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Collection Evaluation

Using cooperative intelligence to drive today’s tough collection decisions

Collection Evaluation provides quick, efficient access to information about current collections in relation to other individual, peer group and benchmark library groups. This helps library workers make well-informed collection management decisions based on comparisons to authoritative lists and the tens-of-thousands of libraries that have contributed data to WorldCat. Rather than simply returning comparison data, this service is tailored to specific workflows and collection management activities.

Recommended uses for Collection Evaluation include:


Efficiently weed your collection while minimizing impact to users with answers to tough questions including:

  • Which books are not in high demand?
  • What can I borrow easily from nearby libraries?
  • Are there items that I might consider unique to my library?
  • Is an electronic version available? If so, what collection is it in?
  • And more…


Learn how your collection supports an accreditation curriculum and compare it to libraries with similar programs to understand:

  • What content do other institutions with similar programs hold?
  • Where do I have weaknesses to address?
  • How current is my collection?
  • How heavily are these resources used?
  • And more…


Quickly identify resources that appear on authoritative/pre-defined lists that are not held by your library

Plus, Collection Evaluation now offers:

  • Over night turnaround for new comparisons
  • New data visualizations (with more coming)
  • Weekly data updates
  • Group comparisons of up to 50 peer libraries
  • Export of entire data set for offline analysis

For more information

Please contact your OCLC service representative or contact your regional OCLC office.

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