
34 PRISM Usage Stats provides details on PRISM use
35 US regional networks help libraries move into the 21st century
37 Interview
37 Jennifer A Younger, Ohio State University
42 Product News
42 The New York times soon will be available on FirstSearch, EPIC
42 ILL Fee Management reports now offered in electronic format
43 AIDS and Cancer Research on FirstSearch, EPIC
43 Abstracts added to Applied Science & Technology Index on FirstSearch
44 ILL Custom Holdings now includes union list data
44 OCLC to convert 23 million records for NYPL Research Libraries
45 Information Dimensions
45 Information Dimensions announces new executive team
46 Shell transforms Research organization with BASIS
47 Information Dimensions joins Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation
48 Winners of the OCLC Online Union Catalog essay contest named

July/August 1996 No. 222

From K. Wayne Smith: ""Happy 25th Birthday, OLUC!"
Membership News
4 OCLC President's Luncheon celebrates 25th anniversary of OLUC
5 Eden-Webster Library enters 35 millionth bibliographic record
6 New Hampshire State Library logs 67 millionth OCLC ILL
6 OCLC makes PURL software available free on the WWW
7 The Internet and why it's difficult to support
8 PALINET, West Virginia Library Commission produce FirstSearch training program
OCLC Statistics
9 NEBASE celebrates 20th anniversary
9 Participating Institutions available
10 OCLC's Web site grows
11 PLA, SLA and ALA drawing winners announced
11 Yin-Fen Pao receives LITA/OCLC minority scholarship
14 International
14 University of São Paulo joins OCLC
14 OCLC Site Search seminar held in Tokyo
15 OCLC Asia Pacific Services celebrates 10th year
16 OCLC RETROCON service is converting records for UK universities
17 NetFirst launched in London
17 OCLC Europe visits libraries in Israel
18 DDC 21 introduced in the UK
19 David Buckle retires from OCLC Europe
19 Research
20 Scorpion Project explores using Dewey to organize the Web
21 OCLC Office of Research publication available
22 OCLC awards 1996 Research grants
23 OCLC Office of Research and Special Projects Division staff
24 OLUC 25
24 Four who were there
25 July/August Highlights
25 What the OCLC Online Union Catalog Means to Me
27 Essay contest winners affirm value of OLUC
27 Product News
32 Dewey Decimal Classification: knowledge organization tool for the 21st century
36 DDC Edition 21 published
37 Practical guide revised for DDC 21
37 Dewey for Windows available
38 The UnCover Company becomes a FirstSearch document supplier
38 CINAHL now on FirstSearch and EPIC
39 FirstSearch service gets enhancements, new look on the Web
40 RILM Abstracts of Music Literature available on FirstSearch, EPIC
41 CatCD for Windows offers OCLC cataloging in offline, stand-alone environment
42 OCLC Selection now available
43 11 book vendors now participating in OCLC PromptCat service
43 Information Dimensions
44 BASIS Intranet Solution
45 Information Dimensions receives Ohio exporting award
46 BASIS Document Manager
47 Information Dimensions moves to OCLC campus
47 Library Scene
48 The Denver Public Library

September/October 1996 No. 223

From K. Wayne Smith "FirstSearch Is Changing The Way People Use libraries"
Membership News
4 OCLC Users Council meets to discuss regional networks, corsortia and other partnerships
5 Victoria Hanawalt is new OCLC Users Council president
6 Committee on Institutional Cooperation and OCLC building a Virtual Electronic Library
7 Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Library makes 68 millionth ILL request
8 The year 2000: Are OCLC computer systems ready for the millennium?
9 Help available for Internet problems
OCLC Statistics
10 WRLC supports information and Research needs of seven universities in District of Columbia area
12 OCLC Today video available through ILL
13 Arlene Taylor awarded Margaret Mann Citation
13 Mark Crook leaves empty place at OCLC
14 International
14 OCLC Service Center dedicated at Tsinghua University
14 100 academic and special libraries in Japan are now using FirstSearch
15 Tsinghua University honors K. Wayne Smith
16 NetFirst used by more than 85 higher education institutions in the UK
17 OCLC and SABINET forge closer relationships to serve South African libraries
17 Research
18 Research Advisory Committee meets
19 OLUC 25
19 The (in)famous OCLC apple cake
20 September/October highlights
20 FirstSearch Is Five
22 FirstSearch celebrates five years of innovation
22 OCLC FirstSearch Web is upgraded
23 FirstSearch use continues to grow in public libraries
24 Diverse users search FirstSearch at New York Public Library
25 FirstSearch "opens the world" for Allen County Population
26 FirstSearch is a staff favorite at Hennepin County Public Library
27 FirstSearch saves time for staff and users at San Francisco Public Library
28 FirstSearch makes good economic sense for Cuyahoga County Public Library
29 The New York Times is now available on OCLC FirstSearch service
29 Upcoming FirstSearch demonstrations
30 CAS teams with OCLC to launch FirstSearch CA Student Edition
31 Product News
31 OCLC WorldCat to be available to STN users via Z3950 gateway
32 OCLC SiteSearch 30 software adds features, flexibility
32 PALNI and Vanderbilt select OCLC SiteSearch
33 OCLC introduces Bib Notification
33 Information Dimensions
34 Information Dimensions' new BASIS Intranet Solution for Intranet document management
36 Library Scene
36 The Anderson (County) Public Library Bookmobile

November/December 1996 No 224

From K Wayne Smith "A Very Good Year for OCLC Member Libraries"
Membership News
4 OCLC opens facility and names buildings
5 OCLC issues annual report
6 National Digital Library Program awards contract for digital conversion to Preservation Resources
7 High Library at Elizabethtown College enters 69 millionth ILL request
8 RETROCON project will make all Harvard-Yenching Library CJK records available online
8 MORE debuts at Marquette University
9 Bug busters are on the lookout for defects
10 NACO Libraries hit milestone
10 OCLC Statistics
11 MOUG executive board meets
12 International
12 FirstSearch users form group in Japan
13 Phyllis B Spies speaks in Brazil
13 OCLC Europe celebrates OLUC's 25th
14 Research
14 OCLC seeks research proposals for the OCLC Library and Information Science Research Grant program
15 OLUC 25
15 Home sweet OCLC
17 November/December highlights
17 Mapping Information Access
19 Maps to 21st century access show how to avoid technological obsolescence
25 Product News 23 First group of publishing partners announced for OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online
25 Pilot projects to produce shelf-ready materials
26 Resource kit for teaching DDC 21 available
26 OCLC NetFirst available via EBSCOhost
27 ILL Fee Management impacts libraries worldwide
28 Information Dimensions
28 IDI BASIS software helps keep critical government department working
29 IDI brings Web-based document management to Netscape's AppFoundry
29 BASIS document management available to the Arab world
30 Bright IDEA contest winners announced(Booth ad and notice regarding name changes)

January/February 1997 No. 225

From K. Wayne Smith "OCLC Research Helps Libraries Build for the Future"
Membership News
4 OCLC CJK RetroCon enters 36 millionth record into WorldCat for Cornell University Library
5 University of North Carolina at Wilmington logs 70 millionth ILL request
6 InterCat and NetFirst provide access to the World Wide Web
6 Iberbook International to contribute Spanish records to WorldCat
OCLC Statistics
8 Cataloging Internet resources: the view from the GPO
10 OCLC, Academic Book Center, SOLINET to provide automated collection and technical services to new Florida university
11 Sharon Rogers elected chair of OCLC Board of Trustees
12 International
12 National Chiao Tung University Library moves toward the 21st century
13 NOWCOM launches the OCLC FirstSearch service in Korea
13 Looking Ahead
14 The OCLC Office of Research looks ahead
15 OCLC Research Advisory Committee helps to evaluate, guide OCLC research
16 Current projects in the OCLC Office of Research
18 External and collaborative research benefits the library community worldwide
18 Worldwide connections to the OCLC Office of Research
19 Bosnian National Library: Building a virtual collection
20 OCLC Office of Research continues involvement in metadata workshops
21 Collaborating to create and maintain metadata
21 Distinguished Seminar Series focuses on diverse topics
22 John Richardson continues work on aspects of general reference as visiting distinguished scholar
22 Thomas Hickey leads research teams from search keys to FirstSearch—and beyond
23 The research process
24 OCLC research scientist awarded patent for SGML Grammar Builder Project
24 Library and Information Science Research Grant program supports research
25 Interview
25 Terry Noreault, director of the OCLC Research and Special Projects Division
27 Product News
27 OCLC TechPro service moves materials to users—fast
29 LC subject headings and Dewey numbers linked on the >World Wide Web
29 The World Almanac and Book of Facts now available on OCLC FirstSearch service
30 FirstSearch service is enhanced
31 Business & Industry database now on FirstSearch
31 OCLC ILL Micro Enhancer for Windows now available
32 Information Dimensions
32 Information Dimensions' BASIS Version 8.0 debuts
33 BASIS Web document management now available on Microsoft Windows NT platform
35 BASIS Web document management gives United Nations >agency new weapon in war against hunger
36 Library Scene: Shanghai Library inaugurates new building

March/April 1997 No. 226

From K. Wayne Smith "Archiving and OCLC"
Membership News
4 OCLC Users Council holds strategic planning session at January meeting
5 Martin Dillon to head new OCLC Institute
6 Federal Reserve Bank of New York Research Library logs 71 millionth OCLC interlibrary loan request
6 University of Oregon makes 72 millionth OCLC interlibrary loan request
7 OCLC fixed-fee pricing for cataloging to be available
8 MOUG meets in New Orleans
8 New reference card for Windows-based software available
9 Papers from IFLA workshop on DDC published
9 SUNY/OCLC Network appoints new director
10 OCLC RetroCon staff complete conversion project at FGCU warehouse
10 Conference goers win in OCLC drawings
11 Smith Building wins awards
11 James Houfek named OCLC general counsel and director of legal affairs
11 OCLC Statistics
12 International
12 National Library of Slovenia to contribute records to WorldCat
13 173 libraries in Asia Pacific joined OCLC last year
13 National University of Singapore now using OCLC CJK software
14 Research
14 OCLC investigates using classification tools to organize Internet data
18 Archie Dick discusses librarianship and information science in South Africa
19 Research Advisory Committee meets
21 Electronic Archiving
21 OCLC begins electronic archiving pilot project
23 Preservation Resources projects enrich OCLC's electronic archive initiative
24 JSTOR and OCLC agree to cooperate in providing access to and storage of scholarly journals
25 Interview
25 Rick Noble, OCLC's vice president of Marketing and Reference Services
27 Product News
27 OCLC again offers workstation replacement program for member libraries
28 EBSCO and Faxon to support OCLC FirstSearch
28 Electronic Collections Online service
29 CA Student Edition from Chemical Abstracts now available on OCLC FirstSearch service
30 OCLCFirstSearch Base Packages expand
30 Majors Scientific Books is now participating in OCLC PromptCat service
31 OCLC CIP Upgrade Program adds Yankee Book Peddler records
32 OCLC ILL Micro Enhancer for Windows software now available
32 Passport for DOS retiring after eight years
33 Access Russia now participating in OCLC ILL document supplier program
34 Information Dimensions
34 BASIS Document Management System helps Thai citizens vote, drive and travel
34 Information Dimensions drives Pacific Rim intranet boom, expands distributor network
35 BASIS Intranet Solution helps Astra Pharmaceuticals build manufacturing center in Sydney

May/June 1997 No. 227

From K. Wayne Smith "The OCLC Institute Will Reach Out to the Library Community"
Membership News
4 OCLC to offer two new telecommunications access options
6 OCLC Workstation Replacement Program continues
7 Ohio State University Libraries enters 73 millionth OCLC interlibrary loan request
8 Bridgetown State College enters 74 millionth OCLC interlibrary loan request
9 OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online previewed
10 Type-of-library advisory committees add input, expertise to support OCLC mission
12 Internet links now available in FirstSearch WorldCat records
12 OCLC AsiaLink celebrates first anniversary
13 CJK users discuss public services and information access at ALA Midwinter
14 OCLC CJK Users Group meets in Chicago
15 OCLC Statistics
16 Thomas Shaughnessy elected to OCLC Board of Trustees
16 Marda Johnson named director of OCLC Collections and Technical Services Division
17 OCLC board member is candidate for IFLA presidency
17 ALA Midwinter symposium video available through ILL
18 Top 100 monographic records in OCLC libraries
21 International
21 UK universities preview OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online service
21 OCLC Users' Forum held in Paris to mark 10 years of French academic libraries" OCLC use
22 OCLC Europe discusses emerging consortia in Israel
23 Edinburgh University Data Library uses OCLC SiteSearch software
24 Asia Pacific librarians meet at OCLC to discuss cooperation, diversity [Janine Schmidt (University of Queensland); Yoichi Muraoka; Alex Byrne (CAUL); Liu Gui (CERNET); and Zhu Qiang (CALIS)] (Photo on p. 25 of speakers)
26 Tamking University opens building
27 Research
27 Toni Carbo speaks about access and government information services
28 Cataloging syntax and public policy meet in PICS
30 Beyond 2000
30 Research Library Directors Conference at OCLC focuses on "The University and the Research Library—Beyond 2000"
34 Product News
34 OCLC FirstSearch to offer full text from H.W. Wilson
34 FirstSearch instructional tools added to OCLC Web site
35 OCLC SiteSearch software version 3.1 enhances access, management of information
36 Cataloger appraises keyword searching in WorldCat
37 Information Dimensions
37 Information Dimensions helps librarians put the library on the "Net at CIL conference
37 Information Dimensions' BASIS meets "Destiny" in multimedia system by Centillion
38 Digital Systems
38 Information Dimensions and Inso Corporation deliver document management searcher
39 Information Dimensions' BASIS Intranet Solution software provides key credit information via the Web

July/August 1997 No. 228

From K. Wayne Smith "An Exciting New Chapter in Electronic Journals"
Membership News
4 Users Council discusses model partnerships, elects executive committee members
6 OCLC President's Luncheon celebrates membership
6 President's Luncheon video available through ILL
7 Defining OCLC in the 21st century
11 OCLC Institute launched with first seminar
12 SUNY-Buffalo enters 37 millionth record into WorldCat
12 OCLC Statistics
13 George Mason University enters 75 millionth ILL request
14 Harvard celebrates completion of retrospective conversion
14 OCLC TechPro service offers Basic Price Option
15 Ohio schools try FirstSearch through INFOhio
16 DOS-svidanya!
17 INCOLSA hosts OCLC Day
18 PALINET holds OCLC Users Conference
19 Sheila Intner receives Margaret Mann Citation
19 Ravindra Sharma receives Humphry/OCLC/Forest Press Award
20 Larry Learn is LITA/Library Hi Tech Award winner
20 Top 100 serials in WorldCat
22 International
22 OCLC develops UNIMARC conversion capabilities
22 CEIBS is first in China to use OCLC Cataloging service and OCLC CJK software
23 Shanghai Bell uses OCLC Cataloging and ILL services
23 OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online
24 Electronic Collections Online is here
26 Integration is a key feature
28 Archiving ensures perpetual access
29 Four more subscription agents sign on [Blackwell, Ltd. DA Information Services, HARRASSOWITZ, Sets & Zeitlinger]
30 Six more publishers to offer journals
32 OCLC to integrate CatchWord server into electronic Collections Online
33 Publishers support Electronic Collections Online
35 Product News
35 CA Student Edition database covers additional chemistry journals
36 Contemporary Women's Issues database to be added to FirstSearch
36 Baker & Taylor begins active participation in PromptCat
37 Libraries use OCLC SiteSearch to manage electronic resources
38 DA Information and Rittenhouse begin active participation in PromptCat
39 Information Dimensions
39 Gores Technology Group acquires Information Dimensions from OCLC

September/October 1997 No. 229

From K. Wayne Smith: "Business as Usual"
Membership News
4 K. Wayne Smith to step down as OCLC president and CEO in June
5 OCLC acquires Blackwell's Authority Control Services business
5 RetroCon completes 13-year project
6 University of Oklahoma enters 76 millionth ILL request
7 DDC Abridged 13 published
7 New workbook is guide to DDC Abridged 13
8 Cataloging Micro Enhancer for Windows field test begins
8 OCLC to sponsor award for information technology research
8 OCLC Forest Press drawing winners announced
9 California librarian wins Korean language books in OCLC AsiaLink drawing
9 OCLC distributes strategic plan to member libraries
10 Content Selection, PICS and the Internet discussion now available on video
10 OCLC Institute plans events
11 Julia Leggett receives LITA/OCLC minority scholarship
11 Robert Wedgeworth awarded ALA Melvil Dewey Award
12 Don Muccino elected NISO Board chair-elect
12 Richard Glenn appointed director of OCLC Systems Engineering
13 Daniel Boivin named director of OCLC Canada
13 Marty Withrow named director of OCLC Technical Services Development Division
13 OCLCStatistics
14 International
14 CISTI records enhance WorldCat
15 CLC Institute goes international in Latvia and Russia
16 Research
16 Research Advisory Committee meets, gets update on OCLC Office of Research projects
19 Understanding the elements of book publishing
19 Usability Testing
21 OCLC Usability Lab helps staff learn more about the user
23 OCLC staff on the Usability Lab
24 Usability testing started in the OCLC Office of Research
26 Who are the Usability Lab test users?
27 Writers test documentation to determine users' needs
28 Product News
28 OCLC Dial TCP/IP Access now available
28 OCLC FirstSearch service enhanced
29 IP address recognition available for FirstSearch and Electronic Collections Online
29 Kluwer Academic Publishers partners with OCLC
30 IAC health information databases to be added to FirstSearch and EPIC
30 Publisher information added to Books in Print
31 Union Lists of Periodicals database added to FirstSearch

November/December 1997 No. 230

From K. Wayne Smith "1997—Another Very Good Year For OCLC Member Libraries"
Membership News
4 Users Council discusses service integration and the values of cooperation
5 Florida libraries, SOLINET and OCLC to build a distance learning library
6 Indiana Wesleyan University enters 77 millionth OCLC ILL request
7 OCLC Canada home page unveiled
8 Duplicate Detection and Resolution Program supports quality control of WorldCat
9 DDC Editorial Policy Committee charts new directions
9 1997 Research library Directors Conference proceedings available
10 Network coordinators explore OCLC CJK software
10 RONDAC reviews distance learning technologies
11 MOUG to celebrate 20th anniversary
12 Connie Zuga named vice president for Reference Services
12 Nancy London appointed director of National Sales
12 OCLC Statistics
13 Mark Matson appointed director of Corporate Human Resources
13 Top 100 authors in WorldCat
15 International
15 International FirstSearch options expanded
15 Russian libraries try FirstSearch
16 OCLC Europe staff visit the Middle East
17 Chinese University of Hong Kong uses OCLC technical and reference services
19 Research
19 OCLC Office of Research examines Web-accessible information to find order in chaos
22 Annual Review of Research to go electronic
23 OCLC awards 1997 research grants
24 Dublin Core and Web metadata standards converge in Helsinki
35 Resource Sharing
25 OCLC Ill makes big strides
26 Integrating library services: Resource Sharing and Reference
27 Interlibrary loan/document delivery progresses toward the dream
28 The CIC Virtual electronic Library integrates resources and services
29 Custom Holdings tackles monster
30 IFM eases the burden on ILL staff
31 ILL Micro Enhancer for Windows helps ILL staff and users
32 How the Danish Loan Centre employs OCLC Resource Sharing
33 OCLC ILL Management Statistics is useful analysis tool
33 Top 100 OCLC net lenders by type
34 Top 100 OCLC net lenders
36 OCLC ILL Direct Request allows user-initiated, library-controlled interlibrary loan
37 Product News
37 Academic Press to make journals available through Electronic Collections Online
38 Social science and humanities publishers to add journals to Electronic Collections Online
38 Johns Hopkins University Press to join Electronic Collections Online
39 Contemporary Women's Issues database joins FirstSearch
40 Periodicals contents Index to be added to FirstSearch
41 PromptCat gains new processing options
42 New Cataloging Label Program now available
42 Saving labels with Passport for Windows
43 New 200 Religions Class published

January/February 1998 No. 231

From K. Wayne Smith: "Integrating EPIC Into FirstSearch"
Membership News
4 Government Printing Office will make ERIC reports available online in pilot project
5 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign enters a millionth record-again
6 George Mason University enters 78 millionth OCLC ILL request
OCLC Statistics
7 St. Louis Public Library enters 79 millionth OCLC ILL request
8 RetroCon completes 10-year conversion project for Brown University
8 K. Wayne Smith's Newcomen Society address available
9 OCLC issues 1996/97 Annual Report
10 University of Nebraska tries dedicated TCP/IP access
12 Distance education symposium held at ALA
12 Videotapes of OCLC symposiums held at ALA conferences available through ILL
13 Three win Dewey products in NYLA drawings
13 OCLC Pacific hosts meeting on Chinese, Japanese and Korean cataloging
14 User and Network Support offices and staff expanded
15 OCLC/LC research project makes machine-derived name authority records available for music
16 IFM allows library of Congress to accept IFLA vouchers for international loans
16 State Librarians discuss services for small libraries
17 Maureen Finn and Lynn Kellar named to new positions
18 The University Library of Nice Sophia-Antipolis makes FirstSearch available
18 OCLC at London Online
19 Korea Research Information Center delivers OCLC services to universities and research institutions in Korea
20 University of São Paulo database celebrated
20 University library directors meet in Taiwan
21 European Union publications database pilot project demonstrates need for universal cataloging rules
21 Nagoya University to offer the OCLC FirstSearch service
22 Research
22 OCLC Office of Research explores distance learning
24 Wendy Lougee provides perspectives on the digital information environment
25 Steve Pollitt speaks about information retrieval based on faceted classification and indexing
26 The movement to network-based computing: a library perspective
28 OCLC SiteSearch
28 The OCLC SiteSearch suite allows libraries to integrate information resources
30 OCLC SiteSearch 4.0 offers new features for integrating resources [Taylor Surface, photo]
31 OCLC SiteSearch 4.0 offers Documentation and Training Site
33 Java will help GALILEO keep pace on the World Wide Web
34 Libraries use OCLC SiteSearch software to customize interface to electronic resources
37 Project Athena creates virtual electronic library
38 Product News
38 OCLC Cataloging Micro Enhancer for Windows now available
38 OCLC works to speed FirstSearch Internet response time
38 OCLC Access Suite introduced

March/April 1998 No. 232

From K. Wayne Smith: "Work Worth Doing"
Membership News
4 Interview with K. Wayne Smith
9 Workstation Replacement Program continued
10 OCLC Users Council nominates board candidates at February meeting
10 OCLC statistics
12 British Library Document Supply Centre enters 80 millionth OCLC ILL request
13 The University of Oregon saves staff time with ILL Direct Request
15 New University of Kentucky library ready for next century
16 The OCLC Institute expands offerings
18 Scenes from OCLC Institute
19 Three win in Dewey Drawing at ALA Midwinter [Forest Press]
19 OCLC AsiaLink service relocates to OCLC headquarters
20 OCLC hosts Internet lists
20 Preservation Resources launches new Web site
21 OCLC vice president elected to ALA Executive Board [Liz Bishoff]
21 John Byrum named recipient of Margaret Mann Citation
22 1997 top 100 monographs in WorldCat
25 International
25 Dewey used around the world [Joan Mitchell]
28 Chinese library begins using OCLC Interlibrary Loan
28 OCLC Europe takes its show on the road [photo of Kathy Brelsforth, Gillian Dailey and Carmel Banfield]
29 Report on the harmonization of German cataloging rules and AACR2 available [REUSE]
30 Research
30 Research Advisory Committee reviews projects, directions
30 Preparing for the millennium
31 OCLC is at work on Year 2000 challenge
34 For the want of two bytes the millennium bug bites
36 The Year Y2K [poem by Peter Bergman]
36 Product News
36 Electronic Collections Online now on FirstSearch Web
37 More FirstSearch Web enhancements installed
38 Dewey for Windows version 1.1 available
39 The Keynote/Boardwatch Internet backbone index [chart]
40 Library Scene
40 The University of Kentucky's William T. Young Library

May/June 1998 No. 233

From Jay Jordan: "Looking Forward"
Membership News
4 Jay Jordan named president and CEO of OCLC
5 OCLC's 16th Annual Conference of Research Library Directors focuses on "Money Matters"
6 OCLC to help further access to information throughout Minnesota
7 Mid-Continent Public Library and OCLC TechPro hit 39 millionth record
8 Kentucky Wesleyan College enters 81 millionth OCLC ILL request
9 Portland Public Library enters 82 millionth OCLC ILL request
10 "Breaking the Chain"—Access Services Advisory Committee meets [Sharon Knowlton]
11 Forest Press drawing winners announced
11 Libraries in California, New York and Utah win FirstSearch access
12 Cooperative cataloging organizations merge [by Jeff Ivany]
12 OCLC Statistics
14 RONDAC members evaluate administrative software aids in network operations
15 OCLC's past, present and future are featured in new book
16 OCLC RetroCon project for preservation microfilm masters completed [by Jutta Reed-Scott]
18 OCLC workstations and Year 2000 compliance [by Kay Covert]
18 Reference Services Advisory Committee discusses enhancements [photo]
20 OCLC Abstracts offers summaries and links to timely information
20 Francis Miksa discusses Dewey and the library of the future in new publication
21 Winston Tabb named 1998 Melvil Dewey Medal recipient [photo]
21 Eugene Wu recognized by OCLC CJK Users Group for many contributions [photo]
22 E.J. Josey to receive 1998 Humphry/OCLC Forest Press Award at ALA Annual Conference International 
23 Oxford Bodleian Library post-1920 collection converted [photo]
23 UNIMARC conversion project completed [photo]
24 Challenges discussed at Asia Pacific sharing session
26 OCLC participates in seminar on Chinese Information Processing in Libraries [by Eliza Sproat]
27 Shanghai Jiao Tong University hosts seminar on Electronic Library Models and OCLC Services
27 Librarians from Hong Kong attend OCLC Institute seminar
28 IFLA committee visits OCLC
29 Research
29 Subject headings for everyone [by Diane Vizine-Goetz]
34 Enriching WorldCat
34 The role of batchloading in OCLC cooperative cataloging [by Rich Greene]
37 The OCLC Batchload process [by Marianne Kozsely]
38 OCLC WorldCat Collection Sets [by Susan Walker]
39 OCLC Local Data Record Updating service pilot project [by Ellen Caplan]
41 National bibliographies from libraries around the world enrich WorldCat [by Marianne Kozsely]
42 Batchload software used to process OCLC Selection and OCLC PromptCat vendor records [by Marianne Kozsely]
43 Product News
43 OCLC SiteSearch 4.0 software uses Java to increase power, flexibility
43 Field tests important to successful SiteSearch 4.0 release
44 OCLC Cataloging Micro Enhancer for Windows software improves library workflows
47 CatME for Windows test sites
47 OCLC now offers Z39.50 cataloging access to WorldCat [by Roman Panchyshyn]
49 Academic Press full text now accessible from Electronic Collections server
50 OCLC Reference Services availability expanded
50 OCLC PromptCat discussion list created
50 OCLC FirstSearch Web Guided Tour revamped
51 New holdings screen on FirstSearch Web
51 The Research Investment joins OCLC ILL Document Supplier Program
52 Full text in H.W. Wilson Select expanded in FirstSearch

July/August 1998 No. 234

From Jay Jordan: "Helping Libraries Participate in the Global, Digital Community"
Membership News
4 OCLC Users Council holds elections and discusses global issues [photo of Kristin Senecal, Bradley Baker, Larry Alford and Betsy Wilson]
6 OCLC President's Luncheon salutes K. Wayne Smith, welcomes Jay Jordan
OCLC Statistics
7 State Library of Florida enters 83 millionth OCLC ILL request
8 Moody Medical Library hits FirstSearch milestone
8 Three winners receive two free months of access to Electronic Collections Online
9 INFOhio schools participate in pilot cataloging test [photo]
10 GPO improves access to government Internet resources
11 Type-of-library advisory committees help shape OCLC's future[Linda Arnold]
12 RONDAC meets in Dublin [Suzanne Lauer]
13 Preservation Resources to scan Early Canadiana microfiche collection
14 OCLC Institute conducts three events at ALA Annual
14 Brent Singleton named LITA/OCLC Minority Scholarship winner [photo]
15 First Frederick G. Kilgour Award winner announced [Karen Markey Drabenstott]
16 Top 100 computer files in WorldCat
19 International
19 The Universidade Estadual Paulista joins OCLC [photo]
20 Angela Horne wins award from Canadian Library Association and OCLC [photo]
20 CISTI/OCLC partnership benefits ILL users
21 New Russian distributor visits OCLC Europe
21 Research
22 WordSmith research project bridges gap between tokens and indexes
24 OCLC awards 1998 research grants
26 OCLC Access Options
26 Available access options increasing
27 Northern Illinois University field tests Dedicated TCP/IP Access [by T.J. Lusher]
29 The OCLC Access Suite now available at no additional cost [by Bill Carney]
30 Frequently asked questions about access fees
31 1998 Communications and Access Planning Guide available in October
32 Product News
32 Electronic Collections Online Journal Licensing Program now offers one-stop shopping [by Brad Gauder]
32 First Search users can access Electronic Collections Online journals from some databases
33 Program provides electronic access with print subscriptions at no additional cost
34 New FirstSearch Subscription Packages offer libraries more flexibility
35 NetFirst database continues quality growth
36 OCLC NetFirst Calendar Planner provides timely Web pages and displays
37 OCLC SiteSearch suite 4.0 improves access for institutions [SiteSearch Team photo: Laura Stewart, Doug MacDonald, David Fox and Darryl Friesen]
38 Advanced Information Consultants/BIOSIS Document
38 Express and UnCover are now OCLC ILL Document suppliers
39 Dewey for Windows Guide [by Julianne Beall] available in print
40 OCLC receives ISO 9001 registration [photo of certificate]

September/October 1998 No. 235

From Jay Jordan: "Extending the WorldCat Collaborative Model"
Membership News
4 Baltimore County Public Library is now an OCLC member
4 Centenary College of Louisiana enters 84 millionth ILL request
6 Dewey Cuttering made easier
7 Evolution of the Cutter-Sanborn Three-Figure Author Table
8 Tours of Preservation Resources offered during ALA Midwinter
9 OCLC workstation drawing winners announced
9 Joan Mitchell to head Forest Press
10 Subscriptions for periodicals: How to know when the price is right
10 OCLC Statistics
11 Dewey screen saver available
11 International
12 KRIC delivers electronic journals to universities and research institutions in Korea
13 CHEST to offer unlimited FirstSearch access to UK higher education community
13 OCLC users meet in Tokyo to discuss global standard in the library community
14 SABINET Online libraries to use OCLC Cataloging service
14 Delegation from China visits OCLC
15 Research
15 Cooperative Online Resource Catalog explores uses for catalog of Internet resources
17 CORC builds on knowledge gained from InterCat and NetFirst
18 A call for participation in the CORC Research Project
19 A call for participants in a CORC-related Library/Special Collections Practice and Needs Study
20 Research Advisory Committee meets with OCLC staff to discuss projects, directions
22 OCLC Worldwide
22 OCLC and member libraries: Architects of a global information infrastructure
24 OCLC Europe expands in the Middle East, South Africa
26 OCLC use continues to grow in the Asia Pacific region
28 Libraries in Latin America and the Caribbean offer OCLC users rich history online
30 OCLC Canada sees growth in its first year
30 Product News
31 Development of the next generation of FirstSearch under way
33 Facts On File World News Digest now on FirstSearch
33 Electronic Collections Online expands medical content with major publishers on FirstSearch
35 Jean Touzot Libraire Editeur joins the OCLC Selection service
35 Library Scene
35 Lincoln University Library, Jefferson City, Missouri

November/December 1998 No. 236

From Jay Jordan "1998—Adding Value to Your OCLC Membership"
Membership News
4 OCLC and WLN begin negotiations to merge
5 U.S. National Agricultural Library enters 85 millionth ILL request
5 RONDAC meets at OCLC
6 Users Council discusses the future of the information industry
OCLC Statistics
8 CIC and OCLC transform interlibrary loan services with new agreement
9 OCLC announces essay contest on interlibrary loan
10 French and Spanish interfaces are new FirstSearch options
10 OCLC Abstracts now available in French and Spanish
11 OCLC issues 1997/98 annual report
11 OCLC Institute announces course offerings
12 Preservation Resources now produces SilverLock polysulfide solution
12 Two more silo tape libraries installed
13 Christine Deschamps receives National Order of Merit
13 Greg McKinney named director, Conversion Services
13 James Houfek named OCLC vice president and general counsel
14 The Polar Express tops 100 most-held children's books
17 International
17 Russian libraries try out OCLC ILL
18 OCLC participates in IFLA conference
19 Shanghai Library celebrates two years with OCLC
20 The Ontario Colleges Bibliocentre joins OCLC
21 Research
21 Mantis project provides a toolkit for cataloging
23 OCLC seeks applicants for research grants
24 OCLC TechPro Service
24 TechPro service provides custom cataloging
26 BTJ and OCLC work together to restore catalog of rare materials in Swedish library
28 TechPro catalogs for three national libraries
29 Ursuline collection of rare materials added to WorldCat
31 TechPro handles a wide variety of projects
33 Product News
33 Regional networks counsel member libraries on telecom options
33 End of multidrop access moves up
34 PsycINFO database reloaded with improvements
35 New title resource now available in FirstSearch
36 Library Scene
36 Cybrary opens at Eastern Michigan University

January/February 1999 No. 237

From Jay Jordan: "Merger of WLN and OCLC Provides Synergy, New Opportunities"
Membership News
4 OCLC and WLN agree to merge
5 Harid Conservatory Music Library enters 40 millionth record into WorldCat
6 University of Delaware enters 86 millionth OCLC ILL request
7 University of Oregon enters 87 millionth OCLC ILL request
8 Mississippi libraries and Zarephath Bible Institute set FirstSearch milestones
9 Hennepin County Public Library joins OCLC
10 RONDAC meets to discuss cataloging and access services
10 Inclement weather cancels Users Council meeting
11 VALE project to provide access to electronic resources throughout New Jersey
11 What does the OCLC ILL service mean to you?
12 OCLC and networks improve communication with NetMeeting
13 Reference and Resource Sharing combined in new OCLC division
14 OCLC Institute seeks adjunct faculty
14 OCLC three-character institution symbol to expand
15 Terry Noreault promoted to vice president, OCLC Office of Research
15 Lori Burrington appointed OCLC assistant general counsel
16 OCLC Institute announces event schedule
17 OCLC Worldwide
17 The National Library of China is now an OCLC member
17 Chinese University of Hong Kong becomes Electronic Collections Online user
18 Shanghai Medical University Library joins OCLC
18 Chulalongkorn University begins FirstSearch subscription use in Thailand
19 Waseda University shares resources with ARL libraries through OCLC
20 International conference held to discuss new missions of academic libraries
21 OCLC plans pilot project to support Arabic cataloging
22 OCLC Europe presents awards to library school students
22 OCLC Europe and distributors working for success
23 OCLC Europe participates in Bahrain conference
23 Visitor from Czech Republic meets with OCLC staff
29 Research
29 Reference in Context explores the reference process
29 Improving communication and classification in the next century
31 Visiting scholar recognized for contributions
32 Interview
32 John Sullivan, director, product management, OCLC Marketing—Reference and Resource Sharing
35 A New FirstSearch
35 New FirstSearch integrates technologies, enhances power of the OCLC membership
36 New FirstSearch Administrative Module allow librarians to customize for their libraries
36 New functionality in New FirstSearch
37 Current schedule for New FirstSearch release
38 New FirstSearch will increase access to Electronic Collections Online
39 New FirstSearch will allow more flexibility for interlibrary loan
40 New FirstSearch can serve as a librarian's collection management tool
41 Test Z39.50 system access before New FirstSearch implementation
42 New FirstSearch service hardware and software requirements
43 Product News
43 1999 collections in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese now available
45 OCLC CJK 3.0 software offers new features, functionality
46 Internet Flat Fee pricing or Dedicated TCP/IP: Which is right for your library?
48 Subject Headings for Children, Second Edition, is now available

March/April 1999 No. 238

From Jay Jordan: "Preservation Resources: Working to Preserve the Past for a More Informed Future"
Membership News
4 OCLC and PAIS begin merger negotiations
5 Bethel College Library enters 88 millionth ILL request
6 Winter storm puts Users Council meeting on ice
6 SUNY/OCLC becomes Nylink
9 Searching WorldCat tutorial now available
10 British Library Document Supply Centre to offer ILL rush service
10 OCLC Statistics
12 Arnold Hirshon named NELINET executive director
12 George Needham named vice president OCLC Member Services
13 New seminar examines future of resource sharing
13 On-site seminar program offers "home" schooling
13 OCLC Institute announces Midwinter winners
14 Upcoming OCLC Institute course offerings
14 OCLC improves international access to its services—- Digital Island
16 National Library of Australia and OCLC reach accord to facilitate global resource sharing
16 Australian National University adds Electronic Collections Online
17 New Name for OCLC Europe reflects growth
17 Jay Jordan honored with OnLine reception
18 Library professionals from Scandinavia visit OCLC
19 Research
19 Adam Eisgrau discusses copyright, the universe and everything
21 Web Characterization project needs library input
22 Research Advisory Committee meets at OCLC
24 Preservation Resources
24 Preservation Resources looks to future through past
26 Tour of Preservation Resources spotlights flexibility
31 Digital projects increase access to resources
35 Interview
35 An interview with Deanna Marcum
39 Product News
39 Dewey for Windows version 1.20 available
39 CAT ME Plus (DOS) end-of-life date announced
39 New edition of USNP union list available
40 Library Scene
40 The University of the West Indies

May/June 1999 No. 239

From Jay Jordan: "OCLC Research Is Helping Libraries Meet the Challenges Of The Digital Age"
Membership News
4 OCLC and Pica begin discussions on collaboration
5 17th Annual International Conference of Research Library Directors focuses on transforming business, technology and libraries [Patricia Aburdene; Peter Likins; Rvgeny Kuzmin; Yakov Shraiberg; Michael Jensen; William Gosling]
8 OCLC Institute takes up global librarianship
OCLC Statistics as of May 1, 1999
9 Lehigh Carbon Community College enters 89 millionth OCLC ILL request
10 OCLC CIP Ugrade Unit reaches 200,000-title milestone
11 Massachusetts library enters 90 millionth OCLC ILL request
12 OCLC SiteSearch users exchange ideas, provide feedback
14 RONDAC meets in Dallas
14 OCLC discontinues workstation sales
15 New Web site helps FirstSearch users become better searchers
16 New OCLC ILL Full Text Option delivers
17 Harvard-Yenching Library ready to begin cataloging with OCLC CJK 3.0 software
18 OCLC CJK Users Group holds annual meeting
19 Nancy Olson receives Margaret Mann Citation
20 Diane Vizine-Goetz and Lois Mai Chan to receive Best of LRTS Award
20 Jay Jordan named fellow in Standards Engineering Society
21 Pat Stevens named chair of the new NISO Standards Committee
21 Two appointed to Dewey editorial committee
22 Brenda Bailey is new director, OCLC Distributed Systems
22 Lori Saviers named director of OCLC Reference Resource Sharing Product Marketing Worldwide
23 Bibliothèque nationale du Québec joins OCLC
23 National Library of Australia director-general visits OCLC
24 Asia Pacific library leaders participate in 17th Annual International Conference of Research Library Directors
25 Research
25 Norman Paskin discusses the Digital Object Identifier
27 OCLC CORC project
27 CORC project is significant for libraries and their users
28 The genesis and development of CORC as an OCLC Office of Research project [Thomas Hickey; Eric Childress; and Bradley Watson]
32 Resource Description Framework: achieving interoperable metadata on the Internet
33 CORC and the Dublin Core
34 CORC built using toolkit developed in Mantis project
34 Authority control for the Internet
35 CORC interface designed for experienced catalogers as well as other users
36 OCLC research takes experience in classification to the Internet
37 Database created by CORC project continues to grow
38 CORC project participants hold first meeting [participating institutions listed]
42 Product News
42 OCLC/WLN merger provides new opportunities for libraries [Automated Collection Analysis Services, OCLC/WLN MARC Record Service; CD-ROM Products for Small Libraries]
44 Electronic Collections Online expands to 2,200 journal titles
44 Records from HARRASSOWITZ added to WorldCat
45 Forest Press publishes Dewey Table 2 revisions
46 EPIC users turn to new FirstSearch for expert searching
46 Label Program version 1.20 now available
47 Ensuring a smooth transition from multidrop access
48 Library Scene
48 Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

July/August 1999 No. 240

From Jay Jordan: "Essay Writers Illustrate the Value of Online Resource Sharing"
Membership News
4 Users council explores the next step for the digital library
6 OCLC at ALA Annual
8 President's Luncheon celebrates 20 years of OCLC ILL
8 ALA prize winners
9 University of Illinois at Chicago enters 41 millionth record in WorldCat
9 New poster introduces DDC theme
10 University of Oregon enters 91 millionth ILL request
10 OCLC/WLN staff expands
11 Lubbock City-County Library enters 92 millionth OCLC ILL request
12 OCLC converting 2 million records for Yale University libraries
13 Advisory committees had a busy year
14 Amigos changes name
14 OCLC statistics
15 Francophone perspectives on the DDC published in English and French
16 1999 Melvil Dewey Medal recipient named
16 Humphrey/OCLC/Forest Press Award recipient announced
17 Frederick G. Kilgour Award winner announced
17 Carrie Jean Hurst named LITA/OCLC Minority Scholarship winner
17 OCLC sponsors new ILL award
18 Frank Hermes named OCLC vice president, Marketing and Planning
18 Marilyn Gell Mason appointed special advisor to OCLC president
18 Anita Reeb appointed OCLC marketing manager, U.S. West Region
19 Top 100 monographic records in WorldCat
22 OCLC Institute upcoming events
24 Worldwide
24 Francophone research library directors meet in Paris
25 OCLC visits Israeli and Palestine authority Conferences
26 OCLC tours Pacific Rim
26 Research
28 Methods grow for facilitating user-initiated ILL
30 NetLab/OCLC collaboration seeks to improve Web searching
37 Karen Drabenstott envisions a multimedia Dewey Decimal Classification
38 Designing tools to support the transition from paper to electronic information transfer
39 20 Years of Sharing Resources
39 OCLC ILL turns 20
40 What the OCLC Interlibrary Loan service means to me
44 Resource Sharing updates
44 Book and video available via (what else?) ILL
45 Now you don"t have to just say No
46 OCLC ILL millionth requests
48 Top 100 most requested titles
50 Product News
50 CatExpress offers easy-to-use Web-based copy cataloging
51 Authority Control combined under one suite of services
51 Y2K Update
52 OCLC plans brief service interruption for Y2K transition weekend

Sept/October 1999 No. 241

From Jay Jordan: "Promoting the Evolution of Librarianship"
Membership News
4 New FirstSearch is here
OCLC Statistics
5 University of Miami Music Library enters 42 millionth record into WorldCat
6 Western Illinois University enters 93 millionth OCLC ILL request
7 Decimal classification Editorial Policy committee looks ahead to next editions
8 Panelists discuss CORC at ALA Annual
9 OCLC hosts 11 Internet lists
10 ILL Fee Management saves libraries money and time
11 New members join Strategic Service Area Advisory Committees
12 OCLC CJK 3.0 Software User Update Workshop held
13 1999/2000 Users Council to focus on the "New World"
14 OCLC sponsors new RUSA award
14 Jay Jordan participates in International Virtual Libraries conference
15 Academic library leaders create expanded vision for libraries in the Digital Knowledge Age
16 OCLC plans ALA Midwinter symposium on "Libraries and the Web"
17 Worldwide
17 KERIS delivers OCLC FirstSearch in Korea
17 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology hosts OCLC visit
18 Andrew Wang promoted to executive director, OCLC Asia Pacific Sales, Service and Market Development
18 Science and Technology Information Center and OCLC work together in Taiwan
19 OCLC welcomes group from National Library of China
19 OCLC initiatives approved at LIBER Conference
20 OCLC to sponsor new IFLA Early Career Development Fellowship
20 New OCLC booth makes debut at IFLA
21 Universidad Veracruzana Library joins OCLC
22 Research
22 Wordsmith project moving toward an organized terminology base of Web documents
24 ALISE to cosponsor research grants
25 OCLC research project measures scope of Web
26 Annual Review of OCLC Research 1998 now available on the Web
27 Y2K Update
27 OCLC began to address Year 2000 issues in 1995
28 Visit the OCLC Web site for Y2K status reports
28 OCLC in final phases of testing for Year 2000
29 Y2Kissues not restricted to OCLC online services
29 Y2K transition weekend will give staff time to monitor systems
30 Product News
30 OCLC SiteSearch 4.1 suite offers greater customization and focus on emerging technology
31 New versions of OCLC CJK and CatME software now available
31 Library Scene
32 The "New" Dimond Library at the University of New Hampshire

November/December 1999 No. 242

From Jay Jordan: "2000 and Beyond—A Great Time for Libraries"
Membership News
4 Users Council urges continued emphasis on CORC project
6 Users Council reaffirms shared commitments to WorldCat principles of Cooperation [by Merryl Penson]
8 OCLC WorldCat Principles of Cooperation
10 OCLC ILL Interoperability Task Force issues recommendations
10 OCLC Statistics
11 Toccoa Falls College enters 94 millionth OCLC ILL request
12 Libraries use CORC to catalog useful sites [by Bill Carney-photo]
13 Cataloging records for netLibrary's eBooks to be available through PromptCat
14 OCLC to launch WebExpress in 2000
15 Dewey is a famous library feline
16 RONDAC and Network Business Managers meet [by Suzanne Lauer, photo]
16 OCLC and network staff discuss service
17 Preservation Resources to scan leading Israeli newspaper collection
18 Martin Dillon writes on knowledge management for Library & Information Science Annual [photo of Martin Dillon]
18 Martin Dillon to step down as executive director of OCLC Institute
19 New director of product management named [Chuck Costakos, photo]
19 Giles Martin appointed Dewey editor [Giles martin, photo]
20 Worldwide
20 First Chinese textbook on OCLC cataloging services published
20 Account manager for OCLC Canada appointed
21 OCLC helps keep staffers warm
21 Heather Robson is awarded Brian Enright Memorial Prize [photo]
21 New library provides home for National Taiwan University collections
22 Research
22 Web Characterization Project [by Brian Lavoie, photo]
24 Research Advisory Committee meets at OCLC [by Beth Marsh, photo]
27 Cataloging Services for the Next Millennium
27 Cataloging services evolve for 2000 and beyond [by Gary Houk, photo]
28 Authority control Suite provides options to fit library needs [by Meghan Hopkins, photo]
28 Diversity is part of WorldCat's value
30 RONDAC, regional networks and OCLC launch joint >Web-based training development
31 User input helps take CJK software beyond ASCII] by Hisako Kotaka, photo]
31 ACAS add functionality
33 Analysis services assess collection needs
33 AsiaLink to offer Russian materials in January 2000
34 Retrospective conversion is finite. Or is it? [by Chris Mottayaw, photo]
34 RetroCon Batch provides new options
35 CIC libraries converting over 2.4 million titles
37 RetroCon, Yale and Princeton find new ways to speed conversion
39 Innovation in retrospective conversion at Yale
40 Adapting an innovative idea: Princeton's view
42 TechPro expands to four sites [by Cynthia Whitacre, photo]
43 PromptCat service continues to grow
44 Quality control makes WorldCat even better [by Brenda Block, photo]
46 Cooperative efforts enhance quality control [by Jay Weitz, photo]
47 WorldCat Collection Sets to add electronic resources [by Susan Walker, photo]
48 Interview
48 Lee Leighton and John Schalow [with photos of L. Leighton & J. Schalow]
52 Product News
52 Electronic Collections Online enhancement highlights new titles
52 Full-text and search-strategy tools enhance ERIC database on the new FirstSearch service
53 PDF now alternative to RealPage in electronic Collections Online
54 Interlibrary loan offers Leap Day savings
55 Multidrop users nearly done with fast and smooth transition
55 ALA Midwinter
56 OCLC will host symposium at ALA Midwinter

January/February 2000 No. 243

From Jay Jordan "Governing a Dot.Org in the Digital Age"
Membership News
4 PAIS and OCLC agree to merge
4 Pica/OCLC agreement finalized
5 William Crowe is new board chair [photos of Bill Crowe, Ralph Frazer and David Lauer]
6 OCLC systems OK after Y2K transition
6 Users record firsts of 2000
7 OCLC Board of Trustees launches governance study
8 Harding University enters 95 millionth OCLC ILL [photo of Brackett Lib. staff]
9 GPO produces 43 millionth OCLC record number [photo of Bob Luoma, cataloger]
10 University of Oregon makes 96 millionth OCLC ILL request [photo of U of Oregon ILL staff]
10 Libraries invited to help build CORC
11 Library of Congress joins CORC project
12 Participants meet in Dublin to discuss CORC [photo of CORC participants
13 Kentucky launches statewide virtual library [photo of Miko Pattie]
14 Dewey users update held during AASL conference [photo of Dawn Lawson]
15 Editorial Policy Committee meets at the Library of Congress [photo of Joan Mitchell]
15 Videos of ALA Midwinter Update Breakfast on Web
16 Two if by LaND: North Dakota duo wins top prize with SiteSearch [photo of Malia Watson]
17 OCLC issues 1998/99 annual report
18 "The Keystone Principles' now available
18 Number of countries with libraries participating in OCLC grows
19 Hwa-Wei Lee named OCLC Visiting Distinguished Scholar [photo of Hwa-Wei Lee]
20 Nancy London promoted to executive director, OCLC Library Services for the Americas [photo of Nancy London]
20 Pat Stevens promoted to director, Product Planning and Strategy [photo of Pat Stevens]
21 OCLC Statistics 
21 Karin Ford appointed library services director at OCLC/WLN [photo of Karin Ford]
21 Video of OCLC symposium at ALA available via ILL
22 OCLC Institute announces seminar schedule
22 OCLC Institute course offerings
23 Research
23 OCLC continues systems work to support international data [photo of Ralph LewVan]
26 Meeting the challenges of digital preservation: The OAIS reference model [photo of Brian Lavoie]
31 Changing the way people look at information technology [photos of Lisa Stickley and Vicki O"Day]
33 Libraries, U.S. Networks and OCLC 
33 U.S. Networks and OCLC: A partnership that works [photo of Jay Jordan]
34 The power of cooperation [photo of Susan Olson]
35 Amigos [by Larry Godwin]
36 BCR [by Sharon Hoffhines]
37 CAPCON [by Natalie Collins]
38 FEDLINK [by Lynn McDonald]
39 ILLINET [by Anne Craig]
40 INCOLSA [by Margaret Mohundro]
41 MINITEX [by Carla Dewey]
42 Michigan Library Consortium [by Aaron Smith]
43 Missouri Library Network [by Tracy Byerly]
44 NEBASE [by JoBudler]
45 NELINET [by Susan Abell and Shelly Edwards]
46 Nylink [by Kathleen Gundrum]
47 OCLC Pacific [by Pamela Bailey]
48 OCLC/WLN Pacific Northwest Service Center [by Kim Piper]
49 OHIONET [by James Rubottom]
50 PALINET [by Diana Bitting]
51 SOLINET [by Keith Belton]
52 WILS [by Kathy Schneider]
53 Product News
53 More than 2,000 journals available through Electronic Collections Online
53 Centro Di records added to WorldCat
54 Dewey for Windows software, version 2.00, now available
54 New profile option available for PromptCat
55 University of Iowa uses combined RetroCon services
55 Library Scene
55 Renton Public Library, Renton, Washington

March/April 2000 No. 244

From Jay Jordan "Investing in the Future"
Membership News
4 Users Council nominates candidates for OCLC Board, participates in OCLC governance study and announces videoconference
5 RLG and OCLC explore digital archiving
6 University of Florida makes 97 millionth OCLC ILL request
7 GPO joins CORC
8 100 million to be a rewarding number
8 Wilma Minty speaks at OCLC
OCLC Statistics
9 Big 12 Plus libraries test pilot ILL service
10 OCLC pilot project explores increasing ILL fill rates
10 Arabic cataloging pilot seeks participants
11 University of Göttingen library becomes OCLC member
12 Buried treasure made public: Dewey riches of the past and the future
12 Dewey for Windows drawing winner named
13 Pamela Bailey appointed director of OCLC Pacific
13 Shirley Hyatt promoted to director, OCLC Distributed Systems
14 OCLC/WLN executive director Paul McCarthy joins University of Alaska, Fairbanks
14 Network and OCLC staff meet
15 OCLC Institute announces winner, seminars
16 LIS Web site supports students and faculty
16 Plaque presented to OCLC
16 Wisconsin regional network name changed
17 Top 25 languages of materials requested on the OCLC ILL service during 1999
18 Research
18 Bringing Chinese cataloging records up to date
20 Marketing and strategic planning processes enhance libraries' abilities to control their futures
20 Platform for the Future: OCLC's Technological Infrastructure
22 OCLC systems run on state-of-the-art platforms
26 Redundancy and diversity help eliminate single points of communications failure at OCLC
27 Product News
27 OCLC/WLN collection services now provide comparisons with outstanding academic titles and titles reviewed in Booklist
27 Videoconference
28 OCLC Users Council Worldwide Virtual Meeting

May/June 2000 No. 245

From Jay Jordan "OCLC & Consortia: Facilitating Cooperation"
Membership News
4 Library leaders discuss future roles and contributions of research libraries during International Research Library Directors Conference
6 PAIS continues dedication to libraries, custom of excellence
8 Fort Wayne Reference and Interlibrary Loan Center makes 98 millionth OCLC ILL request for LaGrange County Library
9 Montana State University creates 99 millionth OCLC Interlibrary Loan request
10 University of Wisconsin–Madison uses OCLC SiteSearch software to create 'Africa Focus'
12 OCLC CJK Users Group meets in San Diego
13 Library leaders from Asia Pacific region meet to discuss issues, challenges facing libraries
16 Asia Pacific library leaders participate in conference
17 Department of Defense uses Site Search to support military education
18 Partnership for Peace Information Management System designed to strengthen bilateral cooperation
19 Collections and Technical Services Committee meets in Dublin
19 CIP Upgrade staff celebrates milestone
20 OCLC's X.25 backbone is decommissioned
20 Gary Marchionini is named Kilgour Award winner
21 Robert Wedgeworth is John Ames Humphry/OCLC Forest Press Award winner
21 OCLC services to be unavailable Aug. 6–7 during power upgrade
22 Erik Jul named executive director of OCLC Institute
22 OCLC Statistics
23 Robert Van Volkenburg named director, Product Marketing, OCLC Library Resources
24 Research
24 The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative: Frankfurt and beyond
25 Subscribe to 'DC General' for upcoming announcements
26 Dublin Core Metadata Element Set endorsed by European standard organization
27 Research Advisory Committee meets in Dublin
30 Consortia
30 Consortia: Leading change through cooperation
31 Illinois promotes equal access to libraries through partnerships
33 Library consortia come in all sizes, types
35 OCLC works with consortia worldwide
35 Product News
37 OCLC Reference Services moves to next stage of content management and collection evelopment
39 PromptCat provides fast, automatic copy cataloging
40 Dot marks the spot

July/August 2000 No. 246

From Jay Jordan "CORC: A New Service, A New Spirit"
Membership News
4 Users Council elects two to OCLC Board of Trustees, holds >videoconference seen by 7,500 librarians worldwide
6 University of Oregon enters 100 millionth OCLC Interlibrary Loan request
8 Words on the OCLC Interlibrary Loan service ...
10 Wellcome Library in London adds 44 millionth bibliographic record to WorldCat
11 WebExpress provides access to local and remote information resources through a library's own customized interface
12 OCLC at ALA
14 OCLC President's Luncheon celebrates launch of CORC
15 Virginia Boucher-OCLC Distinguished ILL Librarian Award recipient named
16 ALCTS announces Margaret Mann Citation recipient
17 Paul K. Sybrowsky receives 2000 Melvil Dewey Medal
17 OCLC Usability Lab celebrates 10-year anniversary
18 Anne Robertson appointed to Dewey Editorial Committee
18 Network Directors meet in Dublin, Ohio
19 Dewey Editorial Policy Committee meets at the Library of Congress
20 SiteSearch Users meet to share successes, concerns
23 University of Washington and OCLC work together to improve access to digital collections
24 The Colorado Virtual Library—providing access to virtually anything
26 Dublin Core releases recommended qualifiers to improve access to information Research
28 How "World Wide" is the Web?
28 Trends in the internationalization of Web sites
29 Web-based name services can improve access to resources
31 Karen Drabenstott is visiting scholar
32 Clicks and Mortar
32 Libraries increase Net Value with CORC
33 CORC: Build locally, share globally
34 CORC awareness grows on Web
35 Organizing state government Web resources: A CORC pilot project
37 WebDewey in CORC available
39 Libraries and OCLC team to build CORC
40 Panelists discuss CORC at ALA Annua
43 OCLC Institute helps introduce CORC in China
43 OCLC Cataloging libraries can use CORC now
44 Product News
44 Migration to new FirstSearch now complete
45 Suite 101.com to use DDC in new directory
46 Selection, indexing and abstracting at PAIS

September/October 2000 No. 247

From Jay Jordan "Creating the Map"
Membership News
4 More than 100 participate in CORC Users Group Meeting
6 CORC Users Group elects officers
6 CORC training materials available on the web
7 Jerusalem hosts IFLA 2000
7 OCLC plans to distribute ILLiad software
9 SUNYConnect consortium benefits libraries in New York
10 Librarians named IFLA/OCLC Early Career Development Fellows
11 OCLC RetroCon service to convert 150,000 records for Yale University
12 Top Interlibrary loan borrowers and lenders enhance efficiency
13 Top Interlibrary Loan Lending Institutions
13 Top Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Institutions
14 CALIS members to use OCLC Cataloging Service
14 OCLC catalogers meet in Mexico
15 OCLC CJK 3.02 software is now available
15 Universidad de la Frontera, Chile, now using FirstSearch
16 "Two Epic Tales" from the British Library and the British Museum
17 Walters State Community College creates 101 millionth OCLC ILL request
18 Product advisory committee members named
18 OCLC Statistics
19 Martin Knott named LITA/OCLC Minority Scholarship winner
20 Research
20 Office of Research explores electronic theses, dissertations management
22 ISKO discusses how librarianship can improve responsiveness of the web
25 Research abstract: The role of classification in CORC
26 OCLC WebExpress
26 Libraries and OCLC design easy-to-use tool to provide integrated information access
27 OCLC extends family of services with OCLC WebExpress
28 Helping OCLC WebExpress develop from a concept to a service
29 Library users will spend more time assessing content, less time trying to get at information with OCLC WebExpress
31 OCLC WebExpress allows users to access collections in integrated, seamless way envisioned by librarians
32 OCLC WebExpress gives librarians power to create system uniquely designed to meet their users' needs
33 OCLC WebExpress Service Center provides service and integration in a distributed world
35 Product News
35 Journals added to Electronic Collections Online
35 Book Wholesalers is new PromptCat vendor
35 Migration to new FirstSearch successfully completed
36 Wilson Select Plus available on the OCLC FirstSearch service

November/December 2000 No. 248

From Jay Jordan "Extending the OCLC Cooperative"
Membership News
4 OCLC will distribute ILLiad software to help libraries streamline interlibrary loan process
5 TechPro ready to provide contract cataloging
5 OCLC Pacific and OCLC WLN service centers combined
6 The University of Colorado at Boulder enters the 45 millionth bibliographic record into WorldCat
7 FSU enters 102 millionth OCLC ILL request
8 Forum explores future of public libraries
OCLC Statistics
9 OCLC/Canadian Library Association award recognizes recent grad
9 Honey, I shrunk the system again
10 Preservation Resources scans MIT's student newspaper
10 Cataloging and resource sharing systems up longer
11 The Université du Québec becomes OCLC member and joins CORC
12 Quality control efforts benefit all WorldCat users
14 CORC and Web Characterization project help libraries with web
15 CORC users form Health Sciences Special Interest Group
16 Keyword Searching: now more access to bibliographic data
18 Use of BIBCO records at the Library of Congress
20 Library of Congress, other U.S. libraries join international community on use of Pinyin
22 Nominations sought for OCLC-sponsored awards
23 OCLC helps speed Fudan University Library operations
24 OCLC ALA Midwinter 2001 Meetings
25 Research
25 OCLC researchers measure the World Wide Web
26 Research Advisory Committee meets
29 Understanding Collections: Description and Access
30 Union List Service 
30 OCLC Union List complements ILL
32 Ad hoc Task Force on Union Listing issues report
33 A little "SOUL" increases ILL fill rates
34 ILL Fulfillment Study focuses on improving fill rates
35 United States Newspaper Program Union List grows and grows
37 Customized Union List display? Can dhu
38 OCLC Union Lists of Periodical database links users to local holdings
39 Product News
39 OCLC Interlibrary Loan tutorial provides ILL training
40 New journals added to Electronic Collections Online

January/February 2001 No. 249

From Jay Jordan "A Progress Report On Our Global Strategy"
Membership News
4 OCLC Users Council discusses governance, strategic directions and the library as a virtual place
6 Bucknell University creates 103 millionth OCLC Interlibrary Loan request
OCLC Statistics
7 Eastern Washington University enters 104 millionth request on OCLC Interlibrary Loan system
8 OCLC issues 1999/2000 Annual Report
9 OCLC staff participates in Arabian Gulf Chapter of the Special Libraries Association meeting
10 Colorado Virtual Library for Kids supports K-12 education
11 OCLC acquires Canadian technical services operation
11 Jane Ryland elected to OCLC Board
12 OCLC, NELINET, Ohio State University Libraries and EarthWeb >collaborate on e-book solutions
13 OCLC RetroCon service converts records for more than books
14 El Colegio de Mexico becomes OCLC member
15 Workshops and seminars in Japan focus on metadata issues
16 OCLC participates in London Online with exhibit, updates, meetings and a reception
17 WebDewey in CORC used as a teaching tool in library schools
17 Glenn Patton named director, OCLC Metadata Standards and Quality
18 Betty Bengtson appointed special advisor to the president for academic library services
18 Arlene Taylor appointed to Dewey Editorial Committee
18 Interview
19 The Future of OCLC Metadata
22 Research
22 Virginia Tech improves access, saves money and shelf space with electronic theses and dissertations
27 Dublin Core Metadata Initiative progresses
32 OCLC Web Characterization Project names top 50 site references on the web
33 U.S. Library Services
33 OCLC Library Services helps U.S. libraries and consortia thrive
35 Change is constant during 20 years with OCLC
36 West Region covers 21 states—and Guam
37 Midwest Region staff brings broad background to Library services
38 East Region staff, networks take team approach to cover territory
39 Support team assists libraries before and after service implementation
40 Product News
40 OCLC catalogers can verify and correct URLs through CORC
41 CORC system enables users to link headings in resource records to Library of Congress authority records
42 What users are saying about Electronic Collections Online
45 PAIS International database to be reloaded on FirstSearch
46 OCLC Multiscripts Z39.5 Client now available
47 OCLC News Briefs and Links
48 Project Muse to add 50 full-text titles to Electronic Collections Online

March/April 2001 No. 250

From Jay Jordan : Shrinking vast distances through cooperation
Membership News
4 OCLC Users Council addresses strategic directions, governance and the library community portal
6 OCLC Europe, the Middle East & Africa celebrates its 20th anniversary
OCLC Statistics
8 Library of Congress and OCLC to collaborate on digital reference project
10 Two library systems to serve as test sites for OCLC development project
11 OCLC to expand institution symbols
12 OCLC, libraries and vendors implementing international standard for ILL
13 Tacoma Public Library enters 105 millionth ILL request
14 From pilot to production: OCLC Arabic Cataloging software
16 ASERL launches "Kudzu" to link 13 research libraries
17 708 libraries in China to use Electronic Collections Online through CNPIEC
17 OCLC Canada hosts workshop at ASTED
18 Libraries convert from Wade-Giles to pinyin
19 GEM of a meeting at OCLC
20 OCLC Institute announces upcoming curriculum
21 OCLC partners with BioOne
22 Rick Bean promoted to director, OCLC User Support
22 Consortium of academic libraries of Catalonia becomes OCLC member
23 Top 12 titles most requested through OCLC ILL
23 Top 12 monographs most requested through OCLC ILL
24 Research
24 ALISE and OCLC announce grant awards
25 Group meets to refine metadata standards
25 E-Services
26 Why e-service?
27 E-services evolving to change business...
34 OCLC web site redesigned
36 Online course covers cataloging of Internet resources
38 Interview
38 Interview with Mary-Alice Lynch, RONDAC chair
41 Product News
41 Enhanced PAIS International database now available on FirstSearch
42 CSA adds full-text links to OCLC
43 News briefs and links
46 DDC summaries available
47 OCLC continues to enhance CORC service
48 Library Scene
48 Nanyang Technological University Library

May/June 2001 No. 251

From Jay Jordan "WorldCat: On to year 31"
4 Research library leaders from around the world meet at OCLC to discuss "Weaving Libraries into the Web"
5 Cooperation, technology key to Princeton presentation
6 OCLC committee to study aspects of membership
7 Library leaders in Asia Pacific conduct annual information exchange
11 Boston Public Library enters 46 millionth record into WorldCat
12 RLG and OCLC publish paper on future of digital preservation metadata
13 University of Wisconsin-Madison creates 106 millionth OCLC ILL request for article in nursing journal
14 University of Tennessee makes 107 millionth request on OCLC ILL service
14 OCLC statistics
15 Borrowing specialist adds comic twist to ILL
16 PromptCat improves workflow at the University of North Texas
18 Turkish consortium to use FirstSearch
19 Preservation Resources to digitize National Library of New Zealand 19th century newspaper collection
21 A vision for the future: CONSER extends cooperation to prediction patterns
24 Mount Aloysius College Library adds Ecumenical Studies Collection to WorldCat
25 OCLC Reference Services Advisory Committee meets
25 OCLC Institute hosts four international fellows
26 Two appointed to Dewey Editorial Policy Committee
26 OCLC Western Service Center opens new office
27 Research
27 Sarah Thomas discusses the role of the library catalog as gateway to the Internet
29 OCLC and Ohio State University to study CORC database
30 Nobuku Kishi is visiting scholar in the OCLC Office of Research
30 Research Advisory Committee meets
30 Years of WorldCat
32 30 years of WorldCat: Looking back for a perspective on the future
33 WorldCat is a remarkable achievement in librarianship
35 2001: A Bibliographical Odyssey
42 OCLC WorldCat Principles of Cooperation
44 Product News
44 New Journals added to Electronic Collections Online
46 News Briefs and Links
48 Back Cover
48 Lorcan Dempsey to head OCLC Office of Research

July/August 2001 No. 252

From Jay Jordan "Moving WorldCat to a New Technological Platform, A New Philosophy"
4 OCLC Users Council votes to add delegates, change name
6 Allegheny College enters 47 millionth record in WorldCat
7 Evergreen State makes 108 millionth ILL request
8 Alternative Press Center becomes OCLC member
9 University of Gottingen becomes ILL supplier
10 OCLC President's Luncheon celebrates 30 years of WorldCat
11 OCLC selects Oracle for new technology platform
12 Collaborative Digital Reference Service pilot project surpasses 100 participants
13 Virtual reference service coming to Indiana libraries
14 Florida State and Syracuse conducting digital reference study
15 Marcia Bates is 2001 Frederick G. Kilgour Award winner
15 Lynn Wiley is Virginia Boucher/OCLC Distinguished ILL Librarian
16 Brian Schottlaender receives Margaret Mann Citation
16 Marisa Duarte named LITA/OCLC Minority Scholarship recipient for 2001
17 Herman Totten receives the 2001 Melvil Dewey Medal
17 Norman Horrockes named John Ames Humphry /OCLC Forest Press Award winner
18 The Chinese University of Hong Kong's contributions of records and authorities benefit other OCLC libraries
20 OCLC Useres' Group in Mexico holds second meeting
21 Moore Theological College speeds materials to readers with OCLC Cataloging
22 Advisory committee focuses on workflow
23 Public, special, academic and research advisory committees meet, advise OCLC
24 Type of library advisory committee members 2000/01
26 "Webinar" demonstrates ILLiad for large audience
26 OCLC CJK Users Group elects officers in Chicago
28 OCLC Anniversaries
30 Two appointed to Dewey Editorial Policy Committee
31 CURL partners with OCLC in collection analysis pilot project
32 ebrary announces membership in OCLC, addition of online collection to WorldCat
33 Research
33 Russian scholar studies at OCLC
34 Christine Borgman discusses information infrastructure
36 Tim Bray discusses searching the web
36 OCLC seeks applicants for research grants
37 Pathfinders
37 Pathfinders update
40 OCLC divisions pave way to accessing information through Pathfinders
41 Cataloging and reference staff use Pathfinders to improve access
42 Product News
42 Copyright, technology can add challenges to accessing online full text
43 Full-text ATLAS database now available on FirstSearch
44 How Kellogg Community College uses OCLC PromptCat
45 OCLC to wind down SiteSearch development
46 News Briefs and Links

September/October 2001 No. 253

Membership News
4 Committee reviewing membership issues
5 Waseda University Library adds 277,481 records to WorldCat
6 IFLA/OCLC Early Career Development Fellows named for 2002
7 IFLA pre-conference hosted by OCLC Forest Press
8 OCLC a significant presence at IFLA in Boston
9 Western Illinois University strikes again with 109 millionth OCLC ILL
10 University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center enters 110 millionth ILL
11 British Library Document Supply Centre uses OCLC IFM service
12 Tsinghua University and OCLC to establish Chinese Information Network
12 Library directors from China visit OCLC campus
13 Linda Evers joins OCLC Institute
13 OCLC establishes corporate Inclusion Initiative
14 Library visits help Documentation staff focus on user needs
16 Dewey Editorial Policy Committee meets at the Library of Congress
16 OCLC statistics
17 OCLC hosts LIBER pre-conference
18 Librarians meet at OCLC to discuss community college library needs
19 Winners of PAIS International subscription drawings announced
20 OCLC Institute Announces Upcoming 2001 Schedule
21 Research
21 Office of Research, Research Advisory Committee discus change and choice
22 Tuukaram Kumbar named OCLC Visiting Scholar
23 Digital and Preservation Resources
23 OCLC Digital and Preservation Resources: Delivering on the technology promise
24 Helping libraries manage the digital collection life cycle
26 Digital preservation at ALA Annual 2001
28 Videotape of Digital Preservation Symposium available via interlibrary loan
29 OCLC collaborates to develop digital archive of web documents
30 RLG and OCLC release paper for comment
31 GPO and the Web Document Digital Archive piolot
33 Metadata for digital preservation
37 Digital Preservation Coalition to develop international context to preserving digital resources
40 OCLC Preservation Resources to store microfilm for CIC
41 Digital projects continue to expand access to collections
47 Product News
47 Per-article purchase available in OCLC Electronic Collections Online
48 H.W. Wilson's Essay and General Literature Index now available on FirstSearch
49 New publishers, journals now available through OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online
51 News Briefs and Links

November/December 2001 No. 254

From Jay Jordan "Making Dewey 'Ever More Widely Useful'"
Membership News
4 OCLC Members Council welcomes new delegates, discusses partnerships in building the worldwide library cooperative
6 Team effort results in 48 millionth WorldCat record for Southern Illinois University
7 Sacred Heart Major Seminary makes 111 milllionth ILL request
7 OCLC Marketing Vice President named
8 OCLC makes offer to purchase assets of netLibrary
9 MALVINE and LEAF projects promote library sharing in Europe
10 Third ARL/OCLC Strategic Issues Forum scheduled for February
11 OCLC Language Sets expanded
12 OCLC meetings at ALA Midwinter 2002
13 OCLC Institute to host seminars at ALA Midwinter
13 OCLC Institute to present "Steering by Standards" videoconference series
14 OCLC Canada staff settled in new office
14 OCLC Canada and the CLA announce Northern Exposure to Leadership Institute Award winner
15 Ingram Library Services and OCLC to provide prerelease video cataloging information
16 OCLC to collaborate with National LIbrary of Australia to provide gateway to WorldCat for small libraries
17 "Ohio Dinners for Spectrum" raises funds, consciousness
18 Research
18 OCLC researchers find slowdown in web growth
19 Dublin Core Metadata Element Set approved as ANSI Standard Z39.85-2001
21 Kathleen Braverman discusses the impact of linguistic dialects of the workplace
24 Dewey Research: New uses for the DDC
27 Dewey turns 125
27 Dewey Decimal Classification: 125 and still growing
30 Dewey's 125th anniversary celebrated at IFLA
32 The Library of Congress and the DDC
34 You"ve come a long way, Dewey!
36 People, Places & Things introduced
38 Product News
38 OCLC announces enhancements to WorldCat in FirstSearch
39 Enhancements to OCLC ArticleFirst
41 Alibris/WorldCat link first of many planned
42 Offline services automate routine cataloging tasks
43 OCLC offers OpenURL option for libraries
44 Internet lists deliver news to the desktop
45 News briefs and links
48 Can this marriage be saved?

January/February 2002 No. 255 OCLC ILLiad: Supercharging Interlibrary Loan

From Jay Jordan "2002: An Ambitious Agenda"
Membership News
4 OCLC issues 2000/01 Annual Report
6 PALINET celebrates 65th anniversary
8 BTJ provides link to OCLC Electronic Collections Online
8 Sarawak State Library becomes first OCLC member in Malaysia
9 OCLC PAIS Editorial Advisory Committee holds inaugural meeting
10 Michigan Molecular Institute creates 112 million ILL request
11 University of Houston enters 113 millionth OCLC ILL
12 Libraries from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences join OCLC membership
13 Board members named to Digital Preservation Coalition
14 OCLC ILL filled gap in international access at University of Canterbury in New Zealand
15 Japanese librarians learn about the Dewey Decimal Classification system
16 OCLC continues work with LC and RLG on Pinyin Conversion Project
17 Meg Bellinger is promoted to corporate vice president, OCLC Digital & Preservation Resources
17 OCLC participating in preservation initiatives
18 Library of Congress offers "Portals to the World" using OCLC CORC Pathfinder toolset
18 OCLC Statistics
19 OCLC to host Indic language cataloging service
20 OCLC Digital & Preservation Resources holds workshop in London
20 Research
21 Office of Research looks into information visualization
24 OCLC ILLiad
24 OCLC ILLiad provides solutions to a variety of interlibrary loan challenges
25 OCLC ILLiad interlibrary loan management is now ISO ILL compliant
26 Libraries benefit when OCLC, Atlas Systems and regional networks collaborate
27 ILLiad has immediate impact at University of Illinois at Urbana—Champaign
28 ILLIad improves interlibrary loan for students, faculty at Montana State
29 Brigham Young University uses ILLiad right out of the box
30 ILLiad helps streamline interlibrary loan at Harvard Medical School
31 ILLiad catches on quickly at University of North Carolina at Wilmington
32 Library users respond positively to ILLiad in Chapel Hill
32 Interlibrary Loan "a real success story" at Nicholls State University
33 Product News
33 MLA Directory of Periodicals now available on FirstSearch
34 FirstSearch shatters record for searches 10 years after its introduction
35 35 News briefs and links
35 Mindleaders courses to be available through OCLC Institute
35 New CatExpress tutorial online
35 PsychARTICLES to be added to FirstSearch
35 Electronic Collections Online per-article use now updated in real time
36 PAID thesaurus now available
36 ATLAS: ATLA Serials Database expanded
36 FirstSearch users can export records into EndNote software
36 Libraries can control IP addresses with new feature
36 New journals added to Electronic Collections Online
39 oclc.org: Your guide to OCLC on the web The home page
40 OCLC purchase of netLibrary assets approved

March/April 2002 No. 256 netLibrary: Exploring the advantages of eBooks

From Jay Jordan "Increasing the Value of Your OCLC membership"
Membership News
4 Members Council explores expanding OCLC membership, discusses business plans [photo: Andrew Wang, executive Director, OCLC Asia Pacific]
5 OCLC Members Council [photo: Members Council delegates in discussion]
7 Seattle Public Library enters 49 millionth record into WorldCat [photo: Jeanette Voiland, senior librarian in the History, Travel and Maps department of Seattle Public Library]
8 Research Library Directors discuss the changing landscape for libraries [photo: George Needham]
9 Monterey County Free Libraries enters 114 millionth ILL request [photo: Sandra Ramirez and Ray Melendez]
10 OCLC introduces Digital & Preservation Resources Center in Western U.S. [photo: Karin Ford]
10 OCLC Statistics
11 Changes planned for OCLC documentation distribution [by Debbie Hysell]
12 Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile is now an OCLC Cataloging member [photo: staff]
12 Raúl Baillères Library of the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México joins OCLC
13 Abridged WebDewey brings electronic classification to smaller libraries [by Dawn Lawson. photo: Dawn Lawson]
14 Australian National University adds holdings to WorldCat [by Eliza Sproat. photo: Eliza Sproat]
14 Webcast of 'Reconceptualizing Cataloging' symposium available for viewing
15 University of Hong Kong joins OCLC [photo: staff of the University of Hong Kong Libraries]
16 Chinese Academy of Sciences libraries become full-cataloging OCLC members [photo: Chinese Academy of Sciences main library building]
17 Dewey Editorial Policy Committee continued focus on updates to classification in 2001
18 OCLC PAIS Subject Headings file now available on FirstSearch [graphic: FirstSearch Subject Heading screen]
20 GEM and OCLC to explore collaboration on education-related metadata standards, tools [photo: Lorcan Dempsey, vice president, OCLC Research; R. David Lankes, director, Information Institute of Syracuse; Joan S. Mitchell, executive director, OCLC Forest Press, and editor in chief, Dewey Decimal Classification; and Eric Childress, consulting product support specialist, OCLC Metadata Services]
20 OCLC Institute program on 'Transforming the Library' set for June 10-11
21 OCLC Institute and Information Institute of Syracuse co-sponsor Virtual Reference Desk Conference
22 'Paper Past, Digital Future' program set for May 29 [photo]
23 2002 IFLA/OCLC Fellows begin work at OCLC [photo: Ferry Irawan, Castle Group, Jakarta, Indonesia; Sibongile Madolo, South African Tourism Institute, Rivonia, South Africa; Purity Mwagha, Kenya Technical Training College, Nairobi, Kenya; J.K. Vijakumar, INFLIBNET. Ahmedabad, India; and Zarina Ismail, Centre for Academic Information Services, University Malaysia, Sarawak, Malaysia]
24 OCLC Institute partners with MindLeaders [photo: Erik Jul]
24 The Cataloger, the Public Services Librarian and Metadata: 'Can This Marriage Be Saved?' video now available
25 OCLC joins NEDCC/AMIGOS collaboration for IMLS National Library Leadership Project
25 Paper describes how designing for change in FIrstSearch interface benefits all users [photo: Gary Perlman]
26 Rain van Charldorp new managing director of OCLC PICA [photo: Rain van Charldorp]
27 Research
27 DCMI names first board of trustees [photo: some members of the DCMI Board of Trustees during its first meeting]
28 OCLC and ALISE announce grant awards [Jane Greenberg, Wonsik Shim, Lorna Peterson]
29 OCLC booth 1234 is your place to connect at ALA
29 Register now for the OCLC/SCURL preconference at IFLA 2002
30 netLibrary
30 netLibrary and eBooks an excellent fir for OCLC [photos]
32 Nylink netLibrary Shared Collection provides new opportunity for collaboration [by Jan Stelling]
33 netLibrary FAQ
34 Product News
34 Electronic Collections Online now contains more than 1 million journal articles [graphic]
35 SiteSearch Java source code now available for download from web site [by Doug Loynes]
36 CatExpress provides a solution for Connecticut [by Gail Hurley]
37 OCLC News Briefs and Links
37 Searching WorldCat: An OCLC Tutorial, version 1.02 released
37 Label Program 1.21 now available
37 CatME 2.10 includes enhancements to local file indexing
37 Library holdings customized in WorldCat
38 OCLC FirstSearch service administrative module has been redesigned
38 OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online Featured Publisher
39 oclc.org: Your guide to OCLC on the web Electronic resources
40 Charles Deering Library at Northwestern University [photo]

July 2002 No. 257

OCLC by the Numbers
1 To our readers
2 From Jay Jordan "Making new connections"
4 Members Council sets new course: New governance structure redefines contribution [by Brad Gauder]
8 Incoming president outlines plans [photo: Kristin Senecal (PALINET) accepts the gavel from Jerry Stephens (SOLINET)]
9 Highlights of the Members Council meeting [photo]
10 Interview
10 Jerry W. Stephens: Moving more upstream in the strategic process at OCLC
11 Meet your new OCLC Trustees [Larry Alford, Ian Mowat]
11 Given the recent changes in governance, what is Members Council saying about OCLC membership?
12 A Progress Report: Rebuilding WorldCat for the web world [by Tom Storey] [photo: Robert Wolven]
14 The new WorldCat integrates OCLC services, programs
15 Some questions and answers about the new WorldCat
16 Progress [photo: team leading rebuilding of WorldCat]
16 A few things the new WorldCat will do for you
17 Gold Record Hall of Fame
18 Update
18 OCLC Connexion debuts
18 Congratulations Western Illinois University Library
18 OCLC publishes white paper on information habits of college students
18 netLibrary eBooks more visible in WorldCat
18 OCLC to create interactive web site with Gates Foundation grant
18 Books in Print links to WorldCat
19 Two initiatives share common metadata principles
19 QuestionPoint now taking questions
19 FirstSearch connects with JSTOR
19 Scorpion software now available as Open Source
19 Subscribe to PsycARTICLES on FirstSearch
19 OCLC Access Suite updated
19 Olive Software digitizing historic newspapers for OCLC libraries
20 OCLC CatME para windows edición español ready for download
20 OCLC/RLG working group releases report on preservation metadata
20 Reference Services Advisory Committee meeting [photo]
20 Apply now for OCLC/ALISA program grants
22 OCLC President's Luncheon photo

October 2002 No. 258

OCLC by the Numbers
2 From Jay Jordan "People: the great strength of the OCLC Cooperative"
4 Reference cooperative expands with QuestionPoint [photo: QuestionPoint team: Jeff Penka, Paula Rumbaugh, Pat Stevens, Virginia Songstad, Mark Basham, William White, Al Zavar, Grace Yong, Sue McKeown, Tom Miller, Meredith Dean]
7 Partnership with Convey enhances users' QuestionPoint experience
8 OCLC's Frank Hermes and LC's Diane Kresh discuss the beginning and future of QuestionPoint [photo Frank Hermes and Diane Kresh]
10 QuestionPoint in the other Washington [by Buff Hirko, Statewide Virtual Reference Project Coordinator for Washington State Library] [photo Buff Hirko]
11 QuestionPoint and the Santa Monica Public Library [by Nancy O'Neill, Principal Librarian for Reference Services, Santa Monica (California) Public Library] [photo Nancy O'Neill]
11 Interview
12 Lorcan Dempsey: Libraries change lives, and research changes libraries [photos Lorcan Dempsey, Herbert Van de Sompel, Jian Qin, Barbara Tillett, Chandra Prabha, OCLC Researchers]
16 OCLC Research Projects [diagrams]
17 OCLC Research Programs
18 Moving libraries forward in a Digital World [by Tom Storey] [photo: Tammy Rabideau, Michael York, Ken Bierman, Paul Gherman] [photo: Carol Diedrichs]
20 Update 
20 OCLC Members Council elects Jerry Stephens to OCLC Board, explores development of libraries worldwide with UNESCO Director [photo: Aziz Abid]
21 OCLC Dedicates new Western Digital and Preservation Resources Center [photos: Gayle Palmer, Robert Harriman]
21 First chapters, new content and more added to FirstSearch
21 The British Library contributes 51 millionth record to WorldCat
22 Gale launches e-book program with netLibrary to create e-versions of reference classics
22 netLibrary launches new offline reading solution
22 OCLC PICA opens Paris service center
22 Three new vendors join PromptCat service
22 Technical Bulletins 247 and 247 published
22 OCLC Connexion gets first quarterly update
22 OCLC Connexion tutorial debuts
23 OCLC Board Chair William Crowe received Budig Distinguished Librarian Award
23 New MindLeaders courses available
23 IFLA/OCLC fellows named for 2003
24 OCLC PICA beings French libraries together
24 Middlebury College enters 121 millionth ILL, School for International Training hits 120 millionth ILL and Clemson University the 119 millionth
24 Get the latest information on the Windows client interface for OCLC Connexion
24 National Library of the Netherlands, OCLC establish DPR center for European libraries; embark on 400,000 record conversion
24 OCLC opens online store for OCLC Language Sets service, adds new languages
25 OCLC and SCURL sponsor IFLA preconference [photo: Jay Jordan, Dr. Trevor Watkins]
25 OCLC Trustee-Elect Ian Mowat (1946-2002)
26 Bodleian Library commemorates 400 years [photo]

January 2003 No. 259

OCLC by the Numbers
2 From Jay Jordan "Investing in the future during uncertain times"
Show-Me The World takes Missourians around the state and around the globe [by Tom Storey] [photo: Barbara Reading, Susan Singleton, Sara Parker, Susan Lewis, Carl Wingo, Tracy Rochow Byerly] [photo: Missouri Secretarya of State Matt Blunt]
Interview Sara Parker, Missouri State Librarian [by Tom Storey]
8 Tooling libraries with a wider world of information
10 Building change into OCLC services [by Phil Schieber] [photos: Marty Withrow, Chris Grabenstatter, Gary Perlman, Mike Teets]
14 Libraries involved earlier in OCLC product planning [by Brad Gauder] [photo: Susan Harrison, Xuemao Wang, Barbara Durniak, Donna Dixon]
16 The web after five years: Private sites growing, Public sites slowing, Pages expanding, Volatility reigns [by Tom Storey] [graph]
18 Chilean libraries chart new territory with new OCLC cataloging agreement [by Brad Gauder]
19 Update
19 OCLC issues 2001/2002 Annual Report
19 OCLC Trustees elect new members; William J. Crowe reelected as board chair
20 Spanish version of cataloging course now available
20 New electronic newsletter available from PAIS
20 Bring your OCLC Local Data Records up to date for more efficient ILL
20 Mount Holyoke College Library enters 122 millionth ILL request
20 Lafayette College Library enters 123 millionth ILL request
21 OCLC Connexion gets sescond major quarterly update
21 Introducing the Modern Masters Collection from netLibrary
21 Alternative Press Index Archive debuts on OCLC FirstSearch
21 CALA Midwest annual meeting to be held at OCLC
21 DDC 22 coming summer 2003
21 OCLC and ALISE aware 2003 research grants
21 ALA Midwinter symposium available via webcast
22 You can nominate an OCLC Star [photos: Cathy Kellum, Myrtle Myers, Jay Weitz, Kavonne Wynn]

April 2003 No. 260 WebJunction.org connects communities to the world

OCLC by the Numbers
2 From Jay Jordan "OCLC will not increase prices in coming year"
4 Public libraries meet at WebJunction.org [by Brad Gauder] [photo: Mansfield Richland County (Ohio) Public Library] [photo: Marilyn Mason] [photo: Gates Portal Advisory Committee. Jim Welbourne, Joey Rodger, Loriene Roy, Danny Hales, Marilyn Mason, Luis Herrera, Andy Gordon, Frank Hermes, Laura Breeden, Michael Crandall] [photo: Nancy Bolt] [photo: Michael Crandall]
10 The economics of digital preservation. What incentives will help? [by Tom Storey] [photo: Brian Lavoie]
12 Interview: Bob Martin
12 Libraries: Their role and relationship to other cultural institutions
15 Update
15 View the Five-year Information Format Trends Report
15 Library at University of California, Irvine contributes 52 millionth record to WorldCat
15 Western Illinois University Library enters 124, 125, 126 millionth ILL requests
15 Working group developing preservation metadata recommendations
15 OCLC Connexion gets quarterly tune-up
15 Check out new content added to OCLC FirstSearch
15 Dutch public libraries using QuestionPoint
15 Reports from OCLC Members Council Meetings
15 Update your entry in the new OCLC ILL directory
15 OCLC launches Web site for digitization & preservation resources
16 Herbert Van de Sompel wins Frederick G. Kilgour Award [photo: Herbert Van de Sompel]
16 OCLC discontinues printed Technical Bulletins
16 Introducing netLibrary Reference Center
16 Here's help for bringing e-books into your library
16 Read The Technological Challenges of Digital Reference [Jeff Penka]
16 Listen to Roy Tennant's address at OCLC
16 Learn how Internet2 will help libraries
16 netLibrary releases easier-to-use online e-book reader
16 Sign up for OCLC e-update
17 Richmond public libraries launch e-book service
18 OCLC dinner benefits ALA Spectrum Scholarship Fund [photo: Emma Bradford Perry, Jay Jordan]

July 2003 No. 261 CONTENTdm: New life for special collections

OCLC by the Numbers
2 From Jay Jordan "Digital collections, e-learning and libraries" [photo: CONTENTdm image]
4 CONTENTdm: New life for special collections [by Tom Storey] [photo: images]
7 University repositories: An extension of the library cooperative [by Tom Storey] [photo: Ohio State University Main Library] [photo: image from the Duke Rare Book, Manuscript and Special Collections Library] [photo: Kunal Garach]
Interview: Herbert Van de Sompel
12 Developing new protocols to support and connect digital libraries [by Tom Storey] [photo: Herbert Van de Sompel]
15 Team efforts keep the DDC nimble [by Brad Gauder] [photo: Joan S. Mitchell, Libbie Crawford]
16 DDC 22 offers many updates to Dewey users worldwide [by Joan S. Mitchell]
20 Dewey educators get an early look at DDC 22 [by Brad Gauder] [photo: workshop participants]
21 Bringing virtual reference to library users in Canada [by Brad Gauder] [graphic: VRC]
24 Update
24 Finland is first DCMI affiliate
24 PAIS Archive database advance purchase offer
24 Check out the latest enhancements to OCLC Connexion, FirstSearch
24 Enhance your eBook collection with new releases
24 A new edition of Using OCLC Connexion Browser
24 QuestionPoint fortifies libraries, says Online columnist [Mick O'Leary]
25 OCLC introduces Spanish and French FirstSearch listservs
25 The Ned R. McWherter Library, University of Memphis, enters 127 millionth request into OCLC ILL service
25 Connexion client to debut later in 2003
25 OCLC MARC record service now offers Getty vocabulary
25 Watch WorldCat grow!
25 Calculate your savings with ILL Fee management
26 Read how the University of Oklahoma is developing its eBook collection
26 Report from May OCLC Members Council Meeting
26 WebJunction video now available
26 OCLC PICA purchases interlibrary loan system
26 Try WorldCat link from ProMotion's bookpage
26 "Handcrafted or mass produced: What are you willing to pay and is it worth it?" [Gary Houk]
27 Mark your calendars for DC-2003!
27 Attention library science faculty: Apply for an OCLC/ALISA research grant
27 Attend the 2003 Virtual Reference Desk Conference in November
27 Remembering Hyman Kritzer, former Chairman of the OCLC Board of Trustees
28 Hawaii State Library enters 128 millionth ILL request
28 OCLC announces no-charge access to FRBR algorithm
28 OCLC announces IFLA Fellows for 2004
28 Sign up for OCLC Abstracts
29 http://www.oclc.org/ Easy navigation, rich content, fast access to information Coming Soon!
30 OCLC PICA leaders participate in LIBER annual conference [photo]

October/November/December 2003 No. 262 Members Council begins a new year

OCLC by the Numbers
2 From Jay Jordan "OCLC: Advocate for libraries"
4 Members Council: The start of a new year [by Bob Murphy] [photos: Barbara Gubbin, Frank Wojcik, Yoshiro Karo, Emma Bradford Perry]
7 Betsy Wilson elected Chair, OCLC Board of Trustees [photo: Lizabeth Wilson]
8 CAPCON becomes OCLC CAPCON Service Center [by Brad Gauder & Bob Murphy] [photo: Katherine Blauer]
10 Understanding FRBR: The New Bibliographic Model
10 Interview: Barbara B. Tillett
13 FRBR: Bringing new capabilities to the catalog [by Tom Storey] [photo: Barbara Tillett]
16 OCLC issues 2002/2003 Annual Report, its 36th [photos]
18 Update
18 OCLC releases white paper on e-learning
18 Visit the redesigned QuestionPoint Web site
18 Two Distinguished Seminar Series presentations worth listening to
18 Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México databases on FirstSearch
18 OCLC Connexion client interface available
18 Learn about OCLC custom cataloging services with this new interactive, multimedia presentation
19 Two county library systems recognized by WebJunction
19 LOUIS libraries using CONTENTdm to digitize collections in Louisiana
19 National Library of Australia uses OCLC software to share digital collections
19 netLibrary boosts eBook catalog with content from four new publishers
19 Preorder your netLibrary eBooks
19 FirstSearch update
19 Take a look at the power and reach of libraries
19 Records for JSTOR titles in WorldCat Collection Sets
20 University of North Carolina at Wilmington enters 131 millionth request, Western Illinois University 130 millionth request, into OCLC ILL service
20 Reformed Theological Seminary Library contributes 53 millionth record to WorldCat
20 New pricing/access options for Gale reference titles
20 Check out the latest enhancements to OCLC Connexion
20 ¡Ahora en Español!
20 New chairman of OCLC PICA board named
20 netLibrary eBooks chosen by U.K. National Health Service agency
20 OCLC to develop Virtual International Authority File
20 Latin American libraries introduce virtual reference with QuestionPoint
21 netLibrary eBook collection tops 60,000 titles
21 OCLC changing documentation distribution policy
21 OCLC Newsletter now available in new electronic edition
21 Special offer for PAIS Archive
21 OCLC launches new Web site
22 Liz Bishoff named Vice President, OCLC Digital Collection and Preservation Services

January/February/March 2004 No. 263 Guiding Web users to the library for the resources they need

OCLC by the numbers
2 From Jay Jordan "Extending WorldCat, raising the visibility of libraries
4 Being relevant in a Web world [by Brad Gauder] [photos: Jan Walsh, Stephen Rollins]
8 Moving Z39.50 to the Web [by Tom Storey] [photo: Ralph LeVan]
10 OCLC publishes Environmental Scan [by Brad Gauder] [graphics]
12 Interview with Sal Cilella [photo Sal Cilella]
12 Preserving the community memory
15 OCLC Founder, Frederick G. Kilgour, celebrates 90 years [photos: Frederick & Eleanor Kilgour, Mr. Kilgour's birthday cake] [photo: Joe Hewitt, William Crowe, Eleanor Kilgour, Frederick Kilgour, Joanne Gard Marshall, Jay Jordan, Phyllis Spies]
16 Update
16 Mark your calendars for DC-2004
16 54 millionth record enters WorldCat
16 Research grant recipients named
16 OCLC now offering services for groups
16 Statsbiblioteket enters 132 millionth ILL request
16 Need info on virtual reference? Look at these papers
17 JISC study suggests that library portals boost database usage
17 Demonstrate your library's impact
17 netLibrary 2004 debuts
17 How might these trends affect your library?
17 Reference Reality Check
17 Members Council holds February meeting

April/May/June 2004 No. 264 The Next Generation of Librarians

5 From the President "Transforming WorldCat"
6 WorldCat now running on Oracle platform
6 No question about it: library reference services are changing
6 WebJunction celebrates first year
7 New Life for special collections [CONTENTdm]
7 New York State Library customizes OCLC report
8 The Next Generation of Librarians [by Tom Storey & Carrie Lauer]
9 Melissa Weaver [photo]
10 Evan Struble [photo]
11 Susan Sutherland [photo]
12 Musa Olaka [photo]
13 Barbara Bultmann [photo]
14 How OCLC helps prepare library students for the future
14 Library student brings different perspective to OCLC advisory group [photo: Emily Tennant]
15 Interview
15 Joanne Gard Marshall on library and information science education [photo]
16 Members Council discusses how to meet growing demand for digital resources [photos]
19 Members Council elects two new board members, council leadership for 2005 [photos: Victoria Johnson, Bob Seal, Charles E. Kratz, Maggie Farrell, Ed Weissman, Kathleen Imhoff, Benita Weber Vassallo, Michael LaCroix]
20 OCLC Products and Services
20 Windows or Web? Choice is a great thing [by Brad Gauder]
21 Connexion tools in use
22 OCLC Research
22 Get a grip ...on identifiers [by Stuart L. Weibel] [photo]
24 Events

July/August/September 2004 No. 265 Innovations in e-learning

4 From Jay Jordan "E-content in the OCLC cooperative" [photo]
5 Are we there yet? Migration dates are set
5 QP + 24/7 Reference
5 Content has left the container
6 Policy, social issues live on in Archive
6 Cataloging Partners deliver the goods
8 E-learning, e-content, education and libraries [by Tom Storey]
10 Interview Dr. Kurt Squire and Dr. Constance Steinkuehler
10 Gaming in the college classroom [by Brad Gauder]
11 Interview Lynne M. O'Brien [photo]
13 Advocacy
13 Staying in touch with legislators [Lynda Murray] [photo]
15 OCLC Products and Services
15 NetLibrary: a flavorful blend of services
17 Tips and tricks
17 A short odyssey to implement ILLiad
17 Acronym Soup
18 OCLC Labs
18 How does your collection rate?
18 OCLC and MIT + Google add light to dark web
19 OCLC Research
19 Metadata Crosswalks [by Carol Jean Godby] [photo]
21 OCLC Group Services
21 By the Numbers
21 Events

October/November/December 2004 No. 266 Personalizing the Web Experience

4 From Jay Jordan "Opening up Open WorldCat"
5 NetLibrary, recorded books to launch web-based audiobook program for libraries
5 Open WorldCat becomes an OCLC program
5 Online Service Center opens for FirstSearch libraries with expansion to other services
6 National Library of Australia to use OCLC PICA Library System
6 OCLC Members Council explores social landscape of infosphere [photo: Charles Kratz]
7 Personalizing the Web experience [by Tom Storey]
11 Interview
11 Reaching diverse clientele: An interview with Gary Strong, University Librarian, UCLA [by Carrie Benseler] [photo: Gary Strong]
13 OCLC Products and Services
13 Built to specifications [OCLC Group Services] [by Bob Murphy]
17 Tips and Tricks
17 Moving to previous lists in the Connexion Client
17 Suggestions for funding a digitization project
17 Acronym Soup
18 OCLC Labs
18 OCLC and Yahoo! launch cobranded toolbar
18 WorldCat harvesting and library ranking
18 Left Brain or Right Brain
19 OCLC Research
19 Terminology services [by Diane Vizine-Goetz]
21 By the Numbers
21 WorldCat Top 1000 Lists
22 Featured WorldCollection
23 Events [photo: OCLC exhibit booth]

January/February/March 2005 No. 267 Gamer/Boomer: Getting and keeping both generations happy

4 From Jay Jordan "Looking Ahead: An Ambitious Agenda"
5 Best of both worlds
5 Making the case for libraries: OCLC's 2005 advertising program
6 "Boa notícia" Records from Brazilian e-library added to WorldCat
6 WebJunction receives new grants
7 The Big Bang [by Tom Storey]
9 Staying in the game!
10 How to create environments for Boomers and Gamers in your library
11 Zone in on your users [photos]
12 Throw a LAN party
12 Send a librarian an SMS
13 Advocacy
13 Public libraries pack a powerful $$$ punch [by Tom Storey]
15 Tips and Tricks
15 Deep linking from Open WorldCat to your library's catalog
16 OCLC Labs
16 OCLC, Safe Sound Archive to work together to digitize and preserve audio collections
17 OCLC Products and Services
17 OCLC WorldCat Collection Analysis debuts [by Bob Murphy]
19 OCLC Research
19 Experiments with a small supercomputer [by Thomas B. Hickey]
21 By the Numbers
22 Got Freud?
23 Events

April/May/June 2005 No. 268 The Long Tail

3 From Jay Jordan "Migration milestones"
4 NetLibrary introduces Subject Sets
4 OCLC RSS feeds
5 OCLC Canada opens Preservation Service Centre
5 600,000 new Finnish records enter WorldCat
6 The Long Tail and libraries [by Tom Storey]
10 Interview
10 Q&A with the author of The Long Tail [Chris Anderson]
12 Advocacy
12 Fellowship of Fellows [by Bob Murphy]
13 [photo: IFLA Fellows Thomas Bello, Muhammad Rafiq, Selenay Aytaç, Lela Nanuashvili, Xiaoqing Cai, Gillian Wilson, Edwar Delgado
14 Tips and Tricks
14 Pinpointing preservation possibilities [by Bob Murphy]
15 OCLC Labs
15 The Wiki world comes to WorldCat [by Sharon Ramsay]
16 OCLC Products and Services
16 Power software for digital content [by Bob Murphy]
18 OCLC Research
18 Making data work harder [by Lynn Silipigni Connaway]
20 By the Numbers
21 Year of the Dragon