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Where your data goes

The WorldCat Registry gives your library or cultural organization a single place to keep track of all your details, such as geographic location, catalog, OpenURL, IP ranges and more. But where does this data get surfaced for the end-user, developer and librarian? The visual below gives you a snapshot (for more details, please see OCLC Services/Products Utilization of WorldCat® Registry Data):

End-user views are surfaced primarily through , mobile interfaces and library Web sites.

Librarian-specific views can be seen at the Registry itself and through the Policies Directory for Resource Sharing.

Developer-specific views emerge from the Registry APIs with OCLC Web Services, and connections to the Service Configuration Module for WorldCat Local.

With your data flowing to all these different places, it's more important than ever to maintain up-to-date Registry information. Plus, it's a reliable source to also find other libraries' contact information.