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Pain free conversion to OCLC-MARC

Batch processing can upgrade minimal-level MARC records from your local system to full OCLC-MARC. If your records are not in MARC format, OCLC can convert non-MARC to OCLC-MARC records by sending files of “ patterned data”.

Receive full OCLC-MARC records

Ensure compatibility with other libraries and your own future systems by upgrading your local records to full OCLC-MARC format. This can be done while OCLC sets your holdings in WorldCat—yet another welcome OCLC batch processing efficiency. Upgrading records to the nationally standardized OCLC-MARC format:

  • Offers more access points for users and staff
  • Eliminates the need for another conversion
  • Ensures compatibility for local systems of future generations
  • Facilitates cooperative ventures with other libraries

Regardless of the format of the files you submit for batch processing, the copies of matched records are returned to you in OCLC-MARC format.

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