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‘Geek de Bibliotheek’ campaign shows promising signs since launch of pilot project


Last month, the ‘Geek de Bibliotheek’ campaign was launched in the Netherlands as a pilot project in four of the largest Dutch libraries - Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

Geek de Bibliotheek is part of OCLC’s community wide advocacy program which aims to increase awareness of what libraries do within local communities and to find new ways for users to connect with library data and the services available.

The campaign was successfully picked up on a large scale by the Dutch media.  It was aired on EditieNL- a television show with almost 900,000 viewers and ANP - the largest news agency in the Netherlands.  In addition to television coverage it was featured in five national papers and had a total of 26 news items in the first week alone. Reactions were mostly positive and emphasised the social importance of public libraries.

The campaign has also been well accepted on the social media platforms. In just three weeks, 374 people liked the Facebook page and @IgeekNL collected 188 followers on Twitter. The public is enthusiastic and what they geek is very diverse.

This success of the campaign so far is with thanks to the efforts of the employees of these public libraries responsible for Geek de Bibliotheek. 

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