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Access options give flexibility in providing FirstSearch to users

FirstSearch is available through several access methods, allowing users to perform searches whether they’re in your library or elsewhere.

  • Web browsers. The most effective access to FirstSearch is via an Internet connection and a standard Web browser, either Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or above,Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.
  • Z39.50.> Users of Z39.50-compatible systems can access FirstSearch databases using local procedures and commands. Implementation steps and effort vary by local system. Learn about this.
  • UK Access Management Federation for Education and Research Shibboleth. Requirements:
    • In order to access OCLC's FirstSearch service, you will need to join the UK Access Management Federation, as well as register and set up an Identity Provider.
    • OCLC's Service Provider entity ID is defined in the ukfederation-metadata.xml file as: entityID="https://shib.oclc.org/shibboleth".
    • Contact OCLC UK Support
      1. Inform OCLC which Identity Provider entityID to use
      2. Request a FirstSearch authorization or specify which existing FirstSearch authorization is to be used. OCLC requires the eduPersonEntitlement attribute to specify which FirstSearch authorization to use. The entitlement string value to configure is: urn:mace:oclc.org:FirstSearchAuthorization.
    • The test URL is: https://shib.oclc.org:2443/fs

FirstSearch can also be accessed using automatic logon methods. With automatic logon in place, users click links on your library’s Web pages and go directly to a page within FirstSearch, bypassing the logon screen.

  • IP-address recognition. Easy to set up and maintain, you specify which IP addresses may use your FirstSearch accounts. Learn how to do this.
  • WebScript automatic logon scripting. WebScript is a free CGI (Common Gateway Interface) application that lets institutions give their users access to FirstSearch without releasing the institution’s authorization number and password. Learn how to do this.