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Implementing Change:
Realising the results of collaborating in the cloud

Implementing Change

In November, OCLC in conjunction with Library Journal produced a video, in which three librarians discuss how their libraries have benefitted from cloud based integration. In the video OCLC’s Andrew Pace, Executive Director, Networked Library Services is joined by Joseph Janes, University of Washington, who discusses the challenges libraries face today and what the future holds. In addition, two librarians from University of Nebraska at Omaha and one librarian from Covenant College in the United States share how their libraries are experiencing streamlined workflows that free up their time and resources as a result of implementing OCLC’s cloud-based solutions.


Andrew Pace explains how OCLC WorldShare Management Services (WMS) works and how it provides the environment that generates efficiencies and cost benefits for libraries.  More than 150 libraries worldwide are now using OCLC’s cloud based library management services. In the EMEA Region this includes Bishop Grosseteste University in the UK, Tilburg University in the Netherlands, and Spain’s IE Library. WMS enables libraries to easily integrate with their institutional systems to help them become more efficient with print and electronic workflows.  

A significant aspect of the webcast is the theme of collaboration and reacting to change.  Joseph Janes looks at “How did we get to where we are today?”  The space and purpose of a library has developed and changed over time and is now a place for creation, where a vast amount of resources are accessible in a variety of ways.  The changing nature of library collections means changing expectations of its users.   In a time that is challenging for libraries, now is the time to share and innovate ideas together.   Andrew Pace conveys that WMS allows libraries to, “walk the line between the traditional and the new, with a new generation of Library management services that is in the cloud and works hand in hand with the largest library cooperative in the world.”

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