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Now available in EMEA - Automatic metadata management for your entire collection


Following successful pilots with libraries in Europe and South Africa, OCLC are delighted to announce the release of OCLC WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager in the EMEA region. Initially launched in the Americas, 12 months ago, this service automatically delivers WorldCat MARC records and maintains WorldCat holdings—one time and/or ongoing—for all or subsets of a library’s collection, including licensed, digital and physical materials.

OCLC are using our collective influence, as a cooperative, to work directly with leading content providers and publishers to increase the number of MARC records available, taking records at the point of origin and then enabling our members to enhance and expand data so that it is comprehensive and accurate enough to inform the many processes that depend on it down the line. Our new Collection Manager service then ensures that the bibliographic metadata for all titles and access URLs for e-content are continually updated in library’s discovery interfaces, providing greater efficiencies and better user access to collections. The goal is to create a ‘hands-off’ model for maintenance of collection holdings for those libraries using the service.

Over the last year, 119 libraries and groups in eight countries have used the service to maintain holdings in WorldCat and automatically output 47 million MARC records to provide continually updated metadata in their discovery interface.

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