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WorldCat Credits and Incentives Report and Resolution

Oleg Kreymer

Oleg Kreymer

1 year

The OCLC GC Global Advisory Group on Credits and Incentives presented this Report to the OCLC Global Council in April 2013. Upon presentation of this Report, the Global Council passed a Resolution on Credits and Incentives at its April 2013 Meeting.

The Global Advisory Group and representatives to the Global Council made a recommendation to the OCLC Board of Trustees to gradually phase out the Financial Credits Program beginning July 1, 2014. 

The Group also recommended that “the Cooperative support and encourage development of new mechanisms that promote and encourage cooperation, sharing and participation across member libraries across our many geographies in support of our Cooperative’s mission to further access to the world’s information” (Resolution).

I would like to invite your ideas and suggestions as to what these proposed “mechanisms” could be and how they might encourage cooperation among OCLC members.

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