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OCLC's WorldShare Management Services
Tour de France 2013


A year ago, one of our largest European partners performed a feasibility study using a cloud-based library management system for all its members. The study marked the start of a long process asking all academic libraries their requirements and suggestions for the future system, which triggered interest from ABES members in OCLC and its new solution.

Following up, the OCLC Paris team embarked on a “WMS Tour de France, 2013”. Contrary to the famous bike race, the Tour started in Paris with several stops on the way including: Toulouse, Lyon, Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, Strasbourg, Lille and finally Valenciennes.

The sessions entitled, ‘Everything you always wanted to know about OCLC WorldShare Management Services...’ were well attended with delegates arriving from across France.

Throughout the “WMS Tour de France” several presentations were given by OCLC representatives, which included information about Metadata management and the benefits of sharing in Acquisitions.   The programme also included speakers from various institutions such as: Hénar Silvestre, IE Library Madrid, who spoke about her experience of implementing WMS.    

Questions about the event? Contact Chris Negrel 

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