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Why WorldCat?

The list of reasons to participate in building and sharing WorldCat is long—here are just a few.

  • Be part of a global, cooperative endeavor—With WorldCat, you can join thousands of information professionals to share efficient, cost-saving systems.
  • Save money and time—By tapping into a resource that’s built, shared and improved by thousands of member libraries, you can benefit from the work they do... just as they can benefit from your input and participation. The more that libraries work together, the more we can reduce redundancy and inefficiency for every member.
  • Make library data more relevant with research tools and enhancements—Researchers worldwide depend on the quality of WorldCat, and the work of member library staff who work hard to improve and enhance WorldCat data.
  • Streamline processes by working together—Most records in WorldCat are the result of shared work, improved over time, which saves time for all participating libraries. And, WorldCat services, software and hardware are all cooperative, thus the work of each member library benefits everyone who uses WorldCat.
  • Engage users on the Web—The search box (which you can add to any website) makes your collections discoverable from anywhere on the Web. A growing library of Web applications lets information seekers see related sources, locate items in OCLC member libraries and link to electronic resources. With and WorldCat Local, users can apply social Web technologies to their information searches.