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A web-based resource sharing and interlibrary loan service

Provided by OCLC in partnership with The Combined Regions (TCR), UnityUK is the UK's first and only national network for resource sharing. UnityUK brings together the union catalogues previously known as UnityWeb, LinkUK and RevealWeb into one single union catalogue. In addition UnityUK allows staff users to search other data sets such as COPAC and the British Library files.

“We are already phasing out the paper records in our system thanks to UnityUK. We can rely on the system to progress requests without us having to remember to check what's happening. This improved tracking means that we need only take action if we're alerted to a problem. As a result, we can prioritise our time to sort out the tricky requests and leave the system to process the routine ones.”

Kate Smith, Trafford Libraries

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