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WorldShare Interlibrary Loan

With WorldShare Interlibrary Loan, you can:

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Get resources from thousands of libraries all over the world

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Save time with each ILL request

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Save money and consolidate management of ILL fees


Illustrate the value of ILL services

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Deliver documents easily and securely


Simplify the sharing of e-resources

Get resources from thousands of libraries all over the world

Share collections with libraries around the world or just across town. Look beyond a library’s holdings and choose the libraries you want to share with based on cost, location, item format, turnaround time and delivery and payment methods, all within a single interface. 

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Save time with each ILL request

WorldShare ILL is simple to use and to teach to library generalists and student workers, so you can focus your attention on high-priority or challenging requests. You can automatically incorporate your review and deflection policies, shipping information, lists of favorite lenders and other information into each request to further streamline your processes. And, because the system is cloud-based, you no longer have to rely on the availability of IT support to implement and use it.

A list of document types supported by Article Exchange is available here.

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Simplify the sharing of e-resources

Article sharing supported by the WorldCat knowledge base simplifies the way your library shares electronic resources, such as journal articles and e-books. Lending libraries receive loan requests with direct links to articles they own and are licensed to supply. ILL staff can quickly retrieve needed items without manually consulting multiple sites to determine item location. As with physical materials, you can also set up profiles that set criteria to determine whether requests are manually processed or automatically sent to an eligible lender and whether requests can be made for items your library already owns.

Once you add your local knowledge base data to the WorldCat knowledge base and implement license management functionality, your library can take advantage of enhanced lending display for e-articles. If a selected lender has the electronic article and can lend it, the service displays a direct article link to the lending library. Lending library staff uses that link to connect directly to the full-text article.  

When both a borrowing and lending library using Direct Request have loaded their local knowledge bases into the WorldCat knowledge base, the system identifies lending libraries more accurately and passes the URL of the needed item directly to the lending library in the ILL request. This eliminates the tedious manual steps of consulting multiple service interfaces to locate a needed item and then consulting a separate source to determine lending policies set by content providers. It also reduces loan requests for items your library owns.

As of April 2014, 714 libraries had enabled sharing of electronic content using the WorldCat knowledge base. As more libraries add their local data and turn on article sharing, lending libraries will receive an increasing number of loan requests that contain direct links to electronic articles in their collections that they are licensed to loan.

You can view a list of collections in the WorldCat knowledge base for which at least six libraries have set license terms for interlibrary loan and over 75% of these libraries agree with the Yes/No setting for interlibrary loan. The percentage number indicates the percentage of libraries that have holdings set for a collection that have indicated that license terms permit interlibrary loan of content from that collection.

View list of collections enabled for interlibrary loan »
(Excel file)

We will continue to update this information as more libraries adopt use of the WorldCat knowledge base to support sharing electronic resources through WorldShare Interlibrary Loan and ILLiad.

Learn how to get started with the WorldCat knowledge base today.

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Illustrate the value of ILL services

Through statistics, show your stakeholders how much your users and other libraries rely on your ability to support ILL. Analyze borrowing and lending patterns in your library to refine staffing, workflows, policies and preferences. 

See a sample of the variety of reports available »

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Save money while consolidating management of ILL fees

Unique to OCLC, the Interlibrary Loan Fee Management (IFM) feature of WorldShare ILL lets you reconcile resource-sharing charges and payments through your monthly OCLC invoice. Participating libraries report an average saving of as much as £26.00 on each request through the elimination of invoices and check writing for individual transactions.

For borrowing libraries, using the feature is as easy as clicking a checkbox and entering the maximum cost you are willing to pay for an item on the ILL workform. Your monthly OCLC invoice will include additional line items showing:

  • IFM library-to-library borrowing debit,
  • charges your library incurred for borrowing items,
  • IFM library-to-library lending credit,
  • credits your library receives for supplying items, and
  • IFM transaction charges.

Future enhancements to WorldShare Interlibrary Loan will enable you to use IFM to pay for materials from content providers in addition to lending libraries.

NOTE: Beginning July 1, 2014, a £0.15 transaction fee will be added to each borrowing request filled through IFM. This small fee will support OCLC's investments in expanding the use of IFM by OCLC ILL members.  

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Simplify the sharing of e-resources

Connect users to electronic resources with easy identification of e-content available through other libraries or open-access providers. Through integration with WorldCat knowledge base, ILL requests you receive include a direct link to articles that you’re licensed to supply, so you can immediately and automatically fulfill those requests.

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Learn more

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Learn more about how WorldShare ILL connects your users to the collections of thousands of libraries.

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WorldShare ILL is available as a stand-alone service or as part of the WorldShare Management Services suite.

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