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OCLC partnership with MatchWare offers high quality citation data in a mind mapping software tool


OCLC is pleased to add MatchWare to its growing list of traffic partners in Europe and around the world. MatchWare produces MindView, a mind-mapping tool tailored to suit the needs of students in an academic environment.

MindView enhances an individual’s ability to visually brainstorm, organise and present ideas. Known for its award-winning Microsoft Office integration (PC Magazine Editor’s Choice), this mind-mapping software lets users be more productive by turning ideas into action faster than ever before. Now thanks to the integration of library holdings through the WorldCat Search API and Web services on the WorldShare Platform, MindView also connects users to their local libraries and provides citation information for library materials, based on WorldCat data.

While initially developed for Fortune 500 companies, education, government and business, MindView developers realised that university students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia were using it to generate written documents and presentations. As such, MindView software is currently used by more than 20,000 students at over 50 universities in the UK alone and by more than 15,000 students in Europe.

MatchWare joins other traffic partners to provide citations for their users that connect to libraries, including EasyBib, Mendelay and Citavi. For additional information about OCLC partnership opportunities, visit the OCLC partner Web site .

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