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Chinese vendor joins OCLC's Vendor Record Contribution Program

OCLC is pleased to announce that Beijing Chinese Book Trading Company (BCBTC) is the newest vendor to contribute records to WorldCat.

BCBTC is a private book supplier that has more than 120 library clients all over the world.

They specialize in providing products and services to academic institutions and public libraries. BCBTC has a 20 year track record with a highly respected reputation for flexibility and prompt delivery with a high rate of client request fulfillment. Refer to different types of customers, they edit academic or popular book catalogues for Chinese publications and supply customized approval plans. Please see the BCBTC website for more information.

The MARC records contributed by BCBTC are considered to be English language cataloging, and may be edited and upgraded by English language cataloging institutions. Some of the records do have 520 (summary) fields which are only provided in Chinese characters. When editing the records, please retain those 520 fields even if you are not providing an English language equivalent.

MARC records are matched to existing titles in WorldCat or added to WorldCat if there is no matching record. Sample records:

Originals: #698913204, #706017799, #694392343

Matches: #644466305, #676725772

In each case a 938 field is added with the vendor code BCBT. This is searchable in Connexion using the vendor index (search vn:bcbt).